Qubool Hai 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Amad’s marriage venue
Anand kumar wonders how is this possible. razia taunts if he has done enough drama. he tries to tell amad that there’s something going on. Amad asks him to shut up, as he did do the role of a father but for azad and tried to delay his own marriage. He askss him to leave before he forgets his manners. Anand is distraught, while razia is tensed. he thinks that if amad is marrying mahira, then who is azad marrying, and thinks that razia is much more conniving that he estimated. he thinks that he shall haver to save azad and shall have to reach the home very soon. he leaves. razia calls and tells khan begum that he is headed towards home. Khan begum asks why didnt she stop him, and she says that now its her responsibility. Khan begum tells

about kainat being in the house, and how she cant find her. she says that this marriage cant stop. Khan begum thinks that if kainat saw everything she would know it all. She is surprised and shocked to see something, and hides behind the pillar as anand kumar makes his entry. She stealthily picks up a vase, and hits him on the head before he can react while he struggles to grasp free. She gets him inside thre room, while he swerves his arm and oushes khan begum and she hits her head on the pillar. she says that she bore years of torture, but she never said a word, but now he is coming in the way of her mission, and she wont allow that. he takes this time to hide behind the pillar. just then, razia comers and khan begum tells her that he is hiding somewhere and she cant find kainat too. razia asks her not to worry and then screams for anand urf nasir. She asks khan begum to go and look for kainat while she holds the fort here. anand through the maze, sees azad who goes to the room, to put on the sehra. he wonders that if mahira is there, then who is here for azad. he wonders how badly he is trapped in such people that he cant even think of saving his sons. he is about to step out, when razia comes and stops him. razia asks him to remember her love and hatred for him. she then asks him to see her talent. She closes her eyes and starts muttering, and he tries to walk past, he isnt able to due to her black magic. just then, the peer baba comes and immediately the effect of the black magic wears off, and he again gets movement in his legs. he is relieved and thanks the lord, and them too, while razia rushes away from there. Anand kumar comes and enters the venue and stands in front of the bride. He raises her ghunghat and finds mahira sitting there, seeing whom he is shocked, while she is boggled, as she stands upto face him. he asks how can she be here as she was marrying amd, and wonders how can she be at two different places, and asks how she came here so fast, and asks if there’s anything that she wishes to tell her. She thinks that she wants to say the truth, but that would endanger the life of her brother. he says that he knows she is doing this forcefully, and has accepted her marriage to azad. She is shocked to hear this. She asks where is azad. He sauys that he went the other way. she rushes there, while he goes after her. But just then, khan begum douses him with anaesthesia laden hankey. mahira walks ahead, without realising.

Meanwhile azad walks in the corridor, and finds kainat drowning in the pool, and dives in to save her. He eyes her and the dolls, and asks whats happening. She rushes out saying that she shall explain later. Azad is tensed. his friend comes and asks him to come as the priest is calling him. he complies. Mahira looks in azad’s room but doesnt find him anywhere and finds that masir is missing too. She comes back to the ikah venue. mahira eyes that begum is coming her way. mahira asks begum where’s nasir. she tensedly replies that he is not well and is hence resting in the room. she says that she wishes to know who is she marrying. khan begum asks her not to make any drama, or else she shall kill her siblings and shuts her up and asks her to sit down. She compleis resignedly. just then, azad comes with the sehra, along with his friend, and khan begum smiles. he comes and takes his place opposite mahira, who is boggled to see the groom, wondering if its azad or amad. khan begum finds her trying to know the groom’s identity and then drapes her ghunghat back on her again to avoid her from seeing. mahira sits frustratedly. While razia and khan begum watch, the priest comes and asks mahira as well as Azad about their acceptance for each other’s hands in marriage. Both are extremely tensed and worried. razia is asked by khan begum as to how they shall stop mahira from hearing azad’s name as the groom. She closes her eyes and then starts doing some chants, that cause pain and sensation in mahira’s ears due to which she is unable to hear the groom’s name, when the priest asks her for her consent. she wonders who is she marrying, as she is unable to understand. the pause leads azad to think that mahira is unhappy with the marriage. Khan begum pinches her and asks if she wants to see her brother alive. the priest asks for the final time, and she says yes to the marriage, tearfully, while azad smiles. meanwhile, amad’s bride too at the same time accepts the marriage. In both the venues, the priest commences the marriage, and then says that they are husband and wife now, and asks them to take the blessings of the elders. Its revealed that the bride amad married is jhanjariya, whose hand is completely decayed.

Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed location
kainat arrives just in time for a minute for the bomb to go off. she asks them to open the door, but they are unable to, as they are tied. she tries but isnt able to. she is distraught and apalled wondering what to do.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Amad progresses towards his room, thinking that mahira may have resisted him the other day and azad stopped him too but he says that he shall have his husbandly rights on her and noone shall stop him. He eyes azad walking in the corridor. they both confront each other. he asks azad how is he. amad says that its destiny that he too married the same day his younger brother did, and the only difference is that the girl he wanted to marry is waiting for his younger brother in the room, as he plans to have his wedding night with her. Azad desnt flinch. he asks how is he is such a sad and quiet mood. Azad keeps smiling, while amad says that even if he didnt get the girl of his dreams, he did get a girl, and then teases that if he needs any tips, he can call him. He leaves.

mahira sits sullenly, lamenting at the twist her life and destiny have taken, as she sits in the room, for her wedding night. Uncontrollable tears stream down her cheeks. mahira finds her husband entering in and saves her face from being seen, in tears. she says that she wishes to speak to him, and that their marriage is done, and after marriage, a husband has all rights on a wife, but rights are given by happiness, not out of helplessness. she says that she cant tell him the reason, but can say that she married out of big helplessness, and that she didnt consent for this marriage, as she doesnt love him, and loves azad instead, as he is her life, and due to him, her heart beats. She says that she was forcefully married to him and she cant give her heart to anyone else. then she turns to look at him. She is shocked to see who she sees. the screen freezes on azad’s, amad’s and mahira’s faces.

Precap: As amad gets cozy and tries to get intimate with his bride, who surprisingly responds seductively too. but just when he leans in to kiss her, she stabs him with a knife in his stomach. He is boggled as he collapses on the floor wincing in pain. Then its revealed that the girl is actually jhanjhariya, whose face is revealed for the first time.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow finaly azad married mahira. I am very happy. But i am little scared about 2mrw epi. Y this janjariah try 2 kill amad.

    1. Hi wow super episode

  2. I like azad and mahira track very much..nice episode azad got married to mahira.amad stupid

  3. Mahira s love confession was nice now what ll happen to amad … Day by day its getting interesting

  4. This is just getting better day by day sweet love qubool hai. Rules people ???????????????????

  5. Sugarplumprincess

    That’s awesome.
    So that means Mahira still loves Azad! 😀
    o (∩ ω ∩) o
    Finally they got married… 🙂

  6. ouf at last!!! I can live in peace now;;;;;for some times but what suspens today !

  7. I’m so happy… Azad & mahira are married & on top of tht she confesses her love to him unknowingly.. This is great..I’m nt concerned abt amad & his bride… Thts his problem! Azad I love u <3…plz writers give us some romance between azad & mahira..bring the optimist mahira back..

  8. lovely episode, i love the pair and love u guys………….

  9. finallym, my Azma together..
    i am flying…
    wowww,the love confession of mahira ,chanceless mindblowing perfomance by surbhi..
    Hell with amad .

    Cutie azad got his mahira.

  10. This qubool hai season is much better than the previous ones. At least 4 the 1st time they united the lovers so soon. Otherwise in every season the lovers unite after 2 or 3 marriages. Luv u mahira n azad. Aditi is doing superb negative role. Thank u khan begum n razia bcoz of u 2 lovebirds united. Where did sameer go yaar ?

  11. Wow…..I am very happy today. I think I will not able to sleep at night. ……I want to see more romance between azad and mahira.

  12. Wow…Ahira unite..n get married..yeah..ohh poor amad ..he deserved it to get injured in stomach…..i can’t wait for tomorrow

  13. This drama suck. its going on for so lond and its never ending. i thought they might finish the drama after sanam is dead but nooooo they put a new girl in the show who look exactly like her. This even doesn’t make sense because she is no related to sanam but she still looks like her.

  14. Azaad and mahira track is so amazing… But i still think asya were better

  15. But in telly focus azma will soon get separated by khan begum … Don know how and why…. But today i m happy for azma s marriage

  16. Guyz I was afraid to see d nikah WT will happen like tat n sm confusion between two mahira ten Nisar went to amad marrg ten I cms to knw d story after acceptance of marrg I was so happy after add I got confused seeing jhanjaria WT amad ten seeing pre episode I cms to knw tat amad marry jhanjaria!

  17. Still I CNT believe mahira and azaad married its like a dream but after one maha episode tat azadd truth will reveal to mahira and wat will happen to cute luv story of azd n nahi

  18. I’m happy fr azaad n mahira

  19. Still I’m believing tat tey married its like dream guyz and my face was like ctyng and afraid tat nikah qubool hai ya nahin like tat after seeing jhanjaria I was happy

  20. I knew it Amaad was not marrying mahira I i’m so happy for azad n mahira

  21. Wow at last they married ! Just scarying if they get separated by kb n razia! Waiting for tomorrow’s episode n upcoming tracks 🙂

  22. mary christodoulou

    nice epi

  23. Plz anyone say 2 me janjariyah and afreen both are them a single person. Pls anyone clear my doubt. And tanx

  24. Ya kavi both are same person only

  25. Kavi, I have feeling from the beginning when they introduced janjariyh that she might be afreen. I think the chanting Rizia did might of change her face to look like Mairha, today’s episode will reveal her true face. Wonder if Azad and Mairha will have there wedding night? I think they will have to some time cause khan begun wants a heir to sacrifice to get her power back!!! Can’t wait for more episodes!!! Keep up the great work guys, plz don’t make me start hating this show again!!!

  26. Wow Super qubool hai the most lovable part is that mahira ‘ s confession and asad listening the whole confession . and amad ” well he deserve his wedding gift he was flying too high to give mahira torture

  27. As par news the one who is portraying afreen is supposed to enter the show from this episod or the next upcoming one but this witch call janjariah was in the show quit some time remember she once attacked mahira by magic and even she came to the show with razia but wasn’t revealed by name or by face so I don’t know what to say about it

  28. I am very happy with this episode….

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