Qubool Hai 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam, in her sleep, overhears the new bride coughing and vommiting loudly, while she is just joking. Then she rushes down to ahil, and asks him to come rightaway, as his wife is sick. He is howevere tensed that szhe might have been hurt by the new bride. They both come to the room, and find the new bride sitting on the bed, pretending to be sick, and talking about her pregnancy. Sanam asks the new bride why doesnt she take meds that are to be taken during this time. She said that she did, but ahil didnt get it. sanam presumes that she had forgotten. Ahil reprimands her, while sanam backs for the new bride, saying to ahil that he needs to be responsible for his wife and child. She says that shaad doesnt need to be told about her care and meds, and that

he should do the same for his wife too. She says that she has now realised how much her husband loves her. Ahil points tauntingly, saying that indeed her husband loves her more than anyone else, referring to himself. To distract their attention, the new bride starts to cough again. She says that this isnt ahil’s fault, as he is so immersed in sanam’s love, that he doesnt rermember anything. sanam is shocked and then reprimands him for such a rash and careless behaviour. the new bride is amused. Sanam asks him why did he consummate the relationship, if he was lost in sanam’s love, and reprimands him for her carelessless and callousness, and negligence, and renders a long lecture. sanam leaves hastily. the new bride is thoroughly amused, and stands in front of ahil, saying that when a person is hurt, he learns to walk ahead, and that he has tried to tell people that she isnt pregnant, but things went in her way. She taunts him and says that he is very happy, thinking that shaad and sanam dont have a marital-relationship, but how would he point out the similarity of their relationship as well. She says that she isnt scared of sanam comes back, as she would definitely not want the child to be deprived of a father. She leaves. ahil wonders how selfish she can be.

Later, the new bride tells nazia and sanam of the next ritual, where in the brides shall have to prepare food for the guests. Nazia says that she doesnt know how to cook. Shashi comes in saying that she is there to help, and she would cook instead of her. She then tells sanam that they would do together. She thinks that she would have to be near sanam, so that she can tamper with ahil’s food to kill him. Sanam enquires about dessert, and then starts to talk about baking. The new bride hopes that she doesnt make apple pie, as that would reinforce ahil of his belief in love. She tells her that she can make chocolate cake. Sanam likes the idea, as its shaad’s favourite. Sanam gets up and goes to the kitchen.

While working in the kitchen, the new bride comes and then she distracts sanam, while gazalla tampers with the oven. The new bride offers her help to them, but they insist that they are okay. sanam asks her to go nd rest in her condition. gazalla asks her to go when jannat insists, while she takes care here. The new bride leaves. Shashi kapoor insistently brings up the topic of nazia’s mother, referring as tanveer begum, and asks how was she. nazia is disgusted and says that she doesnt wish to speak on this topic. Sanam remembers shashi kapoor, and mumbles as to why she is reminded of her with tanveer’s mention. shashi kapor gets unnerved, as nazia rushes to sanam, who clutches her head in a headache. In her frustration, shashi kapoor accidentally gets to cutting hr thumb, and the fake thumb falls out. She is shocked, and desperately hides her hand, so that jannt cant recognise her. Nazia rushes to get the first aid box, while sanam rushes to get ice. Shashi takes thie chance to fix the thumb, and then leaves hastily. Sanam is boggled. sanam turns aaround and glances at the microwave. latif and the new bride wait in anticipation. Latif expresses tension as to what if something happens to sanam. The new bride says that the reward shall be double then. Ahil watches both of them eyeing keenly towards the kitchen and gets suspicious. Ahil rushes from outside the room, and in the kitchen, and before the microwave bursts, he snatches sanam from aweay, just in time, for the explosion to happen. Sanam falls on ahil’s head, remind her hazily of her past encounters with ahil. He reprimands her as to why she cant she be very careful around the microwave. She is boggled, as the same incident of applying burnol comes back to memory. She asks him why is he talking as if this has happened before. he is speechless. the screen freeZes on their faces.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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