Qubool Hai 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Part 1

Amad brings a guy infront of Armaan and says he is the one who is guilty. He was present in the cafe with Mahira. The guy takes the blame and says Mahira is pure. Am the one who is guilty. Armaan is in shock. He says i am a crazy fan of Mahira and was stalking her. Please forgive me. Armaan slaps the guy. Fumes on him for being the reason of his divorce from Mahira. Flashback shown of Amad training the guy. Amad intervenes and sends the guy away. Armaan is upset. Amad offers to play mediator. Armaan is upset and thinks of his rude behavior with Mahira. BG – Bato ko teri hum bhula na sake. A sad Mahira is sitting in her room, on the bed, sulking.

Kaynat (in decoy) makes Sameer pull her luggage and he is sweating and asks, why so heavy. Kaynat says these are diamonds, i carry

with myself. Sameer is lured. He offers to take care of her and the diamonds. He carries her to the bedroom and tries to get close but Kaynat says first lets get married. He agrees.

Part 2

Mahira is feeling unwell. She calls out to Gazala. Amad arrives and asks the matter. Mahira says pain. He offers to call Doc. Amad thinks that this baby is causing so much trouble, wanna get rid of it. Amad calls someone and says Doc is in OT for 3 hours. Amad calls someone else. Then calls Armaan and says he refused to come. Mahira is in too much pain. Latif goes to call Doc in person.

Sameer is in car. He notices something that belonged to Kaynat in the car and feels scared. His cell rings. Its Kaynat. Its Kaynat in new look and asks Sameer to rush home.

Armaan feels guilty and thinks of calling Mahira to apologize. He thinks Mahira will insult him. Mahira asks Amad to stay beside Mahira and help her. Amad makes Mahira trip but she manages to stabilise herself. Amad swears to get rid of the baby.

Sameer is in his room at night and notices Kaynat (in her original look) and is terrified. Kaynat (in new look) comes and comforts Sameer. He tries to get close to her but she says after marriage. She then swears to ruin Sameer’s life.

Armaan calls Mahira but Amad notices and receives the call. He tells Armaan he shouldnt talk to Mahira now. She is unwell. Armaan asks about the baby and Amad tells Armaan that he is isnt the father of the baby. Armaan is in shock. He says, i just want my Mahira. Amad says i will talk to Mahira.

Part 3

Kaynat (new look) offers to make tea for Sameer. He begs her not to leave him alone. She assures him all is well. Sameer wonders why all this is happening and Kaynat says maybe you did something. Sameer refuses to confess. Kaynat asks Sameer how did Kaynat die. Sameer tells a fake story. Kaynat is hurt and furious of Sameer’s lies. Kaynat fakes concern for him. Sameer gets a message that reads ‘U R A LIAR’. He throws the phone and says she will kill me. Kaynat asks who. Sameer says i need to confess my sins. Kaynat is delighted. She offers to call a Doc. Sameer agrees. Fake Doc says you feeling guilty. Sameer keeps lying. Doc says this is called PTSD. Kaynat (in new look) says i feel like Kaynat’s mom must have killed her. Sameer agrees. Fake Doc says this is PTSD. Giving you meds, have them, you will be well. Fake Doc leaves. Kaynat reassures Sameer. Latif tells that Doc told to bring Mahira to hosp. Mahira refuses to go. Amad offers to help her.

Armaan is on his way to meet Mahira. He wants to apologize to her.


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