Qubool Hai 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 8th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya tells Asad, that the attacker wasnt from mangalpur but from here only. Asad tries to clarify that the father was on the phone when he had threatened him and the attack had happened. He doesnt listen to Zoya and asks her to leave him alone.

In her room, dilshad remebers the doll she found with the recorder. she reaches out to get it. just then, asad enters and asks her to relax and rest. He asks if she needs anything and ask him for it. Dilshad says that he doesnt need to get anything since zoya just gave her soup. She asks about the fact that she heard from nazma, that he had called rashid. He tells her why he had called rashid, and says that he felt she would want her. dilshad says that he is right in thinking what he thinks of

rashid, but recently what happened leads her to believe that he might not be as much as fault as they think he is, and that they6 should try to understand him better. asad tells her not to bother herself and him about that and leaves when she sys that she doesnt need anything.

Asad is shocked when the inspector tells him on the phone, that people at mangalpur were already arrested. He comes to the conclusion that this means mangalpur people were not behind the attack. He remembers zoya trying to tell him somthing, and he hadnt paid attentiuon and thinks that maybe he should have.

When he talks with her, Zoya assures him, that she had heard the attacker calling her, blo*dy b*t*h, reenacting the entire scene saying that Mariam was on the floor and at point blank aim of the gunman. Asad asks who did he point the gun at the second time, when both mariam and dilshad were at the floor. Zoya thinks and says that though mariam was in the line of shot, yet he shot Dilshad. Asad comes to realise that the bullet was aimed for Dilshad only and wonders who could be behind this.

Zoya apologizes saying that she couldnt understand anythign when that happened, as her mind had as it is stopped working, when she saw dilshad like that. She says that she tried her level best but couldnt catch him. She says that now that she thinks, she’s sure that the person was after dilshad only. She goes on, on asad’s encouragement, to retrace what happened with the attacker that night. She deduces that she had torn his collar, in the scuffle and they both gop out to search for it. While searching for collar in the garden, Zoya finds a cloth on the ground, and shows it to asad saying that this is the same. Asad inspects the cloth, closely and says that its juts a little piece. But zoya is very hopeful that this little clue would lead them to thye criminal.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid’s mother thinks of what she had overheard and how razia keeps interfering in Rashid’s life. Ayan calls her from behind but she doesnt pay attention. She tells him that there’s something going on in this family, a conspiracy. ayan blames it on the fact that rashid doesnt stand up for himself and his family. She says that as his mother, she knows rashid the best, and knows that he is not the person who would get subdued and listen to them without answering back. She says that something must have happened that night, that escaped her eyes, and that it has led to a conspiracy. She thinks of the fact that dilshad had got shot and razia had pretended to not believe it. She tells ayan that she’s sure that something’s cooking in this house, that is forcing Rashid’s house and family to be seperated.

Razia talks to someone on the phone, saying that the deal was for murder and that she’s still alive. She intructs the person that till further orders, he should stay hidden where he is right now, and cancels the phone. m,amu tells her that they would have to be cautious saying that things arent the same as 17 years back. Now anybody can find out the truth if he wants. He is terrified that if asad got to know, then there would a terrible consequence. Razia says that he isnt scared of such things and that they dont have an option really, since she had heard their conversation, the last time rashid talked to dilshad. She says that if dilshad finds out some evidence, then the true culprit. i.e. them would be exposed. Therefore its required that they do whatever it takes to keep rashid under control, and under their domination

While keeping razia in mind, she tries to intimidate razia saying that every criminal leaves a trail behind, leading upto him. Humaira asks if she’s atlking about dilshad’s attack. she says that she is. Razia is very tensed and her hands start trembling. When rashid’s mother asks her about it, she sheds it off saying that its nothing like that. She also goes on to say that whoever entered, its not known what motive was behind the attcak since there was no theft. This gets rashid’s attention. increasingly getting uncomfortable, razia says that they shouldnt talk about it, since it isnt a matter of their own house. But rashid’s mother keeps pushing the matter. She asks razia how does she know that dilshad was hit, when asad, who had come to ask rashid to meet her, didnt tell anyone that she had been shot, and that noone else too knew about it or anyone was told. Razia gets uncomfortable while rashid too engages in the discussion now, listening to everything.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Hearing the doorbell ring, zoya goes out to find noone, but a bunch of roses and a card. She wonders who sent it, as its marked Asad and zoya. she opens the card to find a valentine’s day invitation and is surprised. The screen freezes on her curious face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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