Qubool Hai 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s and ahil’s residence
Before shaad can find it, misbah intervenes and says that she shall find it. But he continues searching and finally finds a key chain. he says that he was searching for it for a long time. Misbah meanwhile doesnt let shaad find it, saying that she shall find a pendrive for him, or play a different song list for sanam. Shaad agrees and leaves. misbah eyes wazira frustratedly and then takes the revolver out and places it back in place. She then tells wazira that she shouldnt interfere in other’s stuff. She warns wazira not to do it, threatening her for her daughter’s life. Wazira immediately changes tone. just then, aftab comes in and misbah changes her tone.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence

and razaak wonder whats the connection, between the pool, the love potion, and ahil’s unconscious state. meanwhile, the new bride finds ahil in a deep sleep, and says that he shall wait for a few more hours, after which he shall be totally and completely hers. she then draws the sheets with a jerk, and throws ahil on the floor, by jerking the mattress, and he dopesnt budge in his sleep. She eyes him evilly, and takes his hand and begins to drag him, in lying state. She drags an unconscious ahil across the hallway and then drops him in the pool. gazalla and razaak are shocked, finding that he is still alive. She then mixes the love potion, which starts mixing in the pool waters and reaching his nostrils. She starts a countdown from 10, while gazalla and razaak are tensed that he might die of suffocation. the new bride says that she knows when to pull him out, and then begins with the stopwatch. gazalla and razaak are disturbed, asking her to take him out, but she asks them not to move, as to become his lover, he would have to drown in her love, and to do that, he shall have to face death, as the more he drinks this potion, the more their love shall intensify. Just as the countdown finishes, the doorbell rings, alarming them. Its shazia standing outside. Before they can react, the new bride throws razaak in the pool, and asks him to take ahil out. They struggle, while shazia is scared ouside, if everything is alright. Finally, razaak opens the door, and she finds him dripping in water, and giving the excuse of sleeping. She finds a trail of water from the pool to the room, and tries to get in, but the new bride comes and says that her brother is okay. Shazia is in a daze.

Later, ahil wakes up muttering for sanam. he finds latif, nazia and razaak by his bedside. He wakes up asking where is sanam, his wife. just then, he is shocked to find the new bride standing in front of him, eyeing him. he is super happy, and hurriedly calls her to him, and she is happy that the potion worked. He asks her romantically where was she, and that she cant leave him like this. Nazia tries to intervene, while ahil says that he wants to spend some time with her alone. All are shocked, as he rudely asks them to leave. nazia wodners whats wrong with ahil. Ahil makes the new bride promise that she wont ever leave him. she says that he needs rest, and makes him lie down, while he keeps ranting asking her not to go.

Scene 3:
Location: Chand Bibi ka Maqbara
Sanam is overwhelmed to hear the eternal love story of Chand Bibi. the guide asks her to have a wish, as it shall get fulfilled, and instructs her not to go towards the slippery road, as one slip, and that person never returns. Also, there’s a haunted house, from which noone has ever returned too. Aftab asks wazira not to take the stairs, as she is old. Misbah stays back too. Shaad and sanam begin to descend the stairs. They start to walk towards the maqbara, each eyeing the other, with love and affection. Sanam says that the maqbara is covered in dust, and they decide toclean it. he goes to get water, and she asks him to stay clear of the danger area, and be highly cautious. He complies, overwhelmed at her concern. They begin to clean it together. after having done so, they keep roses on them. She prays that just like them, she should get true love in shaad, and the vice cersa, and they both be blessed with eternal love and happiness. shaad is tensed, and surprise,d thinking that he couldnt make hjer meet her true love, and he prays that she finds her true love. Meanwhile, misbah springs up from behind them, while they both pray with their eyes closed in front of the graves. Misbah takes out the revolver. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: Sanam prays to the lord, that she shall meet her true love. Meanwhile, the new bride is hit by the pistol, which ahil holds out, saying that he is coming for his true love.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. thnx rimjhim
    thnx ahil fr nt leaving the show writer’s plz plz unite ahil and sanam (surbhi)

  2. what nonsense is this tooooooooo much witchcraft and the serial has become boring because there is no substance to it toooooooooo much simidimi and as for ahil he is sooooooooo dotish and he takes soooooooooo long to catch on to things happening around him and he is tooooooooooooo slow in solving problems the real sanam could do without him yes leave her with shad and leave witchipoo sanam with dotish ahil and bring the serial to a nice ending

  3. Precap looks awesome. Thx KV for saving this show. I hope the story will be interesting in the future. Writers please unite Sanam and Aahil and also bring Seher back to pair with Shaad. 🙂

  4. I agree with u Roma hope seher to be back so as to much with shaad

  5. Okay so a change huh ….
    I hope qubool hair gets better

    I loved qubool hair since I heard if it but now my interest has lifted of n has gone back to the old episodes
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ love asad and zoya ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    So i am re watching from the beginning
    I still remember dat wen I first saw asad and zoya die how much I cried I mean its just too much for a 15 yre old to take
    I just wish dat zee would give a new program which is a mix of earlier qubool hair and ipkknd
    Asad and zoya
    Arnav and khushi
    So I wanted to know from u guys if you know any program similar like the love story of asad and zoya and arnav and khushi

  6. Omg I’m such an idiot autocorrect changed qubool hai to a qubool hair and I Neva even realize
    Sowi guys

    1. Watch geet same like ipkknd arnav ad kushi

  7. I am finish watching this script and also commenting.I cannot stand this witchcraft and Tanveer tricks anymore.I think the writers should have used someone else because of who the first Tanveer was.Nobody wants to see her repeats again even though she has a new name.Her evil and disgusting character still lives on.Done./

  8. ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH of this stupid, boring, nonsensical. crappy witchcraft story line. It is so damn FAR FETCHED and ANNOYING…………Is this really meant for entertainment and enjoyment? if so the writers have failed miserably because it has reached the point of DISGUSTING! It’s time to END this asinine story line. As for Misbah (Tanveer), I am so TIRED of seeing her face – against Azad and Zoya, against Aahil & Sanam, now against Shaad and Janaat- ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH!! I can’t stand to see her face again…………this is so overdone. Couldn’t they have found someone else to play Misbah? Is Bollywood short of actresses?
    If the writers do not make drastic changes to this serial, I believe that the end is near!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m pretty sure dey dragging it to make it over 1000 episodes like pavitra rishta
    What do u guys think will happen wen sanam gains her memory back do u think she love shaad or ahil

  10. hi guys are qubool hai dvds anywhere available please help me

  11. This serial is so annoying.why must taneveers daughter be like her. The writers would hv changed her and present her as the exact opposite of her mum. And the way some characters leave d serial is so annoying. Where is Sanams grandma her sister n brother inlaw?where is ahil’s father? Pls its high time dis serial comes to an end!

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