Qubool Hai 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 7th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode begins with Razia filling up Shirin’s ears against Zoya. She continues by saying that Zoya has no manners of dressing and she will no sooner take Ayaan away from her. Shirin comes into her sayings, Razia tells her that Zoya is not Humeira and she won’t follow her orders. Razia tells Shirin to beware of Zoya and her tantrums and act like a mother in law. Shirin’s mind is washed by her and later Razia tells to herself that she will not let Zoya stay peacefully in the house be it six days.

Its Nikkhat’s Mehendi and Haldi, and all are enjoying and having fun. Nuzhat asks Humeira to apply haldi on Nikkhat but Dadi interrupts by saying that it should be done by Zoya as she is their daughter in law and Ayaan’s wife. Humeira is hurt and Zoya is shocked. Zoya is

uncomfortable while watching Humeira and Razia gets irritated.

Outside Ayaan is flirting with girls and the girls snatch the gifts from his hand and run. He dashes Zoya and she falls in his arms with all the haldi on them. Dadi aka Badi bi teases them saying that with Nikkhat they also had their Mehendi.

Part 2:

Razia shouts at Ayaan for spreading haldi all over and asks him to get ready to go at Haseena’s place for mehendi. Razia asks Humeira to go with Ayaan but Shirin tells her that its Zoya who should go with him and dadi supports her. Humi gets upset and runs away.

There Haseena is torturing Najma and asks her to wash the entire family’s clothes by hands and asks her to check if Farhaan also has some clothes to wash. She knocks at his door but gets no response. She enters his room and picks up some wet clothes from the bed when she finds Farhaan behind her. He gets angry on her and asks her to not touch his stuffs from now on. Najma apologizes and leaves when she finds Haseena and Farhaan debating over something.

Here, Ayaan comes to apologize to Zoya but she tells him that its not his fault and the relatives. She is irritated on everyone for behaving so wierdly about the haldi accident. They both start making fun of others and enjoy.

Part 3:

Zoya comes to Humi to apologize for whatever happened. She tells Humi that she will be leaving after Nikkhat’s wedding forever. Humi tells her that she won’t be able to forget that Zoya was Ayaan’s first wife.

Haseena asks Ayaan and Zoya to give gifts to the relatives at Farhaan’s mehendi . She asks Zoya to gift Asad(her BROTHER IN LAW) a shawl!!!!! !!!!!!

Update Credit to: Jyo_Ksg

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