Qubool Hai 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
As armaan sits tensedly, he remembers what the lawyer advised him. Amad comes, but he asks amad to go away. amad says that he wanted to tell him something, and then tells that he wanted to say something, and that mahira agreed for DNA test, and these are the reports. as he sees them, he is shocked that he isnt the father, but shahid is. Armaan is shocked. amad says that he wanted that his name be there, but it doesnt really make a difference, and that he has always gotten rid of mahira, and now her pics remain, and once those are exposed, she would be ruined for life, and humiliated in public, and that would be her rightful punishment for ruining his life. armaan takes the reports and leaves. amad eyes him evilly.

Scene 2:

Sameer’s residence
Sameer tries to get close and intimate with kainat, while she steps on his feet. he is boggled and asks what happened. She says that a servant isnt allowed to ask questions, and asks him to press her feet. he takes it as a game, and starts seductively gyrating her legs, but she shoves him away, asking him to really press legs, and behave as a servant. He complies on. kainat continues to ordert sameer around, while he complains that he burnt the omelette, and she with a whip in her hand, torments him, hitting him continuously with the whiplash and then coyly smiling. he tries to flirt, but she slides away. she then orders him to insult someone. he guffaws saying that this is his expertise. he asks whose insult. She shows him the pic, of a girl, in the mobile, saying that she claims to be his girlfriend. he gets tensed and scared at that. she asks whats the matter and if he has any secrets. she asks him to comply or else forget her forever. he is in a dilemma.

Later, as sameer sits, his girlfriend comes, and tries to show love and concern, while he jerks her away, insulting her about her stature and personality. she is boggled and asks what and why is she saying, and asks her not to pile on, and get lost. she gets angry and says that she has the biggest secret of his life. he is unperturbed and asks her to get lost. the girl sees kainat as she comes in, just then, evilly smiling at her. The girl asks who is this, and whats she doing here. Kainat places her hand on his shoulder, saying that she is Sameer’s live in partner, and hence its her house too. She is about to slap kainat, but she ducks and slaps her instead. he throws her out. After she leaves, kainat says that now she would tell him her final condition tomorrow.

Later kainat comes very tensed and distressed, when sameer comes and tries to be romantic. She says that she is in a bad mood, while sameer continues to chide with her, and asks whats the problem. She says that her account has frozen off, which contains 5 lakh dollars. He starts lustily thinking about the money, and rfeadily agrees to pay the bills. she says that she cant take his help, but complies, when he insists. She says that she too wants to move in, but wants him to fulfill the final wish first. he asks impatiently whats it. she asks him to announce to the world, that his first wife is dead. He wonders how does she know. She says that she doesnt wish to know, as she has many sources. She says that she just wishes that he accepts that his wife is dead, so that their relation isnt complicated, and also adds that she hates lies, and hence he shouldnt ever try that. he gets tensed and unnerved.

As per her request, sameer along with kainat, gets his first wife’s final rites done, with a prayer service, while he pretends to be extremely sad and disheartened. She eyes her own picture as a dead person, and gets overwhelmed, and thinks that the old kainat is actually dead, and that now only the new kaira stays, and just like he ruined her, she shall ruin him too.

Scene 3:
Location: The judge’s chamber
The next morning, the lawyer tells armaan and amahira, if they want to deliberate again they deny it completely. Then he agrees on their divorce to get ahead, by mutual understanding, and asks them to sign the divorce papers. armaan readily does so, and then mahira too signs them, overwhelmed with emotions, and then gives the file to the judge. The judge then declares her the sole owner of all of armaan’s property. He gets up and congratulates mahira, as she eyes armaan tensedly. She too shakes hands with him curtly, and then they leave. meanwhile, the judge has amaad on the phone, so that he hears all this, amused and evilly.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s Office
Armaan deberiefs his employees for the last time, and then tells them of their new boss, while they are shocked, to hear about mahira.

Scene 5:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Armaan cleans out all his closet and then eyes his pic with mahira, and after much deliberation, he puts it inside his suitcasde and is about to walk off, when amad comes and stops him. but he walks off, while amad is overjoyed. he meanwhile takes his final steps outside the house, while mahira eyes him overwhelmed with tears, as latif and gazalla are shocked, and try to stop. they both remember their past moments. before walking out, he turns back to see her, while she too eyes him tearfully. they both turn their eyes away and then he finally leaves. Mahira eyes him tensedly. He is about to get in the car, when the driver points out that he cant use it, shamefully, as its the company’s car. he gives the keys and walks off.

Inside, his employees start coming to her, asking her of the decisions, while she says that she shall take decisions for the betterment of the company. The employee says that many people would be jobless to see company’s profit. mahira however steely says that people can be ruined anywhere and anytime, but she shall stick to her decisions, and walks off.

In her room, mahira is too stunned as reality sinks in, while armaan too walks listlessly on the road. Later, armaan is confronted by his conscience who says that love and betrayal by the lover is difficult to forget, but adds that he can have a broken heart, but not a shattered one, and that he needs to pull himself back together as he isnt those, who sit disappointed, and asks him to reignite himself and not forget or forgive the betrayer. he thinks that mahira cant even begin to understand the pain that he is going through. He says that its his fault to love and trust her, but he shall have his revenge, and make her realise what she did. Amad comes and says that he has been searching for him, and asks him to come along. He sits resignedly. Amad tells him that he isnt doing him a favour, but is just arranging some money for him. Amad continues to support armaan, as he sits on the seating area in the garden, saying that he has full confidence on his brother, that he would amass the same wealth yet again, and reach the same heights of success once again. The screen freezes on armaan’s tensed face.

Precap: As armaan is in his room, amad gets someone forcefully, claiming that this is the person who met mahira in the cafe that day. the person apologises, while armaan betas him to pulp, blsming him for spoiling their relationship, and that he is the reason that he isnt with his wife today. Amad watches amused.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wattttt !!!l! Still d truth didn’t revealed yet ?? Ishhhhhhh

  2. Y is amad bieng a dam bastard

  3. do ppl still watch tos crap….i wud like them to give this show a happy endin and get it off air

  4. A very stupit serial i have seen…khan begum not even meet amad..they also not tell her that amad is there…and also kainat is too busy to take revenge on sameer…what a family..everybody very busy with their stupit problems!!!we will see after this afreen will make a come back with her kids for revenge of course…!!!

    1. Yes. How stupid of them. They should have let Khan Begum meet her son Amaad and daughter Kainaat before she died. A dysfunctional family indeed ! This show does not make anymore sense since they killed Aahil and Sanam. Rehaan and Seher. That was the best season of all ever…. Such a shame.

    2. This stupid serial does not depict family love… Family love died of in seson one… The love that is being shown now is for selfish reasons

  5. Commenting after along time … Am shocked that this crap serial is still on air

  6. when is is going to end . Totally ridiculous

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I just wana kw wat date is the end of tis ridicidulously dumbest series.thank Gid i dnt watch i only read…for Mahira..zee disgusting mking zulam on decent women…pig dog amad.n armaan fast asleep mute eishhhh man

    1. It is going to end on 18 th January. They will be having a grand ending with all the older characters. Meri Sasu Maa is going to replace Qubool Hai

  8. This serial is long overdue. It’s utter nonsense now. Please take it off air. This show is dragging way to long. Steupes

  9. Please and please someone should advice the producers of qubool hai to end this show.its going from bad to worse.

  10. Pls update ystrday episode soon

  11. 2mins silence 4 our dear rimjhim,she died on 8th morning,her real name was kritika,we’ll surely miss her 🙁

  12. I have almost 18 or more shows taped and haven’t even been reading the updates. Now that I have, this is the most hilarious show on TV. I just read the part with Kainat/Sameer…is her hand okay one. It sounds like this show have a hint of dominatrix in it…OMG, are they trying to to see at what dept they can sink with the stupidity…I can’t believe people are actually defending this show…I don’t think the actors go back to watch the shows or they might be ashamed to be part of such a brainless show.

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