Qubool Hai 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 7th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad sits beside Dilshad’s bed while she sleeps. He raises his hand and keeps it on Dilshad’s nose to see if she’s breathing. She asks him the same and he retreats his hand, but she holds his hand and says that she’s very strong and wont leave till she sees his children. Asad asks if he can get her anything. She says that she needs a daughter in law. When she asks about Nazma, he tells her that she has been asked to rest by him. Then she asks about Zoya, and he disinterestedly tells her that he doesnt know. She asks him whats his problem with her even when she was the one who didnt bother about his own life and went on to save her. When Asad tells Dilshad about how irresponsible Zoya had been in sheltering Mariam, Dilshad clarifies his

doubts and tells him that it was her and not Zoya who had brought Mariam back into this house, despite Zoya telling her not to since Asad wont like it. She tells him that Zoya isnt to be blamed for this. Asad is reminded of all the times when he had mistreated Zoya due to his misunderstanding.

Asad is mortified with guilt. He goes over to Zoya’s room, and finds her with her back to him. He calls out to her and tries to place his hand on her shoulder when she doesnt respond. He turns her around and finds her in tears and tries to talk, but Zoya sternly asks him to leave the room. She says that he has insulted her as much as he could, since its his house and that she’s just a guest and asks him to leave her alone. He goes from the room, and Zoya breaks down into tears, and Asad finding her in such a state from the door slide, is very upset.

Aasd finds Zoya, gazing at the stars with a lost look, who remembers how she had been taunted by asad. He comes upto her and apologizes saying sorry, which surprises Zoya, for having hit her and every other insult. He gives her coffee, which she takes saying that her mother is no more, but that doesnt mean she doesnt value her. she says that she remembershow her mother loved her, as when she used to get hurt, her mother was in much more pain than her. She says that whatever pain she gets now, she has to bear all alone. she says that a person might be very wrong, but noone deserves that he/ she doesnt get a mother. Asad says that he got very scared after this incident and he realises that he shouldnt have said that since he didnt mean it. She says that she lives here without his consent. She goes on to tell him about her father but then checks herself in time. She says that she has some important work here, and would soon leave when she finishes that. He says that she can stay as long as she wants to, which shocks Zoya out of her wits, so much so that she spills coffee out of her mouth, and asad as usual is irritated to see her immaturity but doesnt show it, while Zoya smiles. she apologizes and asks her to make a better coffee next time, instead of making it like himself, dark and bitter. he says that he likes it like that and hence made similarly. She says that she’s fine with the taste. She apologizes saying that he understands her concern for Dilshad and also why he feels what he does for his father. He says that he came here just to apologize and not to get sympathy. Wishing her goodnight, he leaves. When she takes another sip, she comments that he’s just like the coffee, dark and bitter.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu asks about Dilshad’s condition from Razia, who tells him that she has been brought home too. Mamu asks if she’s sure that Rashid went to meet Dilshad. She says that she went even before Dilshad was shot and afterwards Shirin too allowed him to go there. Now he has an added reason of going there. Mamu says that these meetings have to stop. Razia agrees saying that she wonders if Rashid gets closer to Dilshad, then their secret wont be enough to keep him in this house. Mamu says that he wonders what if nothing had ever happened. Razia says that they neednt worry since she would soon get everything under control.

Shirin overhears Ayan’s, Humaira’s and Nuzrat’s conversation about what happened in the hospital. He tells them of the incident how she had miraculously survived, when rashid held her hand. Humaira comments that it happened since they are still connected together, by the bond of love. Ayan agrees saying that its very difficult to forget the first love, and cant be forgotten with time. While Humaira thinks about herself, agreeing to what ayan said, Shirin too is broken thinking that Rashid might have stayed away from Dilshad but he still feels for her and is still connected to her since she’s his first love and he will never forget her.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad asks the inspector as to why there has been no action taken yet by the police after having given them entire information.

Zoya and nazma are watching a movie, in which Zoya picks out on a starnge fact thatvillagers, yet they knew english very well. Then she is taken back to the day this happened, when she had been called a blo*dy b*t*h by the attacker. She finds Asad talking on the phone and deduces that the attacker wasnt from the villager, since he knew english and that somebody from the city was behind getting Dilshad killed. She tries to interfere into asad’s call clarifying what she just realised. finally frustrated, asad gets off the phoen and asaks her if she coudlnt see he was on such an imp call. she tells him what she just found out. The screen freezes on asad’s surprised face after he hears zoya’s story.

Precap: Zoya tells Asad, reenacting the entire scene saying that mariam was on the floor and at point blank aim of the gunman, yet he shot Dilshad. Asad coems to realise that the bullet was aimed for dilshad only and wonders who could be behind this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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