Qubool Hai 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s and shashi’s residence.
The new bride is very scared to see the fliers, as she remembers sanam’s threats and the recent killings. The new bride scared places a call to shashi, that sanam killed murtaza and she would now try and kill her, and would come any minute to her place. But she is shocked, when she finds that its sanam on the other end saying that she wont but she has already reached. she cancels the call. then she gets on her task.

Meanwhile, in her residence, Shashi mingles with the guests who have come for saif’s condolences. She tells everyone the reason for this prayer meet, and while one of the guests introduces her to his three wives, all in burqa, she gets suspicious as she eyes the third one’s eyes through the

niqab, which are actually sanam’s. but she doesnt show any reaction and they sit. the prayer songs begin, while sanam sits veiled in the burqa, listening along with other guests. sanam stealthily hides a revolver underneath her burqa and begins to walk, after telling the other wife something in her ear. she stealthily progresses towards shashi. She gets inside the AV room, and gives the operator a CD, catching her off guard, while shashi is busy mingling with the guests, saying that this is a Cd of her major accomplishments at work, and asks her to play it at her introduction. She puts it in the CD drive, when the operator says that she cant play it without checking. sanam asks her to go ahead and the operator then approves of it. When the band is done , the operator oes out, to announce the further programme. Sanam takes this chance to switch the cd with anoher one. When she comes out, she almost collides with shashi, who apologises. Sanam doesnt respond and hurriedly leaves. Shashi gets suspicious at the way. she ran away and hollers at the guard to catch her. they promptly react and nab her, and when shashi reveals her face, its sanam who eyes her tensedly. Just then, she is announced to come on the stage. Shashi says that she would have to go, and asks the men to take care of her, and not let her go anywhere. Shashi takes her presence on the stage. meanwhile, wazira and her men come and catch the guards and rescue sanam, and asks her to go, while they handle the men. she hurriedly leaves.

meanwhile, on the road, the new bride driving, is shocked to find her car break down suddenly. she is exasperated.

At the stage however, when the Av comes on, it shows shashi’s glaoting footage, about the bomb explosions, retrieved from shaad’s watch. Shashi goes berserk and says that this cant be her, and then asks them all not to believe it, and says that it must be a lookalike. While she clarifies, sanam comes and confronts her on the stage. She gives her a tight slap, knocking air out of her lungs, and as she falls, her wig comes off, exposing the true shashi kapoor. she is frustrated and tensed. when she faces sanam, she tells shashi that people shouldnt stoop down so low, that they are even embarassed to live with their true identity and name. She says that its high time now, that she tells the world, that she isnt the mayor, but the face of terrorism, Shashi Kapoor. Shashi is scared. the new bride comes and finds sanam having pointed a revolver at her, and asks her to tell where’s shaad insistently, getting angry every single second. Sanam says that if she tells her, then maybe she would spare her life as a beggar. Shashi is tensed. the new bride is shocked, when she finds shashi kapoor begging with sanam on her feet, giving an emotional sob story, as to how a troubled life as an orphan, neglected and lonely child, made her go the wrong road, as that was the only way to survive, and she didnt want this by choice, but she had no other option. She says that her roads were chosen wrong. sanam tells her that roads have to be made and arent found. She reminds her that even seher was alone and an orphan like her, but she didnt choose to go the wrong way, and that she had a choice, but she didnt pay heed. She asks her to stop the drama, and asks where’s shaad. Shashi says that shaad is in her captivity with her men, and asks her to trust, that she shall herself take sanam to shaad. Sanam puts the revolver down, and shashi takes this distracted moment to push sanam, and the revolver goes high, and then falls right in shashi’s hand, who points it to sanam, who is composed by wazira and her men, from falling from the push. the screen freezes on the duo’s face as they confront each other.

Precap: Shashi asks sanam if she actually thought it would be so easy for her to track shashi and kill her, when nations have been searching for her for a long time. she says that it isnt in her capacity to kill shashi, nor anyone else’s. Shashi tells her that she shall never be able to find shaad, and then puts the revolver on her forehead, shocking everyone including sanam, who is desperate to keep her alive, as she wants to know about shaad.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice episode. Very interesting.

  2. Haha shashi kapoor is going to die anyway

  3. What the……. Ok to be honest this episode was unsatisfactory and should have been more suspense but why does sanam not have to respond to shashi when she bumped into her
    Wouldnt it would have been easier to say sorry for bumping into her and not making her get suspicous about you and to make life more easier than just running away? Stupid!

  4. if they kill shashi not that I want her to live how will they find shaad

  5. comparitively way better episode that b4. thnks qb n gul

  6. Best episode ever but amrapali ‘s exit I’m afraid qubool hai may not be qubool hai

  7. Do you all think Amarapal/ Shashi kapoor may make a come back in the future in this show ?

  8. this serial should have ended a long time ago it is dragging way toooooooooo long and so the viewers are starting to lose interest so why these writers do not come up with a solid ending make all happy ahil the main star in this serial was killed off so why continue with it and that old witch sanam 2 is getting her way all the time she should have been the first one to be eliminated not ahil but then again the way these writers brain work is amazing they fall asleep and then start writing so there you go that is why we have so many crappy storylines see what I mean

  9. VERY GOOD…… at last good ones are able to overpower the bad ones somehow.

  10. I hope she make come back in future

  11. I’m happy that harshad arora (zayn of beintehaa ) is gonna act opposite surabhi jyothi in Qubool Hai

  12. wow atlast!! but I am missing AsYa days those were best days of qubool hai & my life too.. I wish those days come back 😥

  13. Omg this is sooo boring and confusing should’ve ended a long time agooooo ?

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