Qubool Hai 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s and ahil’s residence
Sanam tries to know more about how their love story blossomed, and shaad is tensed. Misbah wonders why is she asking as if she doesnt remember anything, and asks shaad to spill the truth. He says that he never proposed but mutually decided to spend their lives together. Sanam is tensed. Misbah sees through the differences, and decides to try it out, saying that he should propose to her right now. sanam says that this isnt needed as they are already married. but misbah insists, while the others too tease and coax him into proposing to her, as to how much he loves her. both of them are tensed, but the people dont let go. Shaad finally gets down on one kneee, and takes off his ring. She wonders that this is probably the most bful of

her memories, then why does she feel so weird. Sanam hears shaad asking if she accepts his love, and is boggled, as she remembers faint memories of ahil’s proposal to her. she is disconcerted. Misbah asks sanam whats she thinking, and asks her to extend her hand. When she doesnt, misbah pulls her hand out and finds the wrist watch, and understands that this is the device that alerted Shaad.

A sudden bad intuition makes ahil clench his fists and disturb him in his deep sleep induced by the new bride, while he mutters asking sanam not to do so, as she cant.

Finally, Shaad extends out his hand to don the ring on sanam’s hand, while she is terribly disturbed, while across borders, ahil too is terribly worried in his sleep. she finally retreats her hand away, and wonders why is she so tensed, to wear this ring. Misbah asks why is she trembling so much. Sanam says that its nothing like that, and goes to freshen up. Misbah takes this chance to surf through her room, while all others including shaad are worried searching for the ring. Misbah finally finds shaad’s watch that has been alerted by sanam’s watch, that she stealthily had pressed, while extending sanam’s hand out for shaad. Shaad finally finds the ring, but doesnt show it to anyone, whereas sanam comes and says that they shall find the ring tomorrow. He conceals the ring, and apologises for not being able to propose. She makes him promise, that he would take her to the site of their first meeting. He tensedly asks why. She says that she wants to know everything about their romance, her connection to her past. He promises her that he shall take her there tomorrow. she smiles at him.

Meanwhile, misbah finds the watch, and sits by the poolside, and breaks it to pieces, and then throws it in the water. She says that his minute by minute connection to jannat is broken, but she has suffered enough due to jannat, but now its become easier, as her love story shall end where it started, as when they go to their meetinfg site tomorrow, it would be fatal for shaad. She taunts that shaad’s last night is today with jannat, as tomorrow his death is imminent and thats Shashi kapoor’s promise.

Early morning, sanam wakes up with a start, wondering why is sh feeling so restless, that she is being distanced from her love, when everything is right. She goes out to find out where is shaad. As she comes down, the others are eating at the dining table. She is invited for breakfast, along with shaad’s father insisting her, and she complies. misbah is tensed. she picks up a conversation reminding shaad of his promise to Jannat, to get her to the place where they first met. Jannat invites them all. But wazira asks what shall they do. Misbah pinches her, while sh then says that they can come along. Misbah is happy when she concedes, and asks shaad’s father to come too. they all decide to tag along. shaad and sanam notice that wazira is tensed.

While he searches for the watch, shaad is frustrated that jannat called everyone. she comes in saying that she wants him to spend quality time with his father. He is mesmerised, as she takes the dupatta and it lands on his face and then slides off. He asks about the watch and she says that she hasnt seen, but it doesnt make a difference, as they are together. He is hesitant, while she assures that they are already connected by the heart, and they shall go and come back together and when she is with him, she isnt scared. She keeps her watch there too. She takes him out finally.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
gazalla and razaak are shocked as to how the potion that the new bride has concocted fr ahil, so that he falls madly in love with her. The new bride tells gazalla that this love potion shall work only when he isnt thinking of sanam. She says that hence she would administer it to him, when he is unconscious, as she cant risk a mistake with ahil and for achieving this, she would send everyone out of the house tomorrow. Gazalla is tensed and boggled and asks what then. she is asked to clean the swimming pool by then and leaves hastily. they both wonder what shall happen to sanam and ahil, as this lady wont let them unite.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
meanwhile, misbah is getting ready and asks wazira to pack one of the dresses and angrily leaves. And as wzira complies, a revolver falls out. she is shocked to see it. later, when misbah returns she doesnt find the revolver, and is angered. Meanwhile, wazira is thinking of disposing off the revolver in the gutter, before shashi kapoor finds out. misbah hollers at her to stop, but she makes a mad dash. Misbah rushes after her, while wazira has the revolver hidden underneath her dupatta. As she collides into shaad, it slips and falls under the centre table. He notices something falling, but doesnt realise whats it. he bends down to try and feel it, and then get it out, while wazira and misbah watch tensedly. wazira hopes that shaad gets this revolver, as that would ensure their family’s safety. Misbah notices the khurpi kept, in a pot, and hides it stealthily. The screen freezes on Misbah and shaad’s tensed faces.

Precap: The new bride drags an unconscious ahil across the hallway and then drops him in the pool. She then mixes the love potion, which starts mixing in the pool waters. She starts a countdown from 10, while gazalla and razaak are tensed that he might die of suffocation.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. so glad original Ahil decides to stay on. Now just hope those directors put him back as the main lead…Though I think Shaad is good looking, he is not for Sanam…maybe Seher

  2. No I think shaad will get the real misbah

  3. Gazalla and Razaak sense is only to eat like two dogs that are hungry and lapping up their food.They know Ahil from youth and they are allowing this witch to play the fool with his life.Here we go again with Tanveer tricks and her evil mind.I do not know why she wants to destroy everyone.

  4. writers come on please please please what is this this storyline is so much shit end the damn serial now why prolong soooooooooooooooooo much shit and we the viewers are fed up of all this witchypoo and black magic stuff it just does not make any sense boring boring boring yawn

  5. Some times I feel that Shaads character is just written according to the life of my cousin , he had many resemblance s !

  6. This storyline just doesn’t make any sense it’s very confusing. Tanveer character is very annoying it’s just like history repeating itself whether she’s playing another character, it’s just the same i think they could done a better job with her new character and that new bride why is she still in the show her character it’s just plain stupid

  7. end this show it boring..

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