Qubool Hai 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence and on the road
Seher is in the car oblivious of the time bomb, kept, and is drawn back to rehaan’s hateful memories of her. She is tensed. razia enters her room, and tries to call her, but her phone is on vibrate and she doesnt pay heed. Razia is tensed. She then gets the guard’s call. Dilshad is tensed, as he gives razia the news that sanam has escaped, and then razia instructs him to get sanam before she reaches to the Badi Masjid, to meet ahil. razia overhears tanveer saying that this game is about to end, and that sanam’s life is captive in that one button, and with its press, she too shall reach to her mother, forever. razia is tensed while dilshad is distraught to hear this. razia continues trying seher’s room, but

she doesnt realise the call. Razia is super tensed, thinking that both the sisters are out of her control. tanveer smirks while razia is tensed. Finally, seher picks up, and razia hastily tries to speak to her.

As seher is in her car, unable to hear what razia is saying, sanam starts running dishevelledly from the other direction, both oblivious of their relation, and to save a collision, seher’s car avoids collision into sanam, by taking a turn, and hits on a big boulder by the side of the road. Meanwhile, Sanam sees ahil’s car’s number, and is shocked. tanveer presses the button, much to dilshad and razia’s horror. A beep starts ringing from the remote. The beep starts saying that the bomb is out of range, and tanveer is frustrated when she gets to know that the bomb shall deactivate only when its in the range of the bomb, and that sanam finally had a clse shave from death. razia is relieved, while dilshad too is prayful that seher got saved. seher is unable to find her phone. Sanam is very happy that she would be able to contact ahil now. Just then, seher walks out of the car and starts venting out her frustration on the driver, for his rash driving, despite many reminders. sanam is shocked to see her own sister, and then understands that razia was saying all along, that noone misses her there. She is extremely shocked.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
rahat asks whats the matter. Faiz says that he knows what he is going to say doesnt make any sense, particularly when he has decided to marry haya, and she agrees to it too, but his saying this is imperative, and he needs the answer. rahat asks what. faiz asks rahat, if the halala marriage was always fake to him, and if he never once believed his love for haya. rahat asks how can he say this. Rahat is oblivious that faiz has switched the camera of his phone, on to record mode, to record whatever he is saying, frontal. He says that for his happiness, he agreed to marry haya and then divorce her, for faiz’s happiness, but now he would have to understand that haya loves him, and he wants to give her that happiness. faiz says that maybe he is right, and that he truly is hurt definitely, but time shall heal all wounds, and he is hopeful of the same for him too. He wishes rahat all the happiness, as nothing matters to him more than his and haya’s marriage, and hopes that their love has such power, that rahat and haya’s marriage stands the test of time. rahat hugs faiz, while he smiles evilly.

As haya is ready for marriage, and reminiscient of her memories with Rahat, she is suddenly aware that faiz is there. she turns around nervously. faiz comes up with an evil idea. faiz tells her that this marriage isnt real, and it pains her to break his heart like that. haya asks if he has gone mad. He says that he is saying the truth, that rahat is just doing halala Nikah. Haya vehemently says that rahat loves her, and hence is marrying him. Faiz says that he loved her even when she married faiz. haya remembers rahat’s request. faiz asks her why does she think, that he wont sacrifice his romantic love for brotherly affection. haya is extremely tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Ahil is tensed, as to why tanveer didnt make the list and didnt even let him go with sanam. she says that she is hurrying only because he gets sad with her. sanam sees him. She thinks that he is with tanveer and decides that she has to get to him, before it gets too late. Ahil gets into the car, and drives off with tanveer, and azhar’s parents, oblivious that sanam is screaming out his name for him to notice, and trying to catch up with the car. As ahil drives off, he sees sanam from the side mirror, running dishevelled on the road, and gasping for breath, and is surprised. He takes off his goggles, and tries to look into it. the screen freezes on ahil’s confused face.

Precap: Haya screams out desperately, in the middle of the road. raj gets stuck in the traffic, while azhar’s parents tell tanveer that soon they shall be within range. In the traffic, ahil identifies sanam’s car, and tanveer is amused. inside seher is still in tears. Tanveer finally presses the button, when the remote starts showing thatr the bomb is within range, and wait in anticipation.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I hope Sanam reach Aahil fast 🙁 missing SaHil

  2. Qubool hai ka aaj ka episode accha tha bht zyaada yaar

  3. I wont even comment on this storyline because I am so fed up now

  4. Now this stupid story is very boring…. Its irritating at all

  5. Gosh… Will rahat and haya EVER get married??? O.o

  6. Mr.Bean animated show makes more sense than this stupid show. Atleast it makes you laugh. this show… My goodness!! Confused wether to laugh or to cry watching this!!!!!!!!! END THIS SERIAL AND BRING A NEW SHOW WITH SOME MEANING FOR HEAVEN SAKE

  7. Why are these series all set up to make the good characters suffer and the evil ones so happy to ruin the lives of those good characters?? Real life is so sad as it is. Come on bring some balance in these d….. series please!

  8. Yes, y’all late again. You were late to leave EMA and now QH. Stopped watching this three or more weeks ago. Why?…
    1) Dual roles…both protagonists. Naaw!
    2) During one calendar week all three couples were on fire. ALL AT ONCE!! Naaw! A sign of frustration to come.
    3) The current context is rife with fan-frustrating possibilities for the production team. So, what motivation does the production team have to bring the couples together?
    4) Once Tanveer (the perfect villain) goes, what next? Milk her for all she is worth.

    I’ll be reading the written updates while watching Sony without subtitles. Nuff said.

  9. You guys don’t seem to have patient at all. In the real life doesn’t the good suffer so much and the bad ones enjoy. At the end the bad people are exposed isn’t it. Am enjoying the show so pls stop dictating to the writers

    1. I too agree wid u…..this show is amazing
      Love it <3 <3

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