Qubool Hai 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 6th May 2013 Written Update

Ayan’s house:

The episode starts with Razia watching TV some saas bahu crap, asks a servant to get lassi, gets worried abt Badi B’s challenge , drinks lassi and finds the note written by Badi B stuck to the glass reminding her about the slap. She throws the glass on the ground.

Razia goes to Badi B’s room, finds Humeira chatting with her. Humeira comes towards her with a hand raised, razia goes back thining that she is about to slap her. Humeira tells her to relax as there is a piece of mango on her face and removes it. Badi B tells her that the slap wont come so easy on her and it will be during the daawat function in the night when the deed will be done.

At the function in the evening, Haseena teases Razia,also enquires abt Rashid and Ayan to Shirin who tells her that Rasid

is out of station for some business. Razia again spots Humeira with Badi B and tells her to go and help Nikhat.Badi B reminds her of the slap once again.

Asad’s house:

Zoya with a syringe tries to take the blood from Tanveer, is about to leave with the blood but Tanveer gets up and calls out to her. Zoya puts the syringe in her pocket and tells her that she came to check on her. Tanu said she felt something pinched her and Zoya brushes it off on the mosquito malice and her shayari and leaves.

The function starts at Dilshad’s place, an old lady comes, exchanges pleasantries with Dilshad and Najma. Dilshad goes to Zoya’s room, she is elated to see her, shares her dream abt DIL , puts a nazar ka tika on her and tells her that she will call her bahu after marriage. Zoya is also emotional, tells Dilshad that she is like her mother and hence she should tell everything but Dilshad cuts her and tells her that she is able to see what both Asad-Zoya cant figure in their relationship and hence asks Zoya to relax and get ready for the function.

She comes to Asad’s room and talks to herself that its only LOVE which is between the two of them how much ever both deny.

At the function in the evening, Asad is mesmerized when Zoya arrives, mitwa BG, both share an eyelock. Najma comes and asks Asad to take his place besides Zoya. Both look at each other with mitwa playing in BG.

The same old lady comes and gives her blessings to the couple.The guests tease Asad and showers gifts. Najma reminds Zoya about the blood test, she is abt to leave to get it when Tanveer comes to congratulate both of them, apologises that she could not get a gift and tells Zoya that she will get one which she will remember for the lifetime.

Precap: Razia is lying on the ground, guess had an epileptic attack, everyone is around her while Badi B asks Humeira to slap her so that she will get fine.


Update Credit to: pollyanna

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