Qubool Hai 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ther new bride is angry at ahil, for not losing hope and continuing to do something or the other. They are enquired by the new bride if they knew anything about it. They decide their next move. the new bride wonders what if she doesnt leave sanam liable to be heard or seen. Gazalla and latif are shocked. the new bride asks them to get a hair strand of sanam. they comply. She thinks that ahil might help, but she would make sanam be thoroughly tortured.

Ahil is talking on the phone, when he finds sanam walking across from him. he asks her to go and rest,as her body needs it. Sanam asks ahil why he cares for her so much, and why is he so bothered, as its not his job, and asks him to do whatever he wants, and what he does best, watch drama. She says

that she is shocked at herself as she always thought him to be a good man or a friend, but time proved that she was utterly wrong, and isnt able to believe that she got betrayed so badly, and that even seeing shooting stars, she wished for him. A verbal arguement ensues, in which she tells him that he is utterly selfish. Ahil is hurt at what she said.

Scene 2:
Location: Shashi’s residence
While playing chess, saif and shashi discuss their next plan. she elborates that they nbeed to control nazi frst, so that she plays to their tune. He asks how would that happen. She says that she would give her a dose everyday, like that only would they be able to control her mind. they decide to call nazia up for the next move.

Meanwhile, while latif is doing the wardrobe with nazia, she gets shashi’s call, asking her to move in tomorrow itself. She happily complies. Shashi especially invites her for the evening. when naziz complies, she is thoroughly embarassed aat her premarital pregnancy, while shashi again portrays herself as her saviour. Nazia is blown away by shashi’s sense of understanding.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla is thoroughly scared, as she performs voodoo magic on sanam, while latif lies unconscious beside, after succumbing to the pressure of black magic earlier. But her work is hindered when she ehars the azan or the prrayers. As ahil piously prays, the new bride is thoroughly scared of the holy words. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Sanam prays to the lord, saying that her reflection of true love has become so hazy, hence she needs to be shown the right path. Sanam starts progressing and stands in front of ahil, while shaad standing beside him, watches.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. for me this whole serial is a lot of crap now way too many nonsensical merry go rounds scripts and the serial is going nowhere to tell the truth sanam is taking toooo long to regain her memory shashi Kapoor and that wicked sanam 2 is having her way way toooooooooo long as for ahild he is just past the word stupid he just does nothing imagine you own the mansion and everything that goes with it and yet you are not standing in authority and throwing those evil ones out of your home writers it is about time you change ahils disposition make him into a man with much strength and determination let him take charge please show them who is the boss bring a twist to all of the shit and crap that is going on in that mansion

  2. I am so sad about this show. I want to watch it but haven’t since the last scene where the sisters got separate and Sanam lost her memory…how long ago was that…I can’t remember. I use to watch the original show but since the leap, not once did this show really got back on track…so many stories, black magic, lost memory, missing people (IE Seher, Hayat etc). Not sure why some of these actors still want to be part of this show..I can understand Sanam as the show is about her mostly and they must be paying her decent to stay…maybe the others can’t find anything else right now so they have no choice, at least they are being paid to act to the best they can in a senseless story.

  3. I totally agree with been observer this show seems to be only about evil .

  4. I totally agree with you keen observer

  5. All time my fav serial qubul hai..butt this timeeee i don’t like this serialllll..plzzz sanammmm memory comeback…i see sanam&ahil together……………:)

  6. Absolutely love tonights episode. Especially the part where the imaam starts reciting Aayatul Kursi (The Throne of Duaas), the best protection against witchcraft.
    How does it feel New Sanam to be getting a taste of your own medicine…
    TOUCHE b*t*h!

  7. i am feeling really embarassed for this show n towards myself as i was watching it for 2 long years.

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