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Part 1

An old man (Suleman chacha) tells Ahil that he doesnt know Tanveer and says that night. He looks at Tanveer and gulps. Sanam watches them. Ahil asks him what. The man says dont remember anything. Ahil tells him to think and tell him. He says a small hint can also give a big clue. Tanveer tells Ahil to see his age. She squeezes his shoulder and he freezes. She says he is so old, how would he remember such old things. Tanveer tells Ahil not to trouble him. She tells him to take care of himself and says now even i know where you stay and i will take better care of u. He shakes in fear. Sanam watches the whole thing. Tanveer tells Ahil am tired, lets go home. Ahil tries to resist but relents. He tells Suleman to take care of himself. He leaves with Tanveer. Sanam feels that Suleman

wanted to says something but couldnt say.

Seher sees some shadow outside her room. She calls out who it is. Suddenly someone puts his hand on her shoulder and she screams. She says someone was there. He covers her eyes and brings her out in the lawn which he has decorated with valentine day balloons. She says its not my budday. Rehaan says am going to Dubai and want to take ur memories with me, memories of our love. He says its my last night with u before leaving so wanna spend with u. Seher asks how will i live without u. Rehaan says do u think i can live without u. Sorry din tell u about my trip but i promise that i will settle there soon and come back to take u with me. Seher says i can wait for u my entire life. He says wont take that much time. Will go and come back in a blink. Seher sees all the gifts there and is excited. She says for me. He nods. She thanks him and hugs him. Seher goes to change.

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Rehaan is painting Sehers portrait. BG- Mere rang me. Seher comes out wearing western gown. Rehaan kisses her hand. The duo share a slow dance. Rehaan kisses her shoulder and neck. They hold each other in each others arms and close dance. Rehaan touches her nose with his. Rehaan shows Seher a teddy and they kiss behind it. Seher changes into a saree. Rehaan gives another final gift to Seher and says this one is not a dress, its my mos beautiful dream. He puts a wedding veil around Seher and she is emotional. She hugs Rehaan. The duo look at each other and backhug. Rehaan and Seher sit on a sofa and he touches her dimple. The duo move for another kiss. Screen fades.

Part 2

Seher feeds sandwich to Rehaan. Seher says need a puppy. Rehaan says will give u as many as u want. Seher say shut up and says talking of doggies. Rehaan says ok white one and Rehaan says black one. Rehaan says name it tuffy. Seher says no Chimanrao. Rehaan says what. Sanam comes and watches the duo chat adoringly. Rehaan says meri hone wali begum will do as u wish. Seher gets up and leave to get sweets for Rehaan. She stops seeing Sanam. Rehaan gets up seeing Sanam. Sanam tells Rehaan to take Seher along as Tanveer can do anything. Rehaan says will take her with me soon but i know u need ur sister now. Am sure all will be well soon and Ahil will find out whole truth. Sanam-Seher cry and Rehaan teases them about having family habit of crying. Sanam puts Taveez on Rehaan and says this will keep u safe and give u success. Please come back soon. U are even more closer to me than before.

Haya returns with Faiz in Rahats house and recollects moments with Rahat. Faiz asks her the matter and she says nothing. Faiz doubts about Haya playing games with him. Haya makes tea for him but is shown staring at the rat poison. A few minutes later she serves tea to Faiz who seems suspicious. Haya tells him not to worry and says havent added poison in it yet. She turns and self thought, ur scared of death. Well wont kill u so easily, will make u suffer. Now see how i make u dependent on me. Faiz is still doubtful about the tea.

Tanveer threatens Suleman and tells him to leave the city and never show his face ever again. Sanam overhears and thinks, Suleman knows something, need to stop him. She walks straight into Sanam-2 who questions her. Sanam says none of ur business. Sanam-2 ur body language shows ur doing something for Ahil and i need to know. Sanam says by spending one night with someone, u dun become a wife. And if u think so, then well, i have spent several nights with Ahil on the same bed.

Part 3

Suleman is packing to leave town. He stops seeing a holy writing and Sanam comes and tells Suleman that this used to give courage to Ahil and this will give courage to u to tell the truth. She tells him i know u took care of Ahil in past. Ahil needs u today. He is blinded with Tanveers love. U r thinking i am quiet myself despite knowing all. Suleman says what ‘all’. Dunno what u talking of. Leave. Sanam says i want u to know that i am Ahils wife but Tanveer has turned him against me. He doesnt listen to me. The woman he worships has snatched his property, his love and will snatch his life. Can u see Ahil living like a simpleton on the streets, sleeping in the grave. Can u see it. Suleman says i cant let this happen. I will tell Ahil all. Sanam-2 overhears the whole thing.

Precap —- Promo of Akhri alvida. It shows Tanveer firing a shot. Seher – Rehaan. Sanam shocked and Ahil looking down. BG says.. koi keh raha hai akhri alvida, koi nahi janta is goli ka pata.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. oh no…is qh ending??

  2. Who’s at gunpoint? I hope it’s not Aahil Sanam Rehan or Seher. No clue what gonna happen….

    1. maybe sulaiman chacha will die.

  3. Who’s at gunpoint? I hope it’s not Aahil Sanam Rehan or Seher. No clue what gonna happen….Thanks for update Armu4eva

  4. i didn’t get it
    so much dragging, then ending such suddenly

  5. Whats the meaning of those words in a precap?

    1. The meaning is , ” someone is saying his last bye, no one knows where the bullet is”

  6. omg whose gonna die?? o.o they have made it clear its one of the four main ppl :'(
    I really hope haya gives faiz a slow and very painful, torturing death…

  7. it mst b gazala or razaq or maybe new sanam or faiz oe even haya or rahat or tanveer’s daughter bt not sanam or ahil and seher or rehan

  8. Can I get an english translation of the words in the precap please?

  9. Love seher n rehaan moments
    But dont understand the precap who get shoot

  10. please end this shitty storyline immediately it has no substance anymore

  11. Not quite impress with Suleiman

  12. I think tanveer is gone kill her own daughter. .

  13. Tanveer kills rehan

  14. Now that Tanveer has killed the entire Ahil family, ther is no one that will stop her this time. Everything around her falling apart, now the only thing to is kill the twin sisters , or kill her own son.or maybe that is the reason why Reheen is leaving cause he know the truth and he will marry Seher and leave. That will leave Ahil , Saman and Sanam 2 . Peace out

  15. Ab kya naya drama hai yaar

  16. i think tanveer gone kill that chacha so that show can be extended more.

  17. Why is tanveer winning everytime cos in life its one for the thief and the other day for the owner so pls ket tanveer suffer also thus woman has created alot of atrocities so ket her time be up

  18. I think new Sanam is Tanveer daughter. When she went to looked for the place new Sanam lived that lady who lookedafter Sanam she said to Tanveer Sanam parents were died. seems like new Sanam’s mother is Tanveer.

  19. Please show that new Sanam helping Sanam and Seher. don’t make her track going against Sanam. We would love to see positive scenes not negative. but she is doing her part very well. but the way she was helping Sanam and Seher please let the story go positive direction and let her unite Ahil and Sanam. Please bring someone for New Sanam because Aditi Gupta so good at romantic scenes.

  20. What’s going on here

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