Qubool Hai 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Part 1

Sanam thinks that one is tied to ones past. Shaad thinks that some people are so close to our heart, we cant forget them. Sanam feels like she has lived this moment before. Shaad wonders who is Ahil and if he should ask her. Shaads moby rings. Its Ashfaque. He informs Shaad that Dawat-e-Dastaan is going to be held at his place. Shaad reassures all will be done in time. Sanam asks the matter. Shaad shares. Sanam asks what is it. Shaad says hs mom used to tell that thoughts cant be tied but those who can express their feeling in words, his mom was a big fan of theirs so she started this event. Sanam says great event, will go start preps. Shaad thinks trying same with you to find out your story.

Shaads aunt comes to fake-Misbah and asks for her familys happiness. She feels guilty

for putting Shaad’s life in danger. fake-Misbah tells her … the apple is very sweet, eat it. She refuses. Fake-Misbah force feeds her. She says feel bad seeing you. She puts the knife on Shaads aunt. She says you wanted to marry Shaad. Fake Misbah says yes but till Shaad found out Shashi Kapoor is a woman. Sanam has ruined things by telling Shaad all. Now will end them both. Fake-Misbah thinks that dont have time to waste. Need to end both.

Sanam-2 is signing papers and Lawyer congratulates Sanam-2 and tells her she is equal partner in Ahils work. Sanam-2 tells lawyer that he will keep Sanam-2 updated on all developments as she doesnt want work to suffer in Ahils absence. Gazala asks Sanam-2 how she did all this without Ahil’s consent. Sanam-2 says she went before media deliberately so she gets right to handle her husbands every deal. She says i have equal right on every thing of Ahil. Sanam-2 says will make Ahils property mine. Tanveer died dreaming to make property on her name, but i dont wait for dreams to turn true but i make them true. From now on, the reverse countdown of Ahils life starts.

Shaad tells Wazira that he knows its dangerous but he has to try. He says that coz of Sanam found out Shashi Kapoor is a woman and close to me. Fake Misbah rues that everytime she tries to end off Shaad, Sanam interrupts. She cribs that heard hearts are connected in love but how do they reach out to each other without any communication. She decides to find out the connection between Shaad-Sanam. Fake-Misbah recollects Shaad looking at his watch and worrying for Sanam. She thinks that there is some device that helps Shaad-Sanam keep in touch. She wonders how to find out.

Gazala-Razak are watching horror film and scream on seeing Sanam-2’s silhouette. Sanam-2 tells them to get on job. She tells Razak to get 10 drops of blood of one true couple who love each other and do anything for each other. Gazala says Sanam-Ahil’s pair. Razak wonders where will we find. Sanam-2 says go find out.

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Part 2

Sanam-2 is busy making some black magic potion. Gazala-Razak come and say got many pairs but couldnt find true lovers. She says found the pair in front of me but was busy searching elsewhere. Gazala-Razak ask who are the pair. Sanam-2 says you two. They give their blood. They ask why but. Sanam-2 says their true love will help Ahil to forget his true love Sanam and make him fall in love with Sanam-2.

The event is on at Shaads place. One person shares about his brother in laws tricks on him. He says ..
raaz jante hain hum kholne ka dil ke talon ka, ishq me humko ae dost tajurba hai teen salon ka.

Abki garmi me ..raatein zyada choti ho gai shayad, galat faisla tha tera, balon ko katne ka.

Nigahon nigahon … harpal afsana ban jata hai.

Shaad is talking to Sanam and his friends tease him. He says nothing is ready. They insists. Fake-Misbah asks Shaad to tell about his love story. He freezes. She asks Sanam to help Shaad. She is hesitant too. She says only remember falling in love not how and when. Fake-Misbah insists again. Sanam recollects moments with Ahil but faces are blurred. Sanam looks at Shaad.

Part 3

Sanam tells Shaad to tell all. She says it means a lot to me. She says you are so embarased about us. Shaad says yes our love started with a mistake. He says how on his way back from work, he was diverted. He says how he saw Sanam distributing balloons to poor kids. He says fell in love with your smile. His friends praise their love-at-first-sight look. Sanam feels confused with Shaads story. Fake-Misbah notes all.

Precap — Fake-Misbah swears to end Shaad and says his journey to Chand BiBi ka Makbara will be his last.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. What is happening i read the updates only stopped watching this serial

  2. Why is this serial going so slow? I would love for someone to give me a reason

  3. asif siddiqui

    I am surprise, Is this blak majic is still running in India?. This is the high tech era, how come the Indian still believe in it. Wow. Get real guys
    We quit seeing this show and switched to some other really good shows.

  4. Too too slow serial …….

  5. **Yawning **sips a can drink and comments loudly ***BORING**

  6. writers in this day and age yawn LOL cut out these black magic scripts for one the serial is going toooooo slow and boring two the storyline is a whole pack of shit end the shit with sanam 2 now it does not make any sense and shad and sanam one real sanam also shit for we the viewers the story also needs to end because of its shit how much more must we take with this black magic script end it now

  7. One set ah f**kin black magic…. In QH….. Pratibha….. My lord…. For God sake writers

  8. Boring!!!!!!! This whole episode does not make any sense. N can anyone tell me what happened to seher?

  9. Thank God I stopped watching this retardedness…it never improved from Tanveer days. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. Why always killing show some love story and where are all sense haya etc

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