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Part 1

Sanam is in bridal attire and Shaad is stunned to look at her. He remembers selecting an outfit for Sanam and Ahil too and Sanam wearing the one Ahil selected. Sanam asks him how she looks and Shaad holds her hand and says very pretty. Shaad asks Sanam if she found the letter and if she read. Sanam says where there is love, there is no place for doubts. What matters is you love me and it doesnt matter if i dont remember anything. You and i will create new memories and those will be better than my past. Shaad hugs Sanam and thinks so what if u din wear the bridal wear i chose, that u chose me after reading the letter is most important.

Ahil comes in his room and finds Sanam-2 burning a letter. Ahil asks what is this. Sanam-2 says Shaad’s letter where he has stated the full truth

about Sanam. Ahil fumes asking why burn it. He fumes saying it had all the truth and you destroyed it. Sanam-2 says its bad to steal someone elses letter, i was worried for u but if Sanam had read this letter and something happened to her, what would have happened to u. Dont worry. I changed the letters and that letter has many good things and Sanam will fall for Shaad even more. Ahil fumes and Sanam-2 says if u din like it, let me go and tell Sanam. Ahil fumes and turns and notices a green outfit. Sanam-2 says all girls wear green but your Sanam chose Red. Ahil self thought, unknowingly, Sanam has chosen to wear the outfit of my choice. He thanks Allah and leaves the room. Sanam-2 wonders the matter.

Ahil is in the alley and wonders who opened the door of Tanveers room. He enters it and looks around. Shashi Kapoor is hiding there. Ahil screams on Gazala and Latif and asks who opened this door. He orders them to close the door of the room. Gazala is worried too. She locks the door from outside and leaves. Shashi Kapoor self thought, din dream that this golden mansion is colored with my mothers blood. I have no doubt that Ahil is responsible for Tanveers death. Even when the fire blows out, there is still a spark left and that spark can create fire. Flashback shown of Tanveer swearing to Ahil that her daughter will avenge her death from all of them. Shashi Kapoor holds Tanveers pic and fumes am so unlucky, i was separated from my daughter. She says, i promise to you, the ones who separated you from me, i will take revenge from each one of them. She swears to settle scores for every drop of blood Tanveer shed. She swears to achieve all that Tanveer dreamt of.

Sanam thanks Latif. Latif blesses Sanam-Shaad saying you both are like me and John Abraham. Latif asks you both are so close why the distance in bed. Shaad covers up saying we Army men are used to sleep on ground so. Latif says Army men are so tough. She runs off. Sanam-2 asks Gazala why a third bed between hubby-wife. Gazala explains. Sanam-2 says so Shaad-Sanam are like the railway tracks who cant unite. Well i will do all to unite Shaad-Sanam. Will make Ahil witness this spectacle.

Part 2

Shaad gives Sanam her meds. He turns to leave and Sanam holds his hand. She asks him to sit. She asks him to sleep on the bed. Shaad says when its about two hearts, I cant come in between. Two ‘I’ become US. What matters is what we want. Sanam says there shouldnt be any distance between hubby-wife. Today Latif commented, dunno who will say what next. Shaad says what others say i dont care. What i care is what we want. Hubby-wife share more than just physical relationship. I know you are uncomfy and i cant force u. U must have read my letter. I stated my truth to u. I wanna keep the purity in our relationship like i have till now. He asks Sanam to look at him and says in a short while we will be married and there wont be any more distance between us. Come sleep.

Gazala peeks inside Shaad-Sanam’s room and notices Sanam and Shaad are fast asleep. She asks Latif to cut the wire of the AC. Latif does. Sanam opens the window of the room and says all lights are on then why is there no electricity in our room. Shaad goes to check the fuse. He switches the fuse on and light is back in their room but the AC is not working. Sanam-2 comes there and asks the matter and Sanam explains. Sanam-2 says they wont be able to sleep in so much heat.

Ahil is looking at Sanam’s pic and he rues ..aaj chandni raat hai par mera chand mere samne to hai par mere paas nahi. meri to har raat, kali raat ban gai hai, na jane kab woh raat aaegi jab mera chand mere sath, iss kamre me hoga. Right then Sanam steps in Ahils room and Ahil is delighted. He is about to talk to her when Shaad steps inside the room and Sanam-2 as well. Sanam-2 asks why stare Ahil. The AC of their room wasnt working so brought them here. They will sleep here. Ahil is stunned.

Part 3

Sanam-2 says Shaad-Sanam can sleep on the bed and you and I will sleep on the ground. Shaad-Sanam are uncomfy. Sanam-2 says you two are hubby-wife. No matter what, one cant stay away from the other, right Ahil. Ahil self thought, if anyone asks my life, i can give but how to give a piece of my heart to another. Ahil simply walks out of the room. Sanam tells Sanam-2 that Ahil must not have liked this. Shaad offers to sleep outside and Sanam and Sanam-2 can sleep on the bed. Sanam-2 resists but Shaad refuses to relent. Sanam-2 self thought, you are jealous for Sanam, Ahil, will burn u more.

Precap — Sanam-2 says after Rasam-e-libas, bride makes special dish for everyone who participated in Rasam-e-libas. Shashi Kapoor is holding a bottle of poison and says no matter what you cook Sanam, it will take Ahil to Allah.

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  1. it is time for sanam 2 to hit the dust come on shashi Kapoor give some of the poison to sanam 2 also so that both she and sahil could exit this show peacefully why is ahil taking so much demand and torture from sanam 2 put her out of the house again with out a penny another thing for a person who suppose to be pregnant sooooooooooooooo long where is the baby bump and how many men does she want there is ahil and then there is saif for whom she is pregnant she needs to be expose once and for all

  2. This show is a bunch of crap.They had few wonderful episodes after Tanveer departed.Then some craziness again ,then the worst of all is tobring back this damn witch and Tanveer.This has spoilt the whole love story that was now growing between Ahil and Sanam.This is not good at all.

  3. Gud n8 and SD shenaz 🙂

  4. krisna doley

    The same story gonna repeat agn, d stry of tanveer earlier nw wd shashi against Ahil

  5. i Agree with Krishna. Another recycled story line. They need to end this serial.

  6. if not one was enough for ahil’s torture that the other one also came….

  7. Rubbish..crap n more crap

  8. Boring….

  9. Please end this series it has lost its lessons n flavour. Its just not possible for what they showing to happen, the twist doesnt make sense anymore.

  10. Boring stop this serial and start ek tha raja ek thi rani

  11. The best story to bore us……but I still want to see sanam/jannat and shaad as pair….and sanam 2 should b the nawab begum till end….and plz send shashi kapoor to hell….

  12. Omg…….so boring

  13. Irriteting story, please Stop it. But i like shaad @

  14. Well i have no cable at the moment so no shows and there going so good

    1. offo qh is not going good

  15. poor ahil, he is tortured by sanam 2 nd also with shashi nd mostly loosing sanam for gud by shaad while seeing ol dat.

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