Qubool Hai 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahira eyes the report, and then thinks that this year she shall make it special for armaan, and hides it behind the cusions. Amad evilly thinks that he shall remember this new year froever. Armaan comes with a gift and a rose. Mahira smiles at him. Armaan gives her the gift, while she says that she didnt get any gift for him. he says that it isnt needed as he has the best gift i.e. her with him. She says that still, she shall give him something today that shall complete them. he thinks that she is talking about trust, and apologises in his mind, for having doubted her, and then thinks that he shall always be with her now. Mahira opens the gift with glee, and then gives it to him, who helps her wear the bracelet on her wrist. mahira then turns

around saying that she has something for him. But he turns her to him, and asks her to dance playing music. they start while she is amazed, as she says that the time is right to make this night far more special for them, on this new year’s and that this year, noone shall come in between them.

meanwhile amad too starts the countdown to the last second, and they wish each other a happy new year, while amad messages something to armaan, who reads it, which is a video message of Mahira with someone, hugging her, while the person’s back ios to the camera. Mahira finds him tensed and asks whats the matter and when she sees it herself, she is shocked too. He is too stunned and then enraged. She is visibly distraught, and then gets dizzy and falls on him. He carries her tensedly, and then takes her to the room. Amad comes there, amused, and then eyes the pregnancy report kept behind the cusion, and evilly smirks that this is big news, as when the enemy start afresh, its fresh fun to spoil it too. he walks off.

Armaan places mahira on the bed, and then clenches his fists in anger, and hollers at gazalla to take care of mahira, and then storms out. when she wakes up after her dizzy spell, she wakes up startled and alarmed, as to where is armaan. she is tensed not to find him around. She starts running around in the lobby, searching for him, and then turns to amad, and blurts out how someone is trying to create a misunderstanding between them. he asks her not to be tensed, in her delicate condition and as it is, she is pregnant. She asks how does he know. he asks her to calm down as they can discuss that later. She is berserk for him. He promises that he shall get him. she says that she cant be without armaan. he asks her to go and rest for the sake of her child. she complies. he smiles evilly, thinking that he wanted to see her like this, frustrated, helpless and apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
A revamped kainat thanks the nurse for her contribution and to give her hope to start afresgh, when she had lost all hope. the nurse says that god is giving her a second chance and asks her not to miss it. kainat says that her love betrayed her, and she shall teach him a lesson. the nurse asks her to take a better revenge too, and asks her to seek the help of someone who she knows, does tremendous makeover, after which the world shall be at her knees.

Scene 3:
Location: Studio
The makeover artist does his magic on kainat with his team, and gives her an uber, cool, modern chic look, thats different from the demure kainat that everyone knows.

Scene 4:
Location: Armaan’s residence
With much glamour, kainat walks into a bar, where sameer is with his friends, and he is instantly attracted. she notices him too. his date starts getting jealous. She deliberately sends her to the washroom, intentionally, spilling drinks on her. Then she starts chatting with sameer. he says that they were just hanging out. kainat sits seductively. He offers her to play cards, and she agrees. a guy leeringly approaches her, while she whisks him away. Sameer asks the guy if he doesnt know to talk to girls. He enters into a scuffle with the guy, who beats him up, as per kainat’s instructions, and then she asks him to leave, and he does. sameer winces in pain, while kainat is amused at her first victory.

Scene 5:
Location: Armaan’s residence and on the road
Mahira is distraught in her room, while armaan is in tears at his betrayal. he drives to the corner, unable to fight his emotions. He is hurt at mahira’s betrayal, thinking that whenever he had wanted love, he got betrayal, and that she made a joke of his feelings, and that he has been severely neglected. he screams out his pain.

The next morning, mahira wakes up, but doesnt find armaan and thinks that this child shall set everything straight. she finds him coming in, and hurries to him. she asks him where was he, as she kept calling him, and asks for a chance to explain herself. he keeps ignoring her. She says that this isnt the way to deal with things, and asks him to speak up, as those pics are false and fabiricated. Armaan mutters the words for divorce thrice and knocks the air out of her lungs. She clutches at him, and asks how dare he say such a big thing, without even giving her a chance to explain and justify herself. she continues vehemently protesting that these are false pics, and that he cant take this decision like this. she says that their relationship cant be this weak, that it couldnt sustain one lie, and caresses his face, asking if he really wants this, and if he wants validation for it. she says that he didnt even bother to give her a chance to say everything, but he turns his gaze away and pulls down her hands, while she is shocked at his behaviour. he walks off. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Mahira tells armaan that this child shall bond and bring them together, as they parent this child together. he asks if she wants the divorce to stop, then he demands a DNA test to prove that he only is the father of this child. She is mortified, and asks if he even understands what he just said and did, as he gave a slang to their child, their relation and their love. he asks if she agrees or not. she says that she shall never agree. he says that the divorce is settled then. She says that then this is the right decision, and asks him to remember the meher amount, 500crores. he is surprised as he is reminded of that, while she eyes him tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Nonsense….writers always belitteling women….move on pls amaad the ape hang him..eish perhaps no use going on tis series as it since 2012 & drag drag drag….end pls…poor mahira…find other work pls…bfor they find u 4/5 i lost count ….of husbands…lollll

  2. Wat mahira is pregnant i think is amad n not armaan

  3. No amad….!!!Armaan is d father of d child .
    They consummated their relationship . I am happy Mahira is pregnant but nw d prob is guin seriously which makes me scared ???

  4. D video tat Armaan saw is not different guy. It is Armaan !!! But Armaan even didn’t realise tat d guy is him who kissing Mahira . hw cn he cnt recognise tat guy is him. Ishhhhhh ????

  5. hahahah omg this is becoming extremly fake.. mahira had a husband before armaan knows that.. and without seeing guy’s face in the video how can he blame her? that guy can be azad.. who knows! and then talaq talaq was more horrible lol he cant give talaq to her right now as per islamic law

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Seriously is tis serial going off the rocks….end it pls….pls….

  7. Where is written 841?! Plz don’t keep us waiting

  8. i am very sure tat in tat video is armaan . 100 % is true tat guy is armaan .

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