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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
As sanam and ahil get ready to search for suleiman, and are about to leave, when the new bride comes in butting her nose, and emphasising that she beingthe wife, should get this chance, to go with ahil, to search for this mystery, and not sanam, the servant. He however snubs and rebukes her, and asks her not to petty such a noble thing. He asks her to have a big heart, and not get egoistic about it. The new bride is tensed and angered too, but suppresses it and doesnt say anything. sanam and ahil leave.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Tanveer gets gazalla and razaak to a slum area,

and gets them to pose as beggars and get familiar, with the poor people there, so that they can find out about the jailor. they start asking for people but in vain. Finally gazalla finds her, and tells tanveer, who gets excited to hear this. She leaves for them. She finds the jailor and rushes to her, and gives her food. she sends gazalla and razaak away. Tanveer begs her to tell where her daughter is, and how she is, but she is too busy eating. She asks who is Jamila, and if she has her daughter. the jailor is surprised and alarmed. She asks if jamila saved her. the jailor says that Jamila adopted her daughter. Tanveer is shocked. she hears the entire story, after which tanveer is shocked. tanveer asks her to stay here, and not go anywhere. she gets a pen and paper, and asks her to tell the address, and notes it down. she thanks the jailor profusely, and says that she wont ever be able to forget this favour. She is super happy, thinking that her daughter is alive and she would get to her very soon. She leaves happily from there.

Meanwhile, ahil too reaches the slum area, and eyes it tensedly. They start searching for the servant, Suleiman Chacha. He finally gets his address. They rush there. Ahil collides into tanveer, and asks how is she here, as she went with gazalla and razaak. Tanveer is shocked, and as she hides the paper, ahil and sanam notice it, and ask whats she hiding. Tanveer says that its nothing like that, and make an excuse. sanam is alarmed, while tanveer asks what are they doing here, and when she gets to know about suleiman, she gets tensed, and tries to assure that he doesnt live her. Ahil says that the false statement of suleiman has been exposed. sanam eyes him tensedly. He tells tanveer that he knows suleiman shall tell him the true culprit. Ahil leaves, asking sanam to get tanveer. Sanam asks tanveer how she feels, as her countdown has begun. She leaves, while tanveer is frustrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
faiz keeps professing innocently that he didnt kill rahat, and then tells them that haya is mad, and they shouldnt believe her, as she married him, first and then rahat. He characterises her as characterless. Haya comes dressed as a widow, and says that faiz is right, and apologises that when her husband died, she wasnt in any condition to understand anything, but when she did understand, she realised that faiz wasnt at fault, as when he fell from the wheelchair, faiz was nowhere around. faiz is shocked. she makes a bogus story as to how faiz tried his best to save him. The inspector asks if this is a forced statement, and she denies. He lets faiz go. haya takes his hand and walks him out.

Outside, faiz is tensed, as haya walks beside him. She makes him sit in the car and he asks why did she save her husband’s muderer. She says that she has noone other than him. She tells him that she has fought her destiny, but now she has come to a compromise, and decided that she wants to give another chance and wants to make her life beautiful. He sits down and complies, boggled and tensed. haya eyes him evilly.

Scene 4:
Location: In the slums
Ahil finds suleiman uncle, who immediately recognises him. Both are overwhelmed while sanam watches them. He hugs suleiman emotionally. he thanks the lord tht he finally found him, as he tried a lot to find him, but couldnt till now, and thanks the lord that he is safe. sanam greets them, and gives suleiman a gift. Suleiman says that meeting him is gift enough. Ahil says that he has something very important to ask, and suleiman asks what. they sit down. Ahil says that he wants to know the biggest truth of his life and asks who killed his father, while he tries to hide face, hesitant and tensed. Ahil says that he knows that he knows, and pleads him to say so. suleiman asks him to never mention that night again, as a bad dream should be forgotten asap. Ahil is tensed. Suleiman finally speaks. He says that the person had trapped him. Ahil insistently asks him who is that person, who ruined his mother’s life. Sanam is tensed as she waits for his answer. Suleiman tells ahil that he doesnt know tanveer at all. Ahil and sanam are shocked. Sanam asks him to speak then, and reveal what happened that night, as its very important. Ahil begs him to speak. Suleiman is about to speak, but before that, the screen freezes on ahil’s face.

Precap: The new bride tells sanam, that from her face, it seems she is going to do ahil’s work, and what concerns ahil concerns her too, being his wife. sanam tells her that spending an insulting night with ahil for one night, doesnt make her his wife. She hers tensedly. Meanwhile, rehaan and seher enjoy their romance, under the moonlit sky, basking in the glory of their new found love.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This Faiz, Rahat, Haya storyline is really crap!

  2. But a slow one

  3. Just send faiz haya and rahat away plz

  4. this story is real shit it is taking toooooooooooo long to reach a climax going round in circles toooooooooo much with one thing over and over again this needs to come to an end not interesting and eye catching anymore

    1. How come all the serials is SHIT to u?………. It’s just a show….. Ok…… Gloria killier

  5. Did Tanveer have Twins then she found Rehaan and he has a sister now? i don’t get it

    1. yes seems like mystrey. I don’t think Rehaan twins. The child was born in the prison i am thinking may be Ahil’s father is Tanveers daughter. Qubol Hai and Humsafars both story director is Kulkhan. I don’t understand why her shows has more killing and mystries than any other shows.????? Her story keep circling with Haya and Faiz?? i am really sick and tired to watch it their scene.

  6. Plz don’t drag this show anymore it time now ahil get to know the truth about his so-called mother

  7. Can you guys stop making more opticale in sanam live and get to where ahil will find out the truth and then apologize to sanam.also can you make a twist where sanam finds out that her old childhood friend,nazim was to marry new bride but when tanveer but new bride in Sanams spot the relation broken and now sanam is determine to find out where nazim is,with the help of ahil and give a punishment to the new bride (nazim).

  8. I can’t wait to see the explosion

  9. Uhhhhh come on now

  10. It’s getting

  11. Waiting for the fire works plzzz speed up the show

  12. Ok, I confused. Way back then in the story, Tanveer was pregnant with one baby, since when did it became two baby. Light bulb idea, the second wife of Ahil, could she be Tanveer daughter . According to the story Did Tanveer killed the whole family? And how is it that the only son is Ahil. What was the cause that Tanveer killed the family? According to the story, Tanveer wanted to marry her best friend that was Asad, but he was in love with Zoya?????? Who is the original house owner? Tanveer is a very beautiful girl any smart business man would marry her? What is wrong with her , why is hook on one property. Tanveer has no life

    1. Tanveer killed Asad,zoya,Asad sister and Zoya’s father. After she got married to Ahil father. When she got married Ahil father he is owning the mantion. Tanveer new Ahil father transfer the property only Ahil’s name and Tanveer got angry and killed Ahil father and put the blamed on child Ahil. Then she went to prison protent like she has done the favor to Ahil. The real house owner is Azad father and Zoya’s father. later on the real owner is Azad ahmad khan who is Sanam and Seher Father. Now the house legal owner is Ahil. (we don’t know excatly who soled the mantion to Ahil father). Kulkhan stories killing and many mystries?? always negative correcter’s has the power!!———When they started the show really beautiful and since Tanveer entry all the mystries and killing started.

  13. I dont knw wen wil dey cum back on track wit propr story.

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