Qubool Hai 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 5th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
Asad is distraught, looking at dilshad from the glass panels, and remembers the past 24 hours. A tear trickles down his eyes. Zoya and nazma too embrace each other in sadness. Ayan sits beside Asad, while Dilshad sleeps unconscious.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia reminds Rashid to go to the airport. He takes his bag and is about to leave, but shirin places a hand on his hand and tells him to go to dilshad and not to delhi, much to Razia’s horror and everyone else’s surprise, since if Dilshad is breathing her last, then he should be with her. Rashid leaves in gratitude.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital and in the mosque
Zoya is praying for Dilshad who is on life support. Asad hugs Ayan. Her

vital monitors keep showing a flat line, which is disturbed the minute, Rashid steps foot in the hospital. Asad is suprised to find this change in her condition and he finds Rashid standing in the hallway. He comes upto Asad. Asad and Rashid both look through the glass panels in the door, as the doctors try to revive Dilshad. Ayan hugs Rashid, while Asad looks on. Rashid tries to hug Asad but he leaves, and is disgusted when Rashid comforts Nazma, and goes away from there. Ayan follows him, while Nazma and Rashid look on. The doctors keep trying to save Dilshad.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Nuzrat and Humaira try to comfort Shirin who says that she did this so that Rashid isnt hurt and that wont let her be in peace. She tells Nuzrat that she isnt a bad woman, but she fears losing her loved ones since she is the other woman. And as she knows Rashid has left his first wife for her, she is always scared that she would lose him. Nuzrat tries to tell her that Rashid wont ever leave her.

While Razia is bickering about Rashid going there again, mamu asks why is she so afraid of Rashid meeting Dilshad. She says that if that happens, then Rashid might just get back with his first family and revolt against them and that would let out the secret of the doll factory. Mamu says that the secret is buried in the past. But Razia says that they cant afford that it be let out since its a matter of their life and death. Rashid’s mother hears this, and thinks to herself as to what secret are they talking about. She is determined that she would find out and let Rashid free from their clutches.

Seeing Rashid’s mother praying, Nuzrat asks if Rashid has still feelings for Dilshad in his heart. She also says that she has never met Dilshad, and only heard about it. She even cant meet Nazma in the college. Also that they have Asad as her brother but she cant meet him. She tells Rashid’s mother about the incident when Asad had saved her and Nikhat from hooligans and wants to know that why Razia tries to keep talking ill of them. Rashid’s mother says that whatever happens, they would always be her brother and sister. And that love cant be forced or taken away on wish. As they are talking, they notice that Shirin has been standing at the door. When they see her, they divert their talks to Nuzrat’s college. But Shirin asks if they were talking about Dilshad.

scene 5:
Location: In the mosque
An elderly lady tells Zoya that if she prays sincerely, then the lord would definitely answer her.

Scene 6:
Location: In the hospital
Meanwhile finally Dilshad opens her eyes. The doctor gives Asad the good news, that Dilshad’s heart beats have stabilised and her bleeding has stopped too and that she is out of danger. While Nazma hugs Asad in happiness, Ayan hugs Rashid in glee. Then Ayan comes and hugs Asad. zoya comes running in the hospital and remembers asad slapping her, looks at her wounds and stops right there.
The doctor comments on the fact that this has been a miracle, and it looks like, she was waiting for rashid only to get better. rashid thanks the doctor and walks towards asad. As rashid approaches asad, he ignores rashid, saying that its time for him to leave now, and leaves from there.

Nazma tells zoya about dilshad and they hug each other. zoya says thats eh would go and meet her. asad tells the inspector about the mangalpur incident and that the same people were after them also and one of them hit dilshad. while zoya tries to hide from asad, asad finishes his conversation with the inspector. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Zoya is shcoked to find Rashid by Dilshad’s bedside. While zoya says that dilshad’s her aunt, rashid tells zoya that dilshad is the same first love, that he lost out on, and had talked to her about it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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