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Scene 1:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Mahira refuses to accept the decided meher, and says that since she would be his life partner, hence she has an equal right to his property and wealth and wants half of it. She cites his estimated valuation at 500 crores, out of which she needs 250 crores. He agrees, much to her surprise and everyone’s shock. She asks him to think, as if he divorces her, then he would have to pay the double amount, which is everything he has, and he would be on the streets. He complies, saying that the wife has total right on a husband, and she has merely asked for half. The priest asks armaan, and he willingly accepts the marriage. then its mahira’s turn, and she resignedly says yes too. The priest declares them man and wife. All are overjoyed, while

mahira and armaan confront each other tensedly.

As he enters the room, set up for honeymoon night, he is surprised to find mahira with a glass of milk, and taunts her of being an ideal wife, and says that he has no intention of consummating their marriage. She places the glass down, and then comes close to him, boggling him, while she says that she was merely picking the phone. he too responds back by catching her unawares, and taking a selfie with her. She asks who is he befooling, as he wants to proclaim about their love. Armaan tells her that if anyone has been befooled in this marriage, its her. She asks him to remember that this foolishness can cost him dearly then, as if she gets a divorce from him, he would be ruined. He asks her not to dream on about him ever taking a divorce from her, as it shall remain a dream only. he tells her that her slap is going to cost her terribly. She eyes him tensedly, and teases her that she shall be called jaan. she is disgusted but then addresses that she shall call him Jaanu too to reciprocate. Then She drinks the entire milk in front of him, while he eyes her, and then gets to sleeping, asking him not to mistake that she came to give him milk, or demand for divorce, but to tell him that she has every right on him, and everything he has, and she shall be treated with respect, and she shall ensure him that. He says that she isnt his love, but his arrogance, and he shall ensure that she gets disrespected every moment in the house. she says that she understands that they hate each other, but they are now a couple, and she shall change him and his heart, and shall take whats rightfully hers. He says that he cant be forced. she says that it shall take time, but he shall learn to love, as his body contains azad’s heart. He gets tensed. she lies down, pulling the covers over her. He thinks that now they shall decide who wins and who loses. she smirks. he too retires for the night, and lies down on his side of the bed, and after a vicious struggle of taking the blanket, they both fall asleep.

meanwhile, as kainat waits for sameer, since its veery late, he comes in drunk and inebriated, taunting her of being his wife. She is shocked. she asks if he knows about this beautiful night, and asks how can he be drunk. He callously comments that they have already consummated their marriage, and that bearing her, would require alcohol. She asks why he betrayed her so badly, and if he didnt love her, then why did he ruin her life. he throws her on the bed, and that he is sleeping, and asks her to stop crying. She is in bitter tears, at her situation.

The next morning, armaan wakes up and turns around to find her facing him, and is irritated at her presence. she intentionally places her hand around him, and talks about their wonderful relation as a couple. he gets up irritably, while she is amused. as he comes out after a shower, she finds him arranging his clothes, as a dutiful wife should. he is perplexed as she goes on a rant about how she would continue with this charade. as she gets to talking about ties, he is reminded of his toturous childhood, and asks her to never touch his clothes, and walks off, while she smirks. he then gets dressed, and comes out to find his breakfast table spread out, with latif getting him food, as he remembers his bad childhood. She comes in saying that she shall send him favourite food for lunch. He gets angry, while she teases him, that anger isnt good for health. he storms off. She says that she shall try every tactic necessary to get him on the right track. As he gets out to work, and finds a bouquet of roses with a lovely card, from Mahira, on the bonnet of his car, proclaiming her love for him. He throws it away and crushes the flowers underneath his feet.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Begum is overjoyed to hear on phone, about the wedding of kainat and mahira, and expresses it to begum, saying that her motive, with god willing, is finally being fulfilled, ever since she met them, and indirectly asks granny if this is all true. without saying a word, she leaves inside. all are boggled. Ehsaan wonders what happened. Begum says that she still doesnt accept her as the bahu, as she can see the age difference but not their love. Farida asks her to wait as time heals everything, and soon everything would be settled. But he denies, saying that she must be tired, from the exhaustion of the rituals, and hence must have retired to rest. Begum thinks that once armaan and mahira consummate their marriage, then all of his powers shall resume back.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s office
As he enters, armaan is congratulates by many people of his marriage, while he finds a huge poster displaying his and mahira’s pic, that he eyes tensedly. He finds a celebratory cake too kept, and throws it away in disgust, while his employees are shocked. While armaan is busy working, in the office, he keeps getting distracted by the huge shower of mesages that mahira splurges on his mobile, every passing secobnd, while his employees are tensed too. he checks the endearing messages sent by mahira. he thinks that this is enough and what she is doing, she would have to pay for that too. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: As begum slips a red packet in his coat pocket, while he stands tensed, oblivious to what she is stealthily doing, granny notices her and is tensed. Begum thinks that when he goes home, he shall see the innocent face of mahira, and seeing which, he shall be tempted to love her, and she has the fullest belief that he shall do exactly that. He walks in a trance, saying that he should get going, as mahira is waiting for him. he walks out, while begum eyes him evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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