Qubool Hai 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
the new bride hears the news of saif’s death, along with gazalla and latif, on the Tv, as being due to a cylinder blast. she turns around and asks gazalla and matif if they believe it now, that sanam is alive, as she is behind this. she then thinks that she should tell murtaza. she thinks that before sanam’s fury of revenge burns them all, she would have to go and meet her.

Scene 2:
Location: Shashi’s residence
All come to console shashi, regarding saif’s death. when razia comes, she bares out her heart that she couldnt even find pieces of him to bury. she breaks down. Razia comes to comfort her too, and she breaks down in front of her, saying that saif was like her pampererd brother, who got every wish of

his fulfilled, the only thing close to family that she had. razia tells her that he died a martyr and that his sacrifice shall not go in vain at all. she tells shashi that this isnt the time to cry or grieve, but stand up and act. she says that she shall find out who failed their mission and killed saif, and then that person shall die a torturous death. The new bride comes and says that she knows who did this. Shashi stands and asks who did. She says its sanam, and razia and shasshi are shocked. She tells about sanam’s threat. they are shocked. She says that they have neglected her once and they paid the price,but if they dont believe her still, they would pay a huge price. shashi remembers the blast, and believes that the new bride is right, as it felt like sanam talking on the phone. razia thinks that if this is correct, then they would have to find out if ahil is alive or not. All are tensed. razia leaves. shashi asks where’s murtaza. When they grab him, shashi puts a revolver on his head asking why should she spare him, when he didnt complete their task. he deftly snatches the rvolver, and says that he can kill her rightaway, but wont. The new bride is furious, and says that he didnt finish the task and thats the bottomline, and that sanam was seen by her, and shashi heard her. murtaza says that he hasnt seen, as if sanam was alive, then she would have come after him first. shashi says that this wish shall be fulfilled too. the new bride says that sanam had a talk and then sent a message too. shashi says that shaad cant do this, as he wants her alive, and wouldnt have done this fatal attempt. murtaza gets frustrated. the new bride asks if he is so sure, then why are the dead bodies not found. just then, a person from razia’s army, comes and says that they found the dead bodies matching the description of ahil and sanam. murtaza is super happy and amused. the new bride asks if he saw the faces, and the man says that its unrecognisable. The new bride says that this could be her deception too. they enter into a verbal scuffle, and shashi ends it, saying that whoever is behind this, wont be spared. She is in a rage.

Scene 3:
Location: In the shed
In the shed, razia’s men beat up shaad, while he is tied. Shashi comes and amusingly asks them to stop. she taunts that shaad is still smiling. he taunts that he is happy that her mission failed. she asks him not to take her failure for his victory. She says that by blasting her house, he made the mistake of his life. She says that now she shall avenge saif’s death by killing him. she says that even the Indian govt, sympathises with her, and has granted her leave, and when she returns, the city shall be rattled by a abad bomb explosion. she says that she plans to turn sanam mad, after she gets to know of his death. Shaad asks her to keep sanam away from this. But shashi says that she would have to pay the price of taking shashi head on. he is angry and still ask her to keep jannat away from this. She chides him, and says that she was confused, whether sanam is alive or not, but his concern for her, confirmed that she is alive. She says that luck shall not favour her always, and maybe she saved nazia, but how would she save herself. shashi is surprised to hear this. shashi says that his and sanam’s life shall end, and her new beginning shall start afresh. he is speechless. She asks if he is scared, and then notices that he has gone unconscious and pale, and decides that he cant die like this. She hollers at the men to arrange for medical care. just then, someone saying hello alarms shashi, and she turns around to find shaad smiling, who has actually called the Pakistan intelligence, and his friend’s wife, with shashi’s phone, when she went into panic mode and got distracted. He says that he forgot completely that he can enact and fake his own death, due to military training. He says that she cant spoil his motives, and that he shall hunt her to death. he says that even after death, he shall be with his Jannat. she takes off the phone from his hand and throws it away, while crushing the phone. shaad says that its too late now. Shaad says that he has already called the intelligence and that she cant escape from here now. He says that her game is over. Shaad tells shashi on the phone, that her plans are coming to an end, as in the end definitely, the good has to conquer over evil. She is frustrated, while he is happy. the men ask her if they should kill him. she denies. shashi says that she shall not give him an easy death, and that she would torture him. they untie him and leave, while there’s a CCTV on the building.

Scene 4:
Location: Undisclosed
meanwhile, sanam gives tickets to australia to nazia, and asks her to leave, to ensure and the child’s safety. nazia asks about her, and she says that she is here with ahil all the time, and the power of love keeping them safe. she asks her to focus on herself and the baby. Nazia says that she doesnt even want this child, as everytime she thinks of it, she is reminded of how mean saif was and how he ruined her family. sanam asks her not to think so, as the child isnt to be blamed, and he would grow up, to be what she raises him to be. nazia says that she shall wait for her. She leaves. sanam says that she too waits for the next move now.

Scene 5:
Location: Pakistani Army Base
The pakistani army officer says to another officer that now she is sure that the call came from shaad only, and that he was delieberately trying to cover some mesage that she has to decipher. she tries to remember his words, and wonders what the code could be. she remembers that he said he would be with his jannat even after death, and instantly begins to wonder where’s jannat. She asks him to track the number the call came from, and the officer says that he was already on it. They get working.

Scene 6
Location: Ahil’s residence
Murtaza is taking a bath in the swimming pool, while the new bride walks beside tensed and worried, lost in her thoughts. He asks her to come inside. She angrily lashes that she cant think he is so shameless, as his one mistake spoiled everything for them. he continues to leer at her, asking her to come closer to show her anger, and suggests seductively to come close. She sits beside the swimming pool, with her feet in the water. he smiles at her evilly, and then says that he cant stop flirting. She instigates him and he catches her with a grip, and lunges her inside the pool. They get face to face close, with their lips almost touching. sanam eyes them in consternation, reminded of her promise. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Murtaza turns around and finds sanam, and decides that he shall finish his unfinished task rightaway. he puts out his revolver, and sanam ducks away giving him a jerk, and takes this chance to run away. But murtaza catches up from behind her, and then grabbing her by the hair, drags her through the house.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Good episode.

  2. Now shashi realise to the feeling. (after saif death) Plz get out the witch. She is so irretated us.

  3. nice episode, it should go on right track now …

  4. after aahil death nothing good …this writer ……

  5. i think ahil is alive..bcz when the show that ahil is dead at that tym they didn’t show the face of dead body..i think he is under sanam’s obsrvation..n is alive

  6. I have the feeling ahil is alive maybe sanam hide him and when she done with her revenge she will bring him back just thinking cuz we didn’t see his dead body or any else

    1. I agree with you rani because it didn’t show his face or anything and when sanam felt aahil’s pulse she felt something but the directors didn’t tell us what she felt so I think aahil didn’t leave the show he probably left for a few months to spend time with his wife or something personal I think he will return back to the show soon

    2. I have this feeling too !!!!!

  7. Is ahil not dead.I hope not.I love him and sanam.I like to see them romancing

  8. hope ahil did nt die

  9. rani i don’t know if you remember but after sanam found ahil and felt his pulse they showed her in the rain by a small grave crying and saying that she would seek revenge on those who were responsible for her husband death now i have the feeling that she buried him and that is why they never found a body

    1. Yes correct.. you are right..

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