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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Armaan eyes her angrily. He says that he has seen people making a joke of relations, and asks her to never again address him as son. he asks her to pack her stuff and be out of his hair, by the evening, with her egoist bahu. she pleads but he doesnt listen. Mahira comes and says that he cant throw them out, as legally he doesnt have registration to this house, and that shall take seven days, for which all offices are closed owing to diwali holidays. he says that he shall wait for seven days, after which he shall have them thrown out. they eye each other angrily. he leaves. mahira tells begum that she took a very wrong decision and she shall not let this house go at any cost, and particularly not to him. She storms out. begum thinks that hatred

soon blossoms into love, as she too wants that none of them leaves the house, and start a new life together, so that her life’s motive is fulfilled.

In the garden, Armaan meanwhile talks to his mother, and says that he just took the haveli, but wanst driven by any motive. She teases him about the motive being his alliance to a girl. but he says that love isnt for him, and he isnt cut out for it. She says that she he shall fall in love and not even know it. he asks her to come home soon. She says that she misses him and shall come soon. He cancels the call.

Meanwhile, Mahira finds stuff being taken out of the house, and finds azad’s pic in one of them, and hollers at the servants for doing so without anyone’s permission. she is told that armaan ordered that. She finds that armaan is shifting into azad’s room. Mahira enters azad’s room and then orders the servants not to keep armaan’s stuff in this room and asks them to take it away. she is hersaelf about to take it out, when she finds armaan confronting her. He wrangles her by the hand, while she asks him to stop holding her hand. he asks her to stop interfering and he shall stop holding her hand. she says that he cant stay here, and he says that she shall not stay in the house, and that for a week, she should only stay as a guest. He tells her that god made her beautiful, but dumb, or else she wouldnt have crossed his path. She asks him to let go of her hand. he throws her out of the room, and asks her to get lost. Begum sees this from a distance. afreen comes beside her, and laments evilly, that her plight is always miserable as she fails in all attempts, as they have become enemies, from the first meeting, and that they are hating each other, and she shall take full advantage of it. Begum stands tensed, while afreen says that her loss means afreen’s victory, as the minute mahira goes away, she shall sneak in armaan’s heart. begum asks her to stay away from him and the house. She reminds that begum only got her back in, and noone shall even know of it, and shall stay here and captivate armaan, as he is that intelligent, to choose her over an egoist widow. She leaves. begum is tensed. She thinks that hatred cant win over love, and maybe they are enemies today, but they shall meet, as armaan has azad’s heart which shall call her out soon.

Meanwhile, Mahira tells him that just because he is living here that doesnt mean she shall let him live and keep his stuff anywhere. he says that he doesnt need anyone’s permission to choose where he wants to keep what of his stuff, in his own house. He says that within some time of seven days, he shall have her thrown out of the house. mahira says that time will tell who throws whom out. he slams the door shut on her face, and she turns around, but feels a pull behind. meanwhile armaan too finds that her dupatta is stuck to his handcuff, through the door. Both are boggled and tensed, on the opposite ends of the closed doors. she remembers hearing to azad’s heart beating and getting relief out of it, and her moments with azad, and gets emotional and teary eyed, and the irony of the situation now. She turns around and tugs at the dupatta and he too wrenches it free right then, and throws it callously outside. She tells him that he may have taken azad’s heart but she wont let him have his room too. he shuts her up. he is furious that noone has talked to him like this, and that he shall not stand her for even seven days. She says that she shall not let him stay in that room and this houswe too, as azad even gave his heart to him, while she only got memories, and noone can take it from her.

The next morning, armaan talks to his employees, about converting this haveli into the world’s best indian heritage hotel. the employee asks that he had planned to stay here. He asks him to stick to his business, or else shut up. She is shocked to hear this idea, and says that azad’s heart is beating in the wrong chest and that she shall not let him do this to the haveli and shall ruin armaan’s plans. As the meeting and presentation is going on, armaan declares the press about his decision for a heritage hotel in this haveli, and talks about it. he refuses to divulge much info about his personal life, talking only fondly about his granny, the one person he loves the most. Afreen and mahira hear intently, from hiding. He dedicates everything to his granny. the reporters question him about his troubled childhood. he is traumatised by its memories and steers from personal questions. But they keep prodding him into those areas. He is stern and asks them to ask professional questions. He then signals the employee to start with the presentation, as armaan talks about the project detailing about the features of the hotel. but the presentation is that of villages and kachcha houses, completely unrelated to armaan’s description. mahira is amused. the reporters get angry and taunt him for having wasted their time. people start questioning, and then leave. armaan is furious at the debacle of the presentation and is boggled too, completely frustrated. he then eyes mahira in hiding, and understand that she was behind this, and gets into a rage. afreen watches tensedly, as he comes to mahira, and then asks how dare she do this. she says that this is merely a trailor, as if he tries to do anything wrong, she shall show her full strength. They confront each other. She leaves.

Outside, armaan gets a bulldozer to mow down the house. begum sees this and is shocked. she rushes to him and asks why. he asks her to go and ask mahira. inside, mahira is sad and lost in azad’s thoughts, when begum comes and asks her what has she done, that armaan got a bulldozer to mow down the house. mahira is shocked to hear this. she says that in this house, her love for azad resides. she goes out to teach him a lesson. begum then asks her to calm down, saying that hatred wont solve anything, instead she should try and make him understand. She asks her to lower down if she has to save this house. mahira tells her that she doesnt need to, as she knows she is doing the right thing. begum says that this house isnt as strong as her, and that she knows he is wrong, but right now, their focus should be to save the house. she makes her swear on the lord. mahira says that she has left it all on the lord only. she comes out and while armaan watches, she moves past him, and then sits down in front of the bulldozer, while the people and afreen are shocked. they all ask her to move. but she doesnt. she prays that those who help themselves and are firm willed, are also helped by the lord. she says that her memories are in danger and begs for it to be saved. the people are shocked and scream at her to move but she continues praying. the screen freezes on armaan, mahira’s faces and the bulldozer.

Precap: In the commotion, someone shoves armaan’s granny and she falls right in front of the bulldozer between it and mahira. mahira is shocked to see this and armaan is aghast. Hurrying immediately to rescuse her from the incoming bulldozer, mahira rushes first with armaan after her, for his granny’s help.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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