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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer is stunned to think about seher’s stance, and seher is reminded of how she had demanded for 2 crores from razia, and that too before marriage. Razia asks how can she threaten her, having been brought here by her only. Sehere says that she deserves way more than this for the job, but she should comply, and that if she gives the money, then she would stay till their wedding night, and get the signatures and then leave, or else she would leave right now. Razia asks her not to show attitude, and complies to Seher’s demand, and warns her that now she shouldnt even talk about leaving the job midway. They are about to move out, when they find the hidden camera, and then deduce that azhar’s parents were after it. They think of

a plan.

Later, latiof gives sweets to everyone, at ahil and sanam’s remarriage. razia and seher too join them. Azhar’s parents are frustrated. razia taunts Latif, while she too retorts back at her loss of hair. Razia fumes, while azhar’s parents enjoy. tanveer is frustrated. Ahil comes and tells Sanam, that rahat called to say that they shall get married tomorrow, and he was thinking that they should get married after that, with all the rituals. Seher is tensed, while rehaan overwhelmed with hapiness, hugs ahil in glee. Rehaan comments that happiness is finally returning. tanveer says that now the happiness shall be theirs, and soon she shall end Sanam’s drama. ahil excuses himself to attend a call. Others leave too. Seher taunts tanveer, when left alone, by giving her sweets, and she refuses. Seher continues to tease her, at ahil and her remarriage, and that she says that she wishes tanveer could see what was recorded in the camera, and asks her to understand that the Lord is with her, and for such a person, no person can stand in the way, especially noone blind. tanveer asks her to fly high, as soon she would snatch it all away, and after that, she wont be left with anything. tanveer leaves. Seher eyes rehaan, thinking that she has already lost her happinbess, what more could tanveer snatch.

While tanveer is lost in thoughts, azhar’s parents wonder how did sanam know about the camera, and that she would have to be taught a lesson. Azhar’s parents complain and point out how they can torture sanam, by locking her, or cutting off her limbs, while tanveer listens to them halfheartedly. tanveer remembers how sanam knew about her killing ahil’s father and how she has been torturing Tanveer in the recent days. tanveer finally says in frustration that she should be killed, shocking them. They ask who would sign the papers then. tanveer says that the signatures could be fake too, and reminds that sanam had signed in front of everyone at the party, and noone knew if she signed fully or not. she says that tomorrow sanam would go to meet haya, and shouldnt return back from there. They ask how would this happen. tanveer explains them how to murder sanam, and they are excited.

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Scene 2:
Location: Undisclosed Location
Razia comes with a box of sweets, to taunt sanam, that she came to give her a good news, and tries to forcibly get her to eat. she tells her about haya’s marriage with Rahat. sanam says that she is married to faiz already. razia teasingly tells her that haya had to suffer a lot, and that marriage broke off long back, and that haya always liked rahat and it was better late than never. sanam expresses her desire to meet and talk to haya, in tension, while razia adds that she is in seventh heaven, and her sister’s family too is attending her marriage. sanam is shocked. razia makes her believe that noone at the family is bothered for her and her disappearance, as soon she vanished from their eyes. sanam refuses to believe it, and asks her to let her go. razia clutches at her mouth, and says that she would never let her go, and that noone shall come to save her here, and asks her to stop tghe drama of being hungry. She says that she would stop coming if she gets into a rage, and she wouldnt know anything, about her family. Razia hollers at the guard and gives him the tray of food, asking him to feed her, and if she creates any nonsense, then she should be force fed. Razia leaves. sanam wonders why is she no nervous, and feels that something is wrong, and she can feel ahil distancing from her. She is highly tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Rahat’s residence
rahat confrontys faiz, saying that he wanted to say things a long way back, but couldnt, and now he cant stay quiet anymore. He tells faiz the real reason of him marrying Haya. faiz is shocked, and asks whats he saying, and reminds him of his promise. rahat says that it was his helplessness, to save faiz’s life, and faiz remembers it. Rahat says that the truth is he cant live without haya and she too loves him desperately. Faiz asks whats nonsense is this. Rahat clarifies everything, but faiz refuses to believe it all, asking why haya would have married him, if she hadnt loved him. Rahat clarifies the misunderstanding all along, and faiz is unable to believe. rahat explains what happened till after the marriage, and how he coaxed her to stay back in the marriage, and agrees to comply to his wish, and that she agreed to the marriage, but not him. Faiz is shocked. rahat says that he tried to tell him earlier, but didnt get the chance. faiz reprimands him how could he not tell him this, and rahat tries to pl;ead his innocence. Rahat asks him to trust him, but faiz says that he cant believe the person, who never opened his mouth, while he was burning in the guilt of himself ruining his relationship. rahat asks him to stop talking like this. Faiz reprimands rahat, that nowe he has started loving haya, and his desires have begun to grow, and hence he is betraying his own brother. Rahat gets angry and slaps him tight across the face. Faiz says that its true that the truth is bitter, and that he hadnt known that he would use their misunderstanding to his advantage like this. rahat tells him that he has already sacrificed his happiness once, as haya doesnt love faiz, but him. faiz leaves in haste, and confronts haya, stamnding in the doorway. He is shocked, as she passes by him, to meet rahat, who smiles back. she asks him not to be so tensed, as its sufficient that he marries her. Faiz is determined that they would be husband and wife, but they wont be together ever, as he would never let them be. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Tanveer tells ahil, that he should go ahead with her in her car, while sanam comes in the next one. He agrees and leaves. tanveer smirkingly adds that he can go and meet sanam definitely, as this would be the last time, he shall meet sanam, as she would go very far away today. As sanam loads gifts in the car, azhar’s father places a red packed gift on top. As sanam moves away, Azhar’s father tells his wife, that he has placed a time bomb, in the red packed gift, of which sanam is oblivious. Meanwhile, sanam is finally able to get out of her bondage, and catching the guard in a aweak moment, she escapes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Fast Rimjhim..!!!!!

  2. Thanks for updating the episode…im not watching …thank u very much Rimjhim…love u….

  3. nice episode poor tanveer she will be disheartened again as sanam (seher) will not die at all

  4. writers what is wrong with faiz what can he not understand haya does not love him but only rahat is her love. something is definitely wrong with faiz he needs to get professional help he needs treatment in a looney institution. ever since he met haya he has fixated on her and one just cannot get through to him haya does not love him haya was blackmailed into marrying him with all this flowers blocking his face poor thing she could not see who she was marrying until he raised it up and then it was too late. common rahatt take your bride haya and get out of there fast before faiz runs a mock on everyone. start running now faiz is a mad man accept it rahatt and put him away before it is too late.

  5. Finally Rahat gets some damn courage and tell Faiz the truth!!!!

  6. Oh god..pls for God’s sake don’t let ahil and seher get married. .. really it won’t be a unique story.. sanam must return n at least everyone shd come to knw abt tis twins. .

  7. Hey guys i’ve seen that haya’s has her voice back

  8. lol if the writers could get ayan and zoya ‘accidentally’ married before… Then getting seher and ahil married wouldn’t be a new thing for them at all… looks like its gonna happen… Good and evil goes side by side in this show all the time… Practically married 😛

  9. Friends, there is a LAW in ISLAM that a man cannot marry two real sisters at a same time, one sister has to be divorced before marrying other real blood sister. So, chill guys I don’t think Aahil will get second Niqaah with Seher, that’s my prediction. And even he does it there is no mean to that marriage if he didn’t divorce Sanam, only the first niqaah is valid. Please let me know if I am wrong in my concept. 🙂

    1. Yaa Roma ur right…..
      lekin ahil ko toh pata nahi ki wo uski saali hai….
      lets see what dis show have in store for d viewers

  10. hi guys am new here

  11. New poster is good for Qubool hai.. again all in Black outfits.. and Seher & Sanam in lime lights… huh.. need to see.. when sanam comes to Ahil and rehaan realizes seher/suneri.. Lots of twists are waiting… 🙂

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