Qubool Hai 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Mahria gets a call from someone asking her to come somewhere and she readily complies, and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Restaurant
As mahira sips coffee, while waiting for the person she is supposed to have a ameeting with, she is surprised to see amad come and sit. he amusedly eyes her, while she asks him to stop stalking and get lost, as she is here to meet someone else. He says that she would meet only when she is conscious. She suddenly feels her head going dizzy and doses off. Amad eyes her amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Armaan’s residence
Amad gets mahira back while the doctors check her and ask her to take rest, as she is asleep, while aremaan proufsely thanks him, for helping her, when anythingh could

have happened, had he not been there. he accidentally blurts out, that he had been asked by him to keep his eye on mahira, and then recomposes that he has to take care of mahira, as she is like family. She meanwhile eyes amad tensedly. Amad and armaan go out together, while latif and gazalla tend to mahira, who is upset.

Outside, amd fabricates a story, saying that he is getting nothing that points to mahira’s innocence. armaan is tensed. He says that mahira is a famous columnisty and maybe went to meet some fan. but amad makes up a story, that it was not a normal, fan. Amad meanwhile tells armaan, that this fan of mahira’s, even knows the location of a special wart on her body, at a place, which only he as a husband should be knowing. armaan gets tensed to hear this. he says that he asked the fan to stay away from mahira, but he didnt listen and instead started telling intimate details about mahira. He innocently says that he doesnt quite understand what it all means. Armaan meanwhile is torn between a dilemma to whether trust or mistrust his own wife. but then he thinks that he has to confront his wife now regarding all this. But amad stops him saying that all of their assumptions are based on hypothesis and till the time they dont have solid evidence pointing towards mahira’s infidelity, they shouldnt confront he, as she might get a way out. he is convinced.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
The nurse convinces kainat to undergo plastic surgery, and also get her hand treated, and shows her the jewellery she was found with, and decides to pay for the operation with that. Kainat thanks her galore, and undergoes the operation, and comes out completely normal with her hand no more paralysed. she is happy and elated.

Scene 5:
Location: Sameer’s office
mahira comes in when sameer is busy flirting with someone, who he immediately sends away, seeing her. She asks about kainat and he tells her that she has been sent away to london for her treatment. mahira is boggled, but sameer shows a message from kainat’s phone, on his, asking him to take care and that she is all right. She is convincved, oblivious that he himself sent the message with her phone, which is with him too. she leaves, asking him to tell kainat to get to her asap. sameer complies.

Scene 6:
Location: Armaan’s residence
meanwhile, in her room, mahira eyes her pic with amad, and thinks that already things have become too intricate and complicated and he doesnt want to complicate them more, and that its better that she comes out in the open with armaan, regarding the truth of this pic. she realises that it might be hard to convince him, but she shall do it, as she has belief on the trust, faith and the strength of their relationship. Amad knocks and she asks him since when he got so mannered. he says that he realised his mistake and wants to start afresh. she asks what new drama is this. He pretends to be all innocent, and says that he can come along with him to tell the truth at any minute, to armaan, but when he isnt going against her anymore, what good would it serve to armaan, by knowing all this. he then asks her to think wise, and destroy this pic and this instance forever, and decide whether she should let him live here or not. He says that if he gets to stay, he shall have a new motive, and thats to unite mahira and armaan, so that they can live happily. she is tensed but gets convinced. He then burns down the pic in front of her, and throws it away. He gives her movie tickets asking her to try and convince armaan and appease him. she leaves, believing in him. he smiles, evilly, thinking of his new plans to ruin them and their relation. Meanwhile armaan continues to ignore all of mahira’s sweet gestures, and she is tensed and boggled as to why.

Later, mahira gets her pregnancy report confirming her maternity, and is overwhelmed with emotions. she goes and hugs him, while he is boggled. he asks her the reason. She says that every right thing has the right time and she wants to wait for the right time to tell it. he complies. she asks him to do something special for new year’s. he agrees for a romantic candlelight dinner, at the rooftop. She agrees and he leaves. Amad meanwhile eyes them, and wonders how can a bond be so strong that it survives even such turmoils that he brings and decides to ruin their new year’s. meanwhile, they both hope that they can give a fresh start to their relationship in this new year. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: As armaan hastily walks in the corridor, Mahira asks him where was he, as she kept calling him, and asks for a chance to explain herself. he keeps ignoring her. She says that this isnt the way to deal with things, and asks him to speak up, as those pics are false and fabiricated. Armaan mutters the words for divorce thrice and knocks the air out of her lungs.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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