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Scene 1:
Location: Mahira’s residence
latif and gazalla try to feed Kainat, while armaan comes, they all stand tensedly. he asks them to be cheerful as its a marriage venue. they eye him tensedly. He asks about others. latif asks him to ask straight about mahira. he does. Mahira comes and tells him that she has decided, and that he has won and she lost, and asks him to take the revenge of the slap, and have a hatred filled marriage, but she has a condition, that first kainat and sameer shall get married, after which they shall. he says that he knew that she would come around to it. he then eyes kainat and says that as she wishes, as she is his wife after all, and he cant ignore her statement, as he had told that she would marry him within 24 hours. he smirks at her.


Armaan and sameer toast together their victory. Latif and gazalla get with the prepartions of the double wedding. Meanwhile, kainat comes down with mahira, and then takes her place at the altar. she is about to sit, when armaan stops her, while all are surprised. He gets up and comes to her and tells mahira that she is very smart, but there’s no guarantee, that she shall marry him, after kainat’s marriage. She says that she indeed is, and had he been half as smart, he would have understood too. She says that he should have known that not all people are like him, as some people do what they say. he says that he talks equally beautiful, but he needs guarantee and wont be swayed by words. mahira gets tensed and then goes from there. All wait tensedly. Mahira then comes back with the guarantee as azad’s pendant, saying that right now, she has no bigger guarantee than this right now. he accepts it and then takes it from her, while she eyes him tensedly. he then asks sameer to come along, and he complies. He takes his place at the altar while mahira sets kainat is place. The priest start with the ritual.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Ehsaan attends to farida’s sprain. Granny asks her to go and get the balm, while begum stands tensedly, having used her magic, and being completely blind. Begum awkwardly gets ahead and almost collides with the table, and then composes herself, while he is tensed for her. Granny continues to mutter that there’s some dark spirit engulfing the house, while begum hopes that it doesnt create an impact on them. just then, Imi comes and hands her the balm. She is relieved. Granny is surprised to see her trying to feel the hands, of farida to rub the balm, and is boggled. The movement is restored, and she comments that begum’s hands are miraculous. begum says that she merely massaged as there wasd a contraction. he thanks her profusely too, while begtum says that maybe granny doesnt like her, hence is referring to her, as the Kaala Saaya. He says that grann didnt mean that at all. granny smiles and complies too. she thinks that begum is much smarter than she presumed and decides to find another way. She asks farida to come along and rest, and takes imi too, leaving begum and ehsaan behind.

Meanwhile, granny comes and doesnt find ehsaan in the room, with begum’s mediacl file. She asks the servant. The servant replies that he just went out. granny thinks that before things get out of hand, and begum returns from mahira’s place, she has to show this to ehsaan. she rushes out. Granny comes out and finds ehsaan, suffocating for breath inside, and breathing heavily, while the car is locked from outside. As she looks around for ther keys, distraught and apalled, she finds begum standing on the other end, with the keys, smiling at her evilly. Begum asks granny if she thought she wouldnt know about her plans, and tells how she saw her looking at the file.

begum says that she wants her to give the X-ray files, but when granny flinches it away, she tells granny that his condition is debiliating and he might lose his life too. Granny is disturbed, distracted and apalled. Begum takes this instance to snatch the file, and then granny is shocked and then rushes to his car. begum throws the keys at her, and she hurriedly opens the door and gets him out. he comes back to normalcy, while begum leaves, and then burns down the file.

In the room, begum thinks that granny is crossing her limits and cant even use her magic frequently, as that renders her blind too. Begum says that if a person is dead, the problems die too, and decides to kill her. She then remembers killing a man at the altar, of the black magic, and one of the witch tells her that she cant do that, as its a small community, and crimes wont be hidden for long, and if anyone as much as gets to know of their existence, then their individuality is threatened. therefore, they dont kill people as such, and even if they get to know then they dont spare the Daayan who performed it and thretened their secrecy. She is frustrated that she cant even kill granny. Then begum thinks that even if she doesnt kill granny, then she can atleast out her from her senses.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
As mahira gets dressed as the bride, by gazalla and latif’s help, armaan comes and taunts that she must have heard its difficult to join things, while breaking takes just a split second, just like she did to the sehra along with their relationship. He gives her the sehra, saying that he shall mend the relationship, but the sehra is her responsibility now. She takes it from him and asks him to get lost and wait for her, as she replies back curtly. he turns to them angrily and asks them to get her down in the next five minutes. he leaves. mahira watches tensedly.

Downstairs, mahira is brought dressed as a bride, while she carries the sehra in the arms. they all look up at her. She hands him the sehra tensedly, and he picks it. She then asks for the taveez as per the promise, but he looks on. he asks her not to hurry, as she can get married first. She resignedly takes her place, and the priest starts the rituals. The priest asks armaan the meher of this marriage. He decides a meher of 20 crores, the house and some of his properties. She says that she doesnt accept it at all. All are tensed. The screen freezes on her tensed face, while all around her are shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Armaan tells her that if anyone has been befooled in this marriage, its her. She asks him to remember that this foolishness can cost him dearly then, as if she gets a divorce from him, he would be ruined. He asks her not to dream on about him ever taking a divorce from her, as it shall remain a dream only. he tells her that her slap is going to cost her terribly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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