Qubool Hai 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
Mahira is about to tell the truth, when the police’s phone rings and he gets busy, and then complies to whatever instructions he gets. he sys that akram wasnt found anywhere and maybe he went somewhere on his will. Khan begum is emboldened, saying that screaming doesnt make truth out of lies, and how they were harassed unnecessarily. The police apologises. But akram’s father says that they too are equally influential and they shall see to it that azad too is beaten and bashed up bad. amad stands up and grabs him by the throat, and says that he doesnt dare to talk about his brother like that ever again. He says that akram might be lost, but he shall ensure that his father too isnt seen here ever again. He says that his brother, azad

cant hurt anyone, and asks him to get lost, and never show their face again. they leave. She comes to azad and caressing him, hugs him. Amad turns and sees the mother son love and thinks that he may do anything, but azad shall always be his mother’s first love. Mahira thinks that either they all are confused or she is, as amad is always fighting with azad, but now he stands up for him, the minute someone said anything about his brother, he got violent.

As she is strolling in the garden, she is shocked to as to azad lied through his teeth, wondering how could he lie like this. She is surprised to find azad standing in front of her, saying that when people talk to themselves, they forget that even the world hears them too. he says that if she has questions then she can ask him. She asks him not to talk to her in scary tones, as she isnt scared of him. She says that he was there in the jungle. Mahira says that since he lied and she knew that he did, anyone would come to guessing that he might have had something to do with akram’s disappearance. azad says that she too was in the jungle, and she could have done something to akram. She rubbishes it off saying that men murder and not feeble women, and that tough guys like him, and that she is merely giving general examples, and isnt insinuating accusations at him. She then goes onto banter saying that she keeps going to the jungles, and likes to stick, to the truth. He says that he is least bothered with what she thinks about him, but she should know that he hasnt done anything to akram. she is boggled. mahira leaves, as khan begum sees all this. She comes to azad and says that every lie disguises the turht, and maybe mahira was shut by him, but now she shall ask if he actually diddnt hurt akram at all. he stands tensed. He then takes her to the garage, while she is boggled. he opens the door of the garage, and finds the car parked inside. she asks why has he brought her here, and asks how shall she find the answer to her question here, and asks whose car is this. She then asks him if this is akram’s car and when he complies, she says that they could be trapped due to this. Khan begum asks azad where is akram, and he stands beside the back seat of the car. She comes to him and he shows Akram stabbed right in the chest, lying dead in the back of the car. She is shocked, and then asks azad if he knows that this isnt a normal dagger, as by this, the person doesnt live nor edoes he die, and says that she gave it to protect himself, not for this. She asks if he knows whats he done. he says that yesterday when he went to get the flower, there was someone else. he remembers seeing akram in supernatural form, eyeing mahira, as she wanders in the garden. He tells khan begum that akram is a werewolf, who stays normal among the humans during the day and gets into animalistic form on the special nights like her. She says that werewolves are those who keep stealthily an eye on someone, from afar, with a motive. She says that he came for kainat, and there must have been a motive for him coming there, and maybe he came for someone. She then eyes him and asks if akram came for azad or her. he says that he doesnt know but he was shocked to see him there. he remembers how he confronted akram finally. Azad says that he didnt want to hurt him intentionally but had no option. he says that he asked akram why does he want to kill the girl. He says that she has come here to take the kajnar flower, and he wont let that happen. Azad says that he is mistaken as she hasnt but he has, and he wont let akram take it away from him. azad says that he shall get it anyhow. Azad says that he just wanted to scare him, but he got into attack mode. he remembers how he took the dagger out and then stabbed him, after a long sequences of fistfights. he says that he was alive, and hence he had to get him here, as if the police found his dead body, the blame would have gone on him. She says that if anyone takes the dagger out, then he would be alive again, which can be fatal for them. she says that this is an evil spirit that came to their house, for kainat with evil intentions, and had they somehow married her off to this man, he would have been family, and that would have been disastrous. She then tells azad that he now knows too that he has the same calibre of strength and the flower too. she says that she needs the powers back, and specially the girl.

Meanwhile, in the outhouse, mahira dresses up specially for amad’s date and goes out excitedly. saira and bano fume and say that they need to teach her a lesson, before she woos azad over too. they decide to ruin mahira’s plans.

As she walks inside tensedly, Khan begum remembers about razia’s warning to find the girl and thinks that she would have to soon fnd out the girl, who carries that special figure. She wonders where would she find that girl in such a big world, with that sign. Just then, in the drawing room, mahira comes inside and slips, due to saira and bano throwing marbles in her way, and then hiding away, exposing her back where the dupatta slides past, exposing that sign. khan begum is tensed, and mahira gets up just inn time, before she can see the sign. Then mahira turns around to go, but just when she does, azad comes in asking whats she doing here. she fumbles while he asks her to leave. She angrily asks why leave, as she has been invited here. before she can clarify, khan begum asks azad whats she saying. Azad says that amad never says what he does, and never does what he says, but at this time, he is partying away with girls. In shock and despair, the marbles, that she had collected fall on the floor from her hands. He asks her not to stand there but leave. She eyes khan begum who too turns away and mahira turns around and leaves, with the dupatta covering the sign. the screen freezes on azad and his mother’s faces.

Precap: Azad insults mahira saying that going by what her stature is, it doesnt seem, that her parents gave her any proper upbringing or gave any good manners. Mahira asks him not to even dare say anything about her family, as she wont stand it. he says that he isnt scared and adds that she cant do anything, while he can do much to her. She asks why does he talk as if he loves his family a lot, as he doesnt and then adds that those who love, dont steal the precious belongings of their loved ones. he is boggled and angry and asks what does she mean. She adds that he stole his brother’s life, his true love and that she knows what he did with afreen. he stands stunned and taken aback not expecting this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wow,nyc precap

  2. farida uttan

    I’m suprised that this rubbish is still on air – I only read the write-eup sometime hoping a believable story will arise – disappointed every time

  3. what happened to afreen

  4. nice episode today, two monsters woaw!!! azad is really an ass!!!!! courage mahira be strong and azad will become a sweet lover just like asad in qh 1st season, well hurry up

  5. well Iam joking azad don’t be sensitive!!! I love you yet….

  6. What d hell is going on in qubool hai?from zoya to mahira?_I taught akhil waz the true love here….am confuse

  7. werevolves dont have black eyes, fire does not come out of their hands and they dont harm humans. So stupid plot.

  8. why this mahira has to expose whole back just because she got a tattoo now. We love zoya who used look best in formals as well. But i liked only azad in this season.

  9. Nice precap mahira give him a good mouthful he saying he love his family so much he na know what is mother doing and what she was doing in her past life n what she is going to do now she like a murderer just like u asad now she out to destroy a innocent girl life for her to get back her magic for wrongdoing

  10. Exciting episodeee…omg this season is fablous..loving azma♡♥♡

  11. why do all india films encourage verbal abuse, character deformation, etc among the female and male lead actors before they eventually fall in love. However; I a huge fan of Zoya personally plead with her to quit and join another soap opera that has interesting storyline or the cinema cuz she is a good actress. Qubool hai lost its ratings the day/moment Mr Khan łeft.

  12. Amazing episode!!! I like you azad but you get angry over little things control it!…

  13. This episode is very interesting

  14. Update of 4th sept plz

  15. Hope every things turned well

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