Qubool Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 3rd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is distraught to see humaira’s concern, while zoya angrily tells that she can handle it alone. But asad doesnt listen to her, and silencing her, he gets down to working out the thorn. Ayan too hugs humaira, tightly despite her protests. Humaira too finally gives in. Asad and zoya too hug each other tightly. (Jaane tu ya jaane na) Finally, humaira jerks herself away and asks him to go and leave her alone, as his wife would be waiting. ayan vehemently protest that she isnt his wife, and this is all a drama only for nikhat. Ayan finally makes humaira listen, despite her protests, that its only a matter of seven days, and after that all would be okay. Zoya says that its true that their fate and their situational problems led them to this but

she cant live without him. Asad says that he too cant live without her, and promises and says that the wait is only for seven days and that everything would be right after that, like earlier. Zoya asks if he’s speaking the truth. Asad and ayan, hug zoya and humaira respectively, to give them solace. Asad caresses zoya’s face, and an onerwhelmed zoya hugs him tightly yet again. Razia takes a pic of them hugging, from a distance.

Zoya gets asad’s message that she would return to him in the next seven days. Ayan too gets the same message from humaira. As ayan and zoya enter their room, busy in their mobiles, they collide and awkwardly apologise. As they go other ways, their bracelest are stuck. as they get to untangling them, just then, nikhat calling out for him, startles ayan and zoya. He asks if everything is okay. Nazma says that it was till due to her, things complicated. she says that she has come here to tell them, that she knows about their huge sacrifice of their happiness for hers, and that the way their life complicated, its difficult to solve it now. Ayanb and zoya make her understand that nobody’s at fault, and situation s led to this. They say that they did what they felt was right and that this is for some days after which everything would be right. Nikhat is surprised, and asks what happened. Zoya tries to say but ayan diverst her, and tries to cheer her up. Nikhat again thanks profusely for their sacrifice, which she cant ever forget, and that she hasnt given her parents anything other than insult. Ayan asks her not to think like that, and not bother about this, as its destiny’s game. He makes her promise that she wont cry and would always be happy, so that they can be happy too. She hugs ayan, while zoya watches. She goes to ask forgiveness from zoya, but she stops nikhat and asks her not to worry as everything would be alright, and she shouldnt blame herself. She hugs nikhat too, while ayanh smiles. She is sent off to rest. After she’s gone, zoya says that she cant do this, but ayan says that he doesnt want to spill the beans just yet, as if this news reaches haseena bi then there would be a big trouble. Zoya agrees. ayan takes his bedding

He breaks into poetry

Jo baat hai humme woh na akshay mein na john mein,
Khule dil ke shehzaade hum, sone jaa rahe hain lawn mein…
Ayan says that if they see him sleeping somewhere else, then things would worsen. He leaves, while she is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s Residence
Nazma is really delighted and excited at having made the dishes, but finds that the platres are all crooked at the dining table. she goes to ask for new plates from haseena. But she says that they shouldnt bother unnecessarily, as these crooked plates too serve the purpose. She asks imran’s opinion. Imran says that it is a bit strange, and they should get new cutlery out. Haseena taunst that now he would like the new stuff, and not old, just like his mom. She gives nazma the keyring. Nazma says that its okay they shall have food in this plate only. Haseena is victorious. Seeing the grand spread of food, Haseena asks why has she made so many dishes and taunts her on the same. She says that she doesnt understand how much does she needs, and tomorrow onwards she would give her only that much that she would need to make food. Nazma says that it was her first time, hence made good stuff. haseena is frustrated. Imran asks them to sit down and eat. Haseena takes nazma’s plate and serves food for her, giving her very meagre quantities surprising nazma and imran. Imran comments on the quantity, but haseena says that they should have a light dinner, and she is eating only so that the food that nazma prepared with so much love doesnt go to waste. nazma asks imran to start eating and let things be. As haseena gorges away, she asks nazma to eat too. Nazma is upset though she doesnt show, and haseena is evilly smiling.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
A thunder wakes up zoya, who is starled and hurriedly gets out of bed. Humaira too wakes up, and wopnders that ayan is sleeping out in this rain. Zoya enters with ayan, from outside, reprimanding him that he was so careless to get wet all over. As zoya is drying ayan’s hair with the towel since he cant reach there, humiura sees them and is distraught. Ayan tells how deeply he is asleep and that nothing bothers him. She asks him to stop being immature. She asks him to come inside as he would sleep in theri room only. Ayan is shocked but goes. Zoya and ayan enter their room, and close the door, while humaira gazes at the closed door, with the towel in her hands for ayan. The screen freezes on her sad face.

Precap: Ayan and zoya get into a childish fight about who’s a bigger fan of Salman Khan, while each praising themselves for the biggest fan, and downing and teasing the other

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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