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Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Mahira tells her that she has no clue how many more colours she has to see of hers. she says that she did all sacrifices for her, then how could she do this to her after all of their deals. begum asks her to calm down. She asks why did she kill her own son, as she had always heard, that a mother can do anything, but not take her child’s life. begum says that ahil wanted this. mahira asks if he wanted to die, then why did he want to turn human so that he could live on with her for eternity. begum is apalled. she narrates his last words to mahira, who is shocked. She asks why didnt she tell her, as she could have spent those dying minutes with him, as she was his wife. begum asks if she would have been able to take the decision, had she seen azad like

that. mahira asks if she is right, and thinks that she did right. begum tells her he wanted to do this desperately, for her and her happiness only. She says that when he became a human like this, by sacrificing his life. mahira is apalled. begum tells that she too lost her son and grieves and asks her to believe that whatever azad did is right, as wherever he is, he smiles on them. mahira asks who got azad’s heart. begum is stunned. the doctor says that they cant divulge this info, as there’s protocol. she continues to argue, bue begum asks her to be calm, as those are fortunate who give someone life with their death and wherever azad is through his heart, that person must be happy and asks her to calm down now. mahira hugs begum and she caresses her and then asks her to come home. begum takes mahira and then they proceed to leave.

Armaan comes in just then, saying that he has an appointment with the doctor. the receptionist tells him the way to the doctor’s cabin saying that he shall meet him now. he goes out towards it, oblivious that in his way, begum is coming with mahira from the opposite end. their paths meet but their eyes dont, as they walk past each other. afetr that, mahira suddenly hears the heartbeat of azad and stops instinctively and turns around. begum is boggled and asks whats the matter. mahira tells her that she needs some answers, and she shall take them and then come home. she asks begum to go. begum leaves, while mahira turns and walks. Mahira finds the record room, and thinks that the details about the heart transplant must be here too. She goes in and finds many files, wondering where to start from. She starts looking for files with the name A, and finally finds Azaad’s file. hearing a sudden knock just then, she keeps the file back and hides. the nurse comes and records and files some stuff, while mahirs watches from hiding.

The doctor assures armaan that all is fine, and then asks the wardboy to get the file for armaan. he goes to the record room, and then asks the nurse to give the file. Mahira hears that the same file is being called for. She gives out armaan’s file to the wardboy, and he sees it. then he leaves with it. Mahira is tensed. The doctor see the file and reports and finds that everything is normal, and asks armaan to go home comfortably. Meanwhile, mahira rushes out ofthe room, while the nurse is surprised to see her. The nurse rushes after her, but mahira continues to run and then hides under the stretcher to avoid being caught. she hopes that the nurse doesnt see her.

Outside, the doctor comes out with armaan, and tells him that the donor’s wife came and asked about the recipient but he refused since they dont divulge such info. through the drapes, she barely manages to see the shoes. The doctor also adds that he wont tell him too who is the donor. Armaan walks past and she only manages to see the shoes. After the nurse is gone, mahira comes out and rushes after armnaa, but loses him in the corridor. she rushes for him, till the outside, where Armaan passes by her, in the car. Mahira runs after the car to stop, but in vain. she stands dejected.

Scene 2:
Location: Begum’s residence
In the haveli, mahira tells begum that she couldnt see his face, and begum is relieved. mahira says that she wont lose hope, as she has the number of his car and would track him down. begum asks her to forget and move on, but mahira says that she cant do it, and would pursue it. begum asks her to take it out of her mind, but mahria says that she needs to go and find out. She however accidentally stumbles and falls in just then. She notices a man coming in and recognises the same shoes that she had seen in the hospital. She is shocked, as she looks up. mahira sees armaan and tells begum that this is the man who carries azad’s heart. She is shocked herself as she remembers their last encounter. begum however is too shocked and stunned to respond. She tells armaan that he is a person who get all the worse and evil in the world, and that her blue moon ritual couldnt complete due to him, and then took her husband’s heart too, as azad would be rolling in his grave to find that he donated the heart to this person. begum asks her to stop, while she continues that she wont as this man is guilty to azad, her and begum herself too. Armaan says that he isnt in the habit to listen to nonsense. Mahira says that she isnt talking nonsense and repeats that the accident wouldnt have happened, and now he snatched away everything from them, and they dont want any compensation from him in return. she is disgusted and pushes armaan away, asking him to get out of the house straightaway. Armaan tells her to beware, as he wrenches her hands and twists her around, as where she is speaking like this right now, is his house. she is shocked, as he asks who is she to get him out of the house, and if she has a problem, she can surely leave. An anbgry yet intimate confrontation follows. mahira is shocked to know that the house belongs to him. mahira asks begum how can she do this, as this isnt just a cement and brick structure, and she is getting rid of the memories of azad too. begum says that it sounds better than it actually is, as they are terribly udner debt, and he has paid a handsome price for it. mahira asks if she is drowned so much that she doesnt care for her son’s memories. She says that this is the person who took azad’s heart. she says that she tampered with azad but she wont let her tamper with his memories. begum asks her to calm down and let go of time, and move on in her life. she says that she has to live in the present and live on. Armaan interrupts. he clarifies that first of all, he didnt take azad’s life, and hence she should stop this nonsense of a murderer, and secondly the deal for this house is done and there’s nothing that can be done now and he doesnt like this kind of drama in the house and hence they both need to get out. begum and mahira are shocked. Mahira asks him to go ahead and do whatever he wishes to, but she shall not move out. he says that he doesnt have time for nonsense, and asks if she shall go herself, or should he call the police. She is adamant and asks him to do whatever he wishes. he then calls for the police, but before that, begum holds his hand and then retreats when he looks at her. She tells him that she needs to speak to him in private. he is tensed so she pleads. he complies. they both leave. mahira stands tensed.

Inside, begum asks him to try and understand the plight and incredible sorrow that she is going through due to the loss of her husband and asks him to be patient with her. He says that its noone of his business, as his deal is a business one, and not a personal one. she says that she is just asking for sometime, after which they shall leave themselves. When she addresses him as a son, she remembers everything right from their first meeting. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Mahira tells him that just because he is living here that doesnt mean she shall let him live and keep his stuff anywhere. he says that he doesnt need anyone’s permission to choose where he wants to keep what of his stuff, in his own house. He says that within some time, he shall have her thrown out of the house. mahira says that time will tell who throws whom out. he slams the door shut on her face, and she turns around, but feels a pull behind. meanwhile armaan too finds that her dupatta is stuck to his handcuff, through the door. Both are boggled and tensed, on the opposite ends of the closed doors.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Nice episode
    I liked armaan arrogance
    Now it’s getting better but don’t bring that afreen back let she die

  3. when did afreen died n how?

  4. Oh!god please stop this.

  5. Khan begun is far better than nayi saman
    Nayi saman always trouble sanam
    Anyways it is interesting but I m unable to watch because I used to be in tution this time nd there no retelecast of this show nd if some how I don’t go to tution then I watch yhm because I live this serial than qh

    1. u can watch this in desitv box right? any time

  6. Where is Afreen? ? did the director closed her chapter also! ? anyways todays ep was not thay much interesting! ?

    1. No shumi, director didn’t close afreen chapter. Bcoz in promo pic they show afreen pic.

      After armaan-mahira started in love, afreen kills both are them. Then another a leap armaan-mahira’s daughter(she also surbhi) will enter this serial, and she loves afreen’s son.Then start another season…. They don’t end this show.

  7. Yeah wat happen to afreen n y is armaan being a bastard

  8. what the heck??? another leap?????
    oh, no. this show is done for.

  9. Nice episode, avinash looking handsome. Avinash n surbhi are nice couple, avinash aise hi rehna

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