Qubool Hai 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
By her black magic, the new bride is able to worsen sanam’s condition, and she starts coughing proufsely, gasping for breath. she comes out asking barely for help, but is not able to. Ahil is extremely distraught to see sanam in such a condition, while he is standing helpless. She sees ahil, and he hopes that she doesnt get the idea that he doesnt want to help her. she falls dizzy on the floor, while ahil screams. the new bride comes and is amused at ahil’s plight. Ahil tells the new bride that nothing can save him and sanam from uniting. the new bride taunts him. He says that love has immense power, and that now he shall turn to the lord. Sanam lies unconscious on the floor, when ahil is proufsely praying in the room, to help and save sanam.

Finally, the dargah’s sheet flies across the room, and then on ahil’s head that emboldens him to walk out of the new bride’s magic. He rushes to sanam, while the new bride is tensed. He clutches at her unconscious body, and screams her name.

In the room, when ahil puts sanam to sleep, the new bride taunts him that his love is lifeless and that he may have been able to save her, but she would never acknowledge his love, as she would only remember that he was merely watching the drama, when she was suffering. Ahil tells the new bride, that it just got proven today, that the lord always is with the good and the evil never triumphs over the right. he says that the lord proved today, that sanam was, is and shall always be his, and she wont be able to do too. The new bride fumes.

Scene 2:
Location: Shashi’s residence
Shashi and saif along with nazia are eating, when nazia excuses herself. shashi and saif get to plotting, when nazia comes in angrily and slaps saif, asking why are lady clothes hanging in his bathroom. shashi is reminded that its hers only, and apologises to saif in the eyes. saif makes up a story but nazia is hardly convinced. Later, shashi through her passive aggressive method explains to nazia not to doubt saif and his statements, as she gives her a bottle of poison to drink, and when she doesnt out of fear, she drinks it herself to prove that looks can be deceptive and that there can be more to what meets the eye. nazia is totally blown away and emotionally hugs shashi. shashi thinks that she would have to die, but just not today.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil tells shaad about the new bride’s black magic, and shaad finds it very hard to believe, as ahil narrates everything. He is boggled, but asks him to continue with his hope, and get sanam to realise that her true love lies in him and not shaad. He is tensed, and then ahil speaks up saying that he does have the power of love and that shall help him get his love back. He gets an idea and thinks that what he plans to do today, shall embolden her to realise her true love. the screen freezes on ahil and sanam’s face.

Precap: Sanam prays to the lord, saying that her reflection of true love has become so hazy, hence she needs to be shown the right path. Sanam starts progressing and stands in front of ahil, while shaad standing beside him, watches.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. fatima

    Can sm1 pls tell me the name of d background song dat was played when gayatri died in punar vivah

  2. kha

    All that ahil knows is making promises and crying when action is needed kill this character or make like he is the lead character and please pull out this magic part from the script it really irritates me to the extent that I can’t watch the show

  3. meeeeee

    omg that damn witch and her black magic, plez aahil need to kick her ugly a*s out of his house.

  4. salsa

    Ahil is so stupid he should recite Quran in front of that devil woman.and he will see the results from Allah..

  5. qubool hai is going on way toooooooooo long and that would not have bothered me if it was making sense but it is not this storyline is a whole lot of crap one thing over and over again and way tooooooooooo much black magic and you know what I cannot comprehend is that if sanam is sooooooooooooo powerful why when she was thrown out on the streets why did she not save herself these writers just not making sense or thinking before they write scripts sanam caught her a*s on the streets begging and could not do a thing but all of a sudden she could turn ahil into a statue stop chandllier midway in the air cause sanam to choke and more come on writers this has taken the cake it is real utter nonsense and as for ahil I blame him because this is your mansion you claim to love sanam so much well what you waiting for throw every one to hell out of your house including the that witchipoo sanam 2 ahil it is about time you display authority everything belongs to you writers end the storyline it is not making sense any more

  6. another thing sanam 2 claims to be pregnant and I do not know if you remember when she did the ultra sound they discovered a knife stuck in her stomach any up to now her belly is not getting big so where is the child she was making for saif see what I mean the writers real dumb they jumping from one script to next without fininishing the other this serial should not be qubool hai rather it should be pack a criap or real shit

  7. gulshangrover

    I cant understand why Ahil brought that witch new Sanam back into his home from the road, She deserves to live with the beggars on the road

  8. writers we want a script like the one you wrote when ahil clean out his vault with the money cancel all sanams 2 cards took all clothing and jewellery had the lawyers draw up a sale for the house and throw her a*s on the streets please give us another script like that because that is what we want to see we want ahil to stand up like a man and not a sissy boy crying all the time and let him stand with with authority and show all man jack in the house who is boss please give us something good writers

    • mk

      I agree with you and like ur valid point of view. I just want to add one more detail. Sanam2 claims she is pregnant and few days back she did an exercise along with her two puppets you remember. How can a pregnant lady do such feats. How can they show all these crap. And Razia how can she become an international don just like that. Where the hell is seher atleast show her dead or alive. I really hate ahil……………always cry baby or attitude(he used to show only before sanam).

    • mk

      what are shashi and co doing in this house. I mean cant they stay anywhere. After shashi is a mayor then how come she does not have any work. Who is shashi father? Nawab(dead or alive) or Imran qureshi. Where are others. Shehzad sheikh was so good why dont they get him back.


    sab Ahil ki hi galti hai nayi sanam ko waapas laane ki kyaa zaroorat thi marjaane detaa sarak

  10. chi

    I. Have said it. Over and over again,pls producers of these serials should not be portraying indians as fools and as evil beings.

  11. Rozina

    I think sher back in the tv serial qubul hai n [email protected] together..but let’s see..

  12. Plsss let ahil kick all of them out of his house.he have the power to do that.why does ahil act like a wimp.and stop that black magic think.its about time ahil you display authority instead to cry like crybaby.stop this storyline writer.we ‘re watching tooooo long to see ahil and sanam are together.somtimes I don’t understand this writer

  13. I feel sanam 2 is not really pregnant and if so I know it is not ahils she never slept with ahil I think maybe she was pregnant for saif and when she went into the suitcase which rolled down the stairs and into the road then was hit by a car which had the suitcase bouncing around then maybe she lost it what ever she surely is not pregnant now and another thing I cannot see how a pregnant woman could do those strenuous exercises especially the one stand on her head against the wall wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa come on unbelievable LOL

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