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The episode starts of with Ahil talking to himself about Sanam and Rehaan going out for the whole day that to with each other. Ahil then reprimands himself by saying that he is a busy person and he should not be worrying about stuff like this. Ahil then again begins to wonder why is Sanam going with Rehaan. Ahil then proceeds to come down the stairs while Tanveer is putting the bridal dupatta on Sanam. Ahil sees this from the stairs and keeps on staring at Sanam at how beautiful she looks in it while the song Junoon is playing in the back. Ahil stares at her for a good minute. Azhar then notices that the dupatta that Tanveer gave is the wrong one and tells Tanveer that. Sanam and everyone is shocked on hearing this. Nida then talks to Azhar’s mother saying that you told me that no one would ever find

this dupatta again and now how was it found. Tanveer then goes on to say she made a big mistake like this. Latif then says that someone must have taken it from the bridal pile and placed the dupatta in the gift pile. Nida then begins to say who would have done this and on top of that it could have been a mistake by Tanveer as she cannot see. Ahil gets defensive and protects Tanveer. Tanveer tells Ahil to let it go and that it doesn’t matter how it happened and that they should finish the bridal ceremonies.

Ahil and Sanam have a stare down at each other. Nida then goes on to say that this incident must have been done by someone. Nida says that no one can be trusted these days especially the servants like Sanam. Sanam then asks Nida why is she saying this. Nida goes on to telling Sanam to admit her crime that she stole it and that Tanveer’s heart is very big. Ahil jumps in and tells Nida to stop it. Sanam is shocked to see Ahil jumping in to defend her. Tanveer then goes on to say that she is 100% sure that Sanam didn’t do this. Tanveer then tells Latif to give her another Dupatta which turns out to be the green one that Nida wanted. Ahil then looks at Sanam while Tanveer places the dupatta on Nida. Sanam then also looks back at Ahil. Nida then tells Tanveer Thank you for giving me my favorite dupatta. Tanveer then says to herself that this girl is starting to be pain in the ass and that she has to wait until the marriage is over.

Haya is walking around in the living room waiting for Dilshad to return from the doctors but she has not returned yet. She was suppose to return at twelve but now it is two. Munisa then approaches Haya and Haya tells her that Dilshad has not returned yet and she hasn’t called either. Munisa then tells her to relax. Munisa receives a call to tell her to avoid a certain road as she is about to go visit a friend. Munisa then pretends while facing Haya that the accident that occurred could be Dilshad.

It is the next day and Rehaan approaches Ahil telling him that he is leaving. Ahil sees Sanam at the door and has another stare down. Ahil tries to stop Rehaan going with Sanam by issuing him more work, but it does not work. Rehaan then asks Ahil that he is worrying a lot these day. Ahil then says that he is fine and tells Rehaan that according to your face that you are also forgetting something, but Rehaan tells Ahil that beside this land deal there is nothing else. Ahil watches Rehaan and Sanam leave together and gets jealous. Nida looks at this from a far away and talks to herself that what is happening is not right. Nida says that she has to stop what is happening.

Haya is cooking in the kitchen and sees Rahat come to the dining table. Rahat sees Haya and immediately leaves for his room. Haya then calls Sanam but wonders why isn’t Sanam picking up her phone. Rehaan tells Sanam to wait while he goes to get the keys as he forgot them. Rehaan leaves to get the keys and Sanam checks her phone but notices that it isn’t working properly. Rehaan comes back and ask what is wrong and Sanam tells him that the phone is messed up as she is not able to place a call nor receive one. Sanam asks did you find the key but Rehaan says that the driver must have taken them. Ahil at that time drives up in to the drive way and signals Rehaan whats up.

Haya is out on the streets trying to catch a rickshaw. She finally gets one but the driver is unable to understand her so he leaves. Haya gets frustrated. Rahaat is out in the kitchen getting some water and notches that Haya isn’t around, but he leaves for his room. Dilshad returns home and notices that Haya is no where to be found. Dilshad then goes to Rahaat’s room and knocks. Dilshad ask Rahaat if he has seen Haya but he replies no and that she did looked worried. Dilshad explains why she was late to Rahaat. Dilshad then tells Rahaat to leave it she will go looking for her and Rahaat tells her to leave it that he will go looking for her.

Ahil gets out of the car and asks why are Sanam and Rehaan still here. He offers both of them a ride and tells Rehaan that the land deal is important and that is why he is coming with them. Ahil tells them not to waste time and to come with. Sanam and Rehaan start to walk toward the car and at that time Nida also says that she wants to come with. Nida gets into the passenger seat while Rehaan and Sanam are sitting in the back. Nida then goes on to say that you guys are leaving me and that I would have gotten bored. Nida says that we are getting married soon and that I should be coming with you. Nida then says to Ahil that I am your fiancé after all. Ahil adjusts the mirror in the car and is able to see Sanam. Ahil sees that she is worried. Rehaan then tells Ahil that he has to stop at durgaah for a while.

Precap: A truck is approaching on the road that Haya is walking right in the middle of. Haya doesn’t notice it and almost gets run over by it until Rahaat runs to grab her out of the way. They both are seen hugging each other. At the durgaah Ahil is tying a string on one side and Sanam is tying one on the other end. They both have a stare down.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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    1. do you live in Australia?

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