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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
tanveer asks what secret is she talking about. Sanam says that the secret, that tanveer knows, but is not willing to believe. Ahil asks whats she talking about. she says that this is a truth that would change his thinking about tanveer, and says that its related to his father’s death. tanveer asks her to let be, but rehaan says that if this is concerned with her, ahil would definitely want to hear this. Ahil asks whats the matter. Sanam says that she never believed that he would murder someone, as a person like him, cant take life, and hence to prove herself right, she looked in his past, and hence found his childhood diary, that he wrote himself. She shows her the newspaper, and that the time of death is five in the morning. Ahil is surprised,

as sanam says that he was locked in the store, till seven in the morning, and how could he have committed the murder. Ahil is shocked, while tanveer is puzzled. He is overwhelmed with emotions. She says that he is innocent, and didnt kill his father, and hence isnt guilty of punishing himself. Ahil is distraught and in tears. sanam composes him, and he hugs her overwhelmingly repeating that he didnt kill his father. Tanveer and the new bride are frustrated. rehaan eyes them lovingly. tanveer thinks that her mistake led ahil to be forever free of her debt of sacrifices forever. Ahil tells her that she doesnt realise how free and light he feels today, and how he was burning in the fury of the murder. He wonders if he didnt, and the gun was still in his hands, then who pulled the trigger on his father. Tanveer gets alarmed, as ahil comes to her, asking whats the matter, and who killed his father. rehaan taunts tanveer and asks her to say what happened that night, and who killed his father. Sanam says that maybe tanveer also doesnt know who killed and they all have been a victim of a bigger conspiracy. She praises tanveer galore for wht she did for her son. tanveer wonders why this is happening, and why is sanam praising her. All are puzzled too. sanam comes to her, saying that her sacrifice was in vain, as he was innocent all along, and tries to make Tanveer feel very great, and the actual murderer must be out scotfree, and laments that both ahil and tanveer tortured themselves, and the actual murderer is still unknown. Sanam asks ahil, to search for the actual culprit, now that he knows that he is innocent, as his mother’s sacrifice would have been in vain. He determinedly says that he would find out, and not spare the murderer who he would search till the end of time. tanveer is tensed, as the crime and the culprit cant hide for long. sanam eyes tanveer amusingly. He promies to tanveer, that the murderer shall have to pay for his crimes. tanveer is tensed as ahil hugs her. sanam thinks that its better some secrets are exposed with time. she thinks that maybe ahil wouldnt have believed when he got the entire truth from her today only, but when he finds out himself, then he would know the actual tanveer, and that day all would be right. Sanam smiles at ahil, and he too smiles back, with gratitude.

Scene 2:
location: On the road
faiz takes haya rather drags her to an isolated location. He tells her that rahat is dead, saying that his true love finally won, and rahat would get heaven, as he died through her hands. she begs him to save rahat, and rush him to the hospital, as he is his brother after all. He says that first he cant survive such a great fall, and secondly, if he is alive, he wont let him die, as he would have to go through the same torture that he went through. Haya is highly apalled. She asks him to fear god and his judgement. He says that rahat’s death shall always remain a mystery, but he changed the course of destiny, and got her finally, and that rahat lost and he finally won over him, saying that he doesnt fear god. He doesnt realise in his overexcitement, that a truck is fast approaching him, seeing which haya gets shocked. she shouts at him, but the truck goes past by then, and faiz falls on the floor, in a pool of blood. Haya is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher taunts the new bride in the kitchen. Seher asks her why does she keep staring all the time. she asks why did she change her party. She threatens her that she gives her one more chance. the new bride says that she doesnt give anyone a chance to threaten her, and asks her and her sister to stay away from ahil, as he is hers, and that they hve consummated their marriage. The new bride sternly tells seher, that her life is about to become bigger and better and that she wont let anyone ruin her life. She says that she is already ahil’s wife, and soon she shall be his child’s mother too. Seher is tensed. the bride gives some black magic on the sherbat, and then hands it to seher and then leaves. Seher without a care is about to drink it, but then doesnt. She starts voicing her frustration that the new bride shall have to be taught a lesson.

Later, tanveer asks ahil to move on, as the past cant be changed. Ahil says that god is with the person, who help themselves, and says that they both deserve to know the truth. the new bride too stands there. He says that sanam is right, and that he would find out the person, who ruined his and his mother’s life. Tanveer ask shim to stop thinking, and start his life afresh, with his bride, and she awaits her heir, and not the culprit. seher comes and asks whats she saying, as her sacrifice cant go in vain, and that its ahil’s duty as a son, to find out the truth, and give the case some closure, and again reminds him, what he needs to do, and not think anything else. she looks at the new bride, saying that whoever comes in between that should stay away from him. he resolves that till he doesnt solve hispast, he wont look at his future. He tells tanveer that she shall get her heir, but after the culprit is behind bars. the new bride is tensed, while seher is amused. the screen freezes on seher’s face.

Precap: Sanam and seher watch tanveer, as she is in bitter tears, in the garden. they are boggled, that they never saw tanveer like this ever. But then they notice that the wires overhead have a short circuit. Tanveer too sees this, and rushes inside. They are shocked. They deduce that this means she isnt blind after all.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    good one sanam

  3. writers what is happening you all have no scripts for rahatt and haya scene he fell over a wall and mad ass faiz is trying to kill haya and there are no scripts for two days now you see what I mean you writers definitely do not know what to write and that is why you writing a whole pack of shit along the way this soap is going on toooooooooooo long it needs to end so writers hire new script writers so we can get some new action

  4. it is about time that this soap end writers you should have let haya be the one to push faiz in front of the moving truck so he would see what being evil does and the sanam ahil rehatt seher tanveer and the long toenail bride of ahil story is going on tooooooooo long cut the shit out now because all these storylines are a pack of nonsense only going around in circles all the time getting every one dizzy

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  7. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    interesting episode

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  9. I wonder if it was Rahat that ran Faiz over.

  10. Why was tanveer crying???? For her child???? Who is she??????

  11. Jab bhi mai dekhna chod ti hoon…..yeh show interesting ho jata hai……
    But still the story line is illogical*

    1. Zarmeena the same is happening with me..!!! By the way in which country do u liv….?

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