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Scene 1:
Location: Mahira’s residence
mahira clenchers her fists, listening to armaan’s proposal. He eyes this, and asks her not to even think about slapping him, as he shall reciprocate it with love, as that hurts more. She says that she as it is, cant expect anything else from her. He tells her that azad’s heart is getting hurt and passes a snide comment. She wishes that she would take out the heart, as he doesnt deserve it. he asks if she plans to murder him now. she says that she doesnt want to do it, as it wont make any difference. He tells her that it doesnt matter to her that his heart still screams for her only. She pushes him away, while he is amused. she asks him to call sameer hurriedly so that she can get kainat married. He asks if its because she wants to

fulfill her duties towards azad’s family, so that she maybe deemed pious, as his kainat is in a delapidable state, and prtends how much he is concerned for kainat, and is sure that mahira cant be that selfish, and asks her to look at kainat and imagine the unborn child. Armaan tells mahira that if she doesnt comply to marriage, then she would witness the deaths of two people, her precious kainat and her unborn child too and she shall bear the responsibility of it. She says that he has no human side. He tells her that its his humanity that he is giving her a chance to marry him. He says that this way, both kainat and she herself can lead on happy lives. All are shocked as latif points out that kainat stands there listening to it all. They are shocked and outraged. mahria tells kainat that she shall get her marriage done. Armaan starts tick-tocking to tease mahira, saying that he shall rest till she comes and makes him wear the sehra for the marriage. he jokes about it while all are tensed. Armaan then comes to kainat and tells her that she neednt worry, as mahira would never let that happen to her, and she would definitely marry him. Kainat eyes her tensedly, while mahira is in a dilemma. he leaves from there, while mahira hugs kainat.

Later, mahira finds kainat crying profusely in her room, and thinks that she wont let anything happen to her, as come what may, she wont let the insult be tampererd. she hesitatingly approaches armaan’s door, when he comes from behind, and says that in a few hours, this room shall be hers too. She says that his problem is with her, then should they be including other people, especially kainat, as she is so stressed and suicidal already, and most importantly, she is pregnant, and they shouldnt involve her, as she is his step sister too, and if not for anything else, atleast for humanitarian sake. he eyes her amused and then comes close to her, while she retreats back reflexively. He pins her against the door, and comes close to her, and then rests his head on her shoulder, and agrees to her logic, asking her to agree to his condition then, so that they can have a double wedding. She begs him not to involve others. But he continues to flirt with her, enjoying her torment. She shoves him away, saying that she thought she would be able to ignite his humanitarian side, but she was mistaken and asks him to do whatever he wants and even more so, if thats capable, but she would get kainat and sameer married. he says that he too wishes the same, and then turns to go, but without taunting her with the tick-tocking yet again.

kainat cries profusely in her room, while mahira sits beside her, tensed herself. Kainat asks her to let be, as destiny cant be changed and she shouldnt spoil her life due to her, and she shall go somewhere where people dont recognise her. Mahira tells her that she can do anything but not let him win at any cost. Kainat tells her that she cant win over him, as he knows how to take benefit of a situation. Mahira says that the most shrewd men do make a mistake, and they can reach sameer, somehow, and thatshe left him barely for 20 minutes, which isnt much to send armaan long distance from here, and comes to the conclusion that he has held sameer kept captive somewhere inside the house. She and kainat are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Having stayed awake the whole night, Begum thinks frustratedly that imi didnt let her sleep, and she doses off. Ehsaan enters and then eyes her lovingly, and then taking off his specs, he kneels down to her face, and as a reflex, she pushes him away in sleep, while he is taken aback. as she realises what she has done, she apologises profusely feeling guilty, saying that she was having a bad nightmare, in which her old husband was trying to force himself on her, and that she didnt want him to do this, and then thinks that she actually deserves insult only. He asks her not to talk like this, as she taught him to love again and asks her to stop crying. Begum comments that her pain and troubles keep revisting, and she has intimacy issues, due to her husband’s brash behaviour, and clutches him tightly, making him promise that he shall never hate her. He says that he doesnt want to force himself, and asks her to take her time, as their relation isnt based on physical love, and asks her to stop crying, as they shall come close only when she wishes. She thanks her stars for having, gotten such a wonderful husband. As he hugs her, she smiles evilly.

Later when ehsaan’s mother asks begum to come along, for preparation of food, begum hesiates. Farida asks if everything is okay and she makes a tensed face.begum says that she didnt fulfill her sleep last night, hence is tired. She smirks and then tells her that she shall send tea for begum. she leaves. begum smiles and thinks that she wishes granny was like his mother, then it would have been easy to rule the house. But she is tensed as she sees ehsaan coming in with imi and granny. He asks about farida, and begum says that she is making food in the kitchen. He says that she should have helped her, and she would have felt nice. begum takes offense and asks if he thinks that she didnt try as she did, but his mother wont let her do the work at all, asking her to spend time with him and imi. He and granny hear tensedly. granny smiles and asks her to let be, as she knows her real intentions, and asks her to come to the kitchen with her then, and help her make food. begum is tensed but complies nevertheless. They leave for the kitchen. farida is happy to see Farida and says that its good that she came as when ehsaan eats by her hand, he would feel nice. Begum is about to move, when farida comes and tells her that till yesterday, people were incomplete but now they are happy, with her arrival. begum seeks their blessings and says that she hopes she fulfills her dreams about the house. granny eyes begum tensedly. Begum goes to the counter to make bread and butter, while granny eyes the taveez in her hand, which she stealthily keeps and then comes behind her, but begum sees it in the steel reflection and understands as to what granny is upto, and gets tensed. Begum has no option but to use her magic, and when she turns around, he rhand falls on farida who comes in between, and winces in pain, as she clutches at the hand thats affected. Begum meanwhile goes blind and gets tensed. Granny is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
mahira searches around with a torch, in the basement, in a storehouse, and thinks that she wont find sameer here. then she finds his shoes and decides that he is somewhere here. she hears his muffled screams and then turns around. She is shocked to find sameer, tied to a chair, and gagged too.asks him to relax as she shall set him free, but in return he shall have to promise that he shall marry kainat rightaway. She assures him that he shall get the money and also agrees to increase the amount to whatever he says. Armaan comes in saying that he wont, as he shall pay double the amount that she gives. She is shocked to see him. He says that he knew she shall land up here and find sameer, but he would do only what he so wishes, and asks her to accept defeat, and let go of her arrogance. He says that with her one yes, she would be happy, kainat and sameer would too, and he would be overjoyed. He says that its entirely on her whether she wants to help azad’s family or not. He turns and leaves. The screen freezes on mahira’s tensed face.

Precap: As mahira gets dressed as the bride, by gazalla and latif’s help, armaan comes and taunts that she must have heard its difficult to join things, while breaking takes just a split second, just like she did to the sehra along with their relationship. He gives her the sehra, saying that he shall mend the relationship, but the sehra is her responsibility now. She takes it from him and asks him to get lost and wait for her. he turns to them angrily and asks them to get her down in the next five minutes. he leaves. mahira watches tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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