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Scene 1:
Location: Shashi’s residence and In the shed
Saif hurriedly moves out, while sanam wonders where have they hidden shaad. Meanwhile, Shaad burns his ropes somehow and makes an escape, wearing murtaza’s jacket, after one of the men find out that he is missing, and he knocks him unconscious with an iron rod, as its the only way out. The men get on the search see shaad coming right in front of them, who claims that he is the lookalike, Murtaza. they are baffled, but apologise nevertheless. shaad asks them to keep an eye on the shaad, as he is very clever. they comply. just then, the guy he had knocked unconscious, comes back, asking them to go after him. he walks past them with confidence. when the men go into check, they find shaad gone, and understand that it was the real

shaad they met. They call up shashi, who is frustrated and hollers at them, that the first thing he shall do is go to the police station and then crash at the conference tomorrow, to spoil her plans, and asks them to nab him before that at any cost. sanam hears this and is relieved. Meanwhile, Shaad finds shashi’s men guarding the police station and thinks that he cant enter the station right now, as it isnt safe.

Meanwhile, Saif presents the jacket to nazia, who is skeptical of wearing it. But on shashi’s insistence, she dons it. Sanam wonders why are they forcing nazia to wear this jacket so much, and deduces that something is amiss. They both compliment nazia galore, and ask her to wear this at the conference tomorrow, where everyone is wearing a similar jacket. nazia complies. Sanam leaves from there, worried and tensed.

Scene 2
Location: International peace conference and ahil’s residence
the guests start arriving, while sanam is dressed as a waiter, wanting to find out, whats going on so tremendous at this conference, that shaad would come here to stop it. she decides to meet shaad so that things can be clearer. Sanam accidentally spills water, on shashi’s feet, and she gets angry. before shashi can see her face, she bends down to avoid being seen and then turns around. shashi hollers at her for not apologising, and without turning around, she dons. Shashi reminds her that she is the mayor, and asks her to look at her in the eye, and then apologise. sanam thinks that if she does so, her plans would be ruined. She doesnt. Just then, the manager comes and apologises citing that this girl is new. The manager then hollers at her to get lost. she hurriedly leaves. shashi enters fuming. She goes inside. the manager then reprimands sanam for this mistake, and fires her, while she keeps pleading that this is direly needed for her. But they dont listen and she has to leave. she wonders whats shashi’s plan. Just then, shaad enters, and she wonders if its shaad or the lookalike. She tries to ask the security guard to let her speak to shaad, but they dont listen and throw her out. she frustratedly leaves.

The new bride meanwhile is irritated that murtaza doesnt believe her. she wonders what to do, and then calls shashi, to let her know. but the mayor is too busy, responding to the press questions, hoping for a better relation between pak and india. Shaas meanwhile walks around, thinking that he would have to search jannat somehow. shashi casts her eyes at shaad walking past and is baffled. shaad thinks that the bomb is in nazia’s jacket, and hence all people have worn the same kind of jacket, to delude the guards to not let them know anything or suspect anything.meanwhile, Shashi meanwhile indirectly gives a message to saif, through her comment, to go after shaad but he doesnt understand. she wraps up her press meet and then rushes to take care of shaad. The new bride then dials saif’s number, but he too cancels. She wonders why are both not receiving the call. shashi and saif gather their men together.

Outside, sanam thinks that she has to reach to shaad anyhow. she changes her attire, and gets in the queue of visitors, but then finds that she doesnt have an entry pass and steals it from someone. He reports it to the guard but sanam has already gotten inside by then. Shashi and saif inside tell everyone of their men, to get hold of shaad or else their plan shall be ruined. One of the guards come and tell that a woman has come inside without a pass, referring to sanam, but they dismiss him off, saying that its a man. they dont believe the guard and send him off to find shaad instead.

Meanwhile, in the lounge, Nazia wonders why have they called her here if they had to be this busy. sanam spots nazia and then is about to go to her, when she stops seeing saif. Nazia says that she is feeling very hot in the jacket, but saif keeps giving an excuse. this again alarms sanam as to why are they insisting nazia to keep the jacket on, and think that something is wrong. meanwhile, shaad finds sanam in the crowd, and is happy to see her alive. He is about to go to her, when he finds shashi’s men around and stealthily leaves from there. shashi is happy to see nazia and hugs her. Sanam hears their talks from a distance. shashi and saif again insist her not to take the jacket off. Nazia complies. Sanam is boggled. shashi and saif evilly smile. sanam decides that she has to go after nazia to tell that something is about to happen. Shaad, in the balcony thinks that he would have to tell sanam about nazia being a human bomb, but wonders how to get to her. Shaad finds sanam standing in the queue of visitors, and then finds a writing pad, and scribbles a note, and then folds it and is about to holler at her, from the balcony, when he is stopped, as an injection is given down his throat by razia, and he immediately doses off into unconscious state and falls on the floor. she thinks that shaad isnt capable of ruining her long due efforts. she ducks him inside a stretcher serving table, and carries him obliviously, away. But she doesnt realise that the note has fallen off. Shashi expresses her concern to razia regarding shaad, and is told that shaad isnt a concern anymore. shashi and saif are super amused and think that now everything shall happen to the plan. She says that they have come for death, but not theirs, as they shall have to leave by the right time. shashi meanwhile eyes the note kept on the floor, and gives it to the waiter, to dispose it off. He complies. nazia waits to get entry in the line. sanam, a little behind her, tries to get to her, but is asked to step back in line. She is tensed. The note is kept on the waiter’s plate, and as he walks past the visitor’s queue, it sways off, and falls right on sanam’s feet. sanam eyes the paper note on the floor, tensedly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sanam thinks that those who burn in the fury and fire of revenge, no fire can burn them, but it definitely burns everyone else involved. Later, Sanam calls up shashi, who is dressed as the mayor, and tells her that the bomb laden jacket that she had given nazia to wear, isnt there at all. Shashi hurriedly and tensedly asks where is it. The alarm beep of the bomb starts ringing, and shashi is told that the bomb is in her house itself, as the sound is coming in her house only, and that its in shaad’s jacket. shashi is scared and with terror, eyes the jacket kept on the bed, casually.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Again this dragging continues. PLEASE. Let Razia , saif , shashi kapoor and murtaza die for once and end this track

  2. What an awesome serial and superb precap

  3. It is not at all a stupid serial bt a serial having so many twists

  4. Yen ivlo slowva ilukranga. Sanam quick ah pazhi vanga sollunga. Vara vara enaku kaduppa irukku.
    Sikram next leap ku ponga. Pudhu storya irukkatum. Niraya love venum. Suniyam venam.

  5. this storyline is so damn confusing and the storyline are so inconsistent writers let me tell you you spoil a good serial which was making good headway in the beginning but now it has become A JIGSAW PUZZLE with a lot of missing pieces to tell the truth this serial gives you vertigo it is going round and round like a merry go round with no way to solve the problems that have arisen so what to do my answer is that this serial has gone way beyond coming back because after ahil fought so hard to get his sanam back from that old witch you left the witch alive and killed off the one that matters ahil and then you want to make leap and a nonsensical leap at it BIG MISTAKE writers qubool hai that you have lost your way with this serial because you have made it so confusing especially with all these doubles two sanam two shaads two razaias two tanveers witchcraft poisoning etc come on you have no other option END THIS CRAP SERIAL NOW IT DOES NOT DESERVE TO PROLONG THIS NONSENSE OF A SERIAL

    1. I totally agree.. I watched earlier episodes and it was awesome. It just degraded so badly.. all this violence , evil witch craft and killings ruined a good show

  6. It’s super episode but it’s little dragging I was waiting something good to happen today’s episode but not at all I wanted either shashi kapoor or razia or the witch or Saif to be dead in this episode but so disappointed

  7. Chris turnbull

    Stopped watching, totally disappointed, was my favorite serial,what’s the meaning of qubool hai when there’s no Ahil, the name needs changing, it means qubool hai to spiritism, murder, and evil.

  8. Till I like this serial so much. I love surbhi jyothi’s acting. She very cute in this episode. I am waiting for sanam’s revenge. And also next leap.

  9. farida uttan

    Kill all the baddies and give some good storyline – I do not watch as diligently as I used to – only read the write-ups and most time feel disappointed with the storyline.

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