Qubool Hai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam finds that shaad has locked himself inside the room. he remembers his father’s stinging words, and is tensed and hurt. She desperately asks him to open the door, and when he doesnt, she presses the alarm on the watch to signal him and get him to open. He throws the watch but then to her surprise, he opens and lets her in, on her request. She finds the room decored in the mid-sixties, and a song playing, which he says was his mother’s favourite song. She tries to get him to cheer up, by dancing to its tunes, and he finds himself enjoiying slightly, despite continuing to try to put up a tensed face. sanam dances with shaad, while he is taken aback, by her frivolity. Later she comments that she is very happy to see him like this, and

feels that she has met the happy Shaad for the first time, and asks why isnt he like this earlier. He says that he too saw this a long time back, and she comments that in this room, she feels as connected as he does. he says that this is his mother’s room, and it still shares the memories that he has of his mother, and relives them once again, and for the first time, anyone else has come in. she asks what he does when he comes. he says that he spends time with his mother, who used to be a creative writer, and when he misses her, he reads her books. she hears tensedly. He says that when he finds that his conversation is one sided, he writes himself. She is shocked and surprised, and asks him to read it out. he says that his writing only has pain and grief, and she says that she shall find it beautiful too. he narrates one, and she is mesmerised with his talent, and insists for more. he says some other time. she finds a pic of his mother by the taj and he says that she loved everything about india. she asks him to elaborate more on his mother, as she would like it then.

As they sit by the poolside, she goes through his mother’s pic, while he gives an inteo of her and other details, of how she was an indian, but after separation, she settled in Pakistant, even though she always felt strange here, and tried hard to compromise herself, but couldnt relieve herself of the pain of leaving her own country. he says that she just wanted love and bvrotherhood between the two enemy countries, and that she wanted the same status as a woman, as she got in india, but then pakistant didnt have such modern thinkling, and hence her modern ideas were rebuked, by the world, and even by her husband, and she always felt lonely and lost, without a proper life partner, and those who are alone always lose out. Both are in tears, while she wipes his, feeling his pain. he is in tears, while she too is tensed. He rests his head on her hands.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla and razaak enjoy the lavish spread that the new bride has arranged for them for food. they ask her why she left her alive, as she wouldnt have understood due to her memory loss. She says that she didnt have any reason to kill her, as she has forgotten her love for ahil, then whats the use of killing her. He hastily asks what if her memory returns back, but then seeing her reaction he is scared. she says that by the time, sanam returns, she shall have full control over ahil, and she would make him so helpless, that even if sanam returns, he wouldnt let her in his life. They are boggled and asks what she plans to do. the new bride says that ahil’s life is about to change, once he wakes up from his deep sleep. gazalla and razaak are surprised. She says that when ahil wakes up, he would have a new life, ruled by none other than she herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam insistently takes him out, in the garden, trying to point out that he is still living in the past, wheer things happened due to the circumstances then. She says that he has loset himself in his mother’s thoughts, and asks him to move on and let go of the burden and guilt of the past. he says that it isnt easy. she asks it isnt difficult, and says that she has a solution, and tries the same balloon method, with shaad, asking him to let go, of the pain and grief torturing him, through the balloons, while he is extremely nervous and tensed, while she is oblivious that she reiterates the same dialogue that she gave to ahil, when he was tormented by his past. she writes a balloon for him, and asks him to let go. she has flashbacks of doing the same with ahil, in a haze. After having done away with many balloons, he isnt able to do the same with his mother’s pain. He says that he cant. she asks him to. When he isnt able to, she speaks out, asking him to leave it, addressing him as ahil. she is boggled, and confused yet again, while he gets tensed to hear the name. he wonders who is this person, and if its her lover. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Wazira distraughedly asks misbah that she was planning to marry shaad at first. She says that she wanted to do so, till the time, he didnt know that shashi kapoor is a girl. She says that jannat has told everything, and now she thinks that now they both shall have to die. The new bride says that tanveer died thinking of having the whole property to hereself. She says that she plans to live and realise her dreams, and from now ahil’s countdown begins. gazalla and razaak are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. All hear the gud news? Karanvir is staying back!!!

    1. Are u for real kv is staying?

  2. Really? Omg omg omg..wow

  3. Why would I lie? Go to google and write qubool hai on the search bar.click the news button on top of the page.firt five article will tell u about kv staying.or write qubool hai news on the search bar

  4. stupid episode this whole episode is shit about shad and his mother who wants to know about his mothers please stick to the more important things that is ahil sanam 1 seher haya rahaat and let us see long toe nail sanam 2 pay for he evil deeds and let ahil throw her ass out and straight into the jail house

  5. Gloria Keiller to tell u the truth seher died haya and rahat r out of the show!r u happy that karanvir is back in qubool hai?by the way does anybody know if there is qubool hai tom.because it said april 4 and Saturday is april 4?

  6. Really???:) 🙂 🙂

  7. Yup

  8. I’m happy Kv is staying despite the messy script i love his acting

  9. R u guys sure that this isn’t a April fools trick? Remember in yeh hai mohobatein there was a video that said ishita is pregnant and at the end of the video they wrote April fool !

  10. Is it true that ahil will die?

  11. Is it true that ahil will die ?

  12. quboolhai4ever

    Where on the face of the earth is seher ( sanam ‘s jurva )
    im still a huge fan of qh
    hope this show keeps on running despite all these crazy changes

  13. yup…no one is intrsted in shaad / xyz…and not even dat stupid **** sanam2………..plzz stick to ua original story line itself

  14. Wat if aahil nd shaad turn out to be brothers or cousins????

  15. OMG.. KV iz back i m vry happy cz no one can replace him..

  16. Is qubool hai going still going air on april 4 ?

  17. I’m saying this one last time,SEHER IS DEAD!!

  18. Eww! These writers r ol full of crap!

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