Qubool Hai 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 31st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya and ayan are tensed to see humaira upset and angry, when she asks her not to speak. Humaira says to ayan that if he’s happy with marriage, then he should tell her, and she wont be having hopes anymore. Ayan says that she would go to asad back. Humaira asks why isnt she leaving then, as noone has stopped her. Ayan tries to justify, but humaira is in her fit of anger, and says that razia was right in assuming that zoya creates trouble wherever she goes. Ayan asks how can she trust razia. She asks why wouldnt she, as she’s her mother, and does everything for her benefit, and all of what razia is saying and did, is true after all. Ayan says that he doesnt even know what razia is upto. He asks her to get rid of anger, and think wisely.

Humaira says that if she actually was this restless, she would have gone by now. Ayan asks her not to tlk like this, as zoya has done much. humaira says that all concern if for zoya, and not for her, and asks her about the sacrficies that she made. seeing her go berserk, ayan shuts her up, and asks how does he make her believe. Humaira asks ayan to tell zoya to leave the house, right now. But ayan says that she cant. Humaira and ayan get into an arguement by that, and zoya breaks it by saying that humaira is right. She says that she would leave the house rightaway. All are tensed.

Later, ayan looks on tensed, as zoya is packing. Ayan asks if she really wants to go, zoya asks him not to stop her now. he asks her not to feel bad and leave the house for humaira. zoya says that she didnt feel bad, as she understands the situation that she’s in right now. She explains how they are fighting, but they never bothered what humaira is feeling, just like what asad is going through for her right now. She says that she didnt feel bad, as humaira’s like a sister. Ayan asks about the reporters that are due to come in the evening. Zoya says that her priority is humaira right now. ayan says that he would make an excuse that he’s not well. when ayan confirms from zoya that she’s amost done packing, he offers to call asad, but she stops him saying that she wants to surprise and make asad happy. he agrees.

As they are walking out, ayan thanks her for the sacrifice, and zoya makes fun of him. ayan says that she was very tensed when she came, and she got a lot of choices to walk out, but she didnt, and he never understood why. She says that neither him nor asad would have understood it. She says that she never lived with her parents, and hence never understood family and relations, until she came to india, and saw their families, such relations and so much love, and the brotherhood between him and asad, which she hadnt witnessed before ever. therefore, she wanted to keep his family happy, and stayed back. ayan says that she’s free to go now. she says that she’s very happy, and wonders what asad would be doing right now.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s office
Asad finds tanveer’s maternity reports, along with sonography, and is tensed. He gets a call from tanveer, and asks whats this all about. Tanveer says that she wanted him to believe what she just said that imran is the father of her child. Asad asks why did she send this to him. tanveer says that he is her first love, and wanted him to know first, before the world. She says that she feels sorry for nazma, but cant deny the right to her child, and that imran would have to marry her, and nazma wont be able to bear this. She again gives him a solution, to save nazma’s life, by marrying tanveer himself, as by doing that, tanveer would be quiet always. She says that she would wait for his call, till the evening. He cancels the phone in disgust.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nazma is very irritated, but imran promises her that he would take her to the real London. She doesnt believe him, but he asks her if she doesnt believe him. she says that she trusts him completely. She says that she’s fine with going to panchmarhi, and they would have a good time there too. Imran asks if she isnt scared of wild animals. She says that she doesnt need to be, as she’s with him. She says that she never knew that there could be a level of trust like his, as she knows that he would never ler her be hurt. Imran is tensed to hear this, as he remembers Zoya’s words. Nazma hugs him.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Meanwhile, asad is super angry and frustrated at the latest happenings in his life, and lashes out his anger at the punching bag, remembering tanveer’s words, and zoya’s reluctancy to come there to him in anger. He gets tanveer’s call again, asking him whats his descision. he says that he wants her to stay out of his life. She taunts him, and says that she’s going straight to the committee hall of the mosque, and call the press and announce the world, that she’s pregnant with imran’s child, and asks him to wonder what would happen to nazma then. She says that he isnt left with any other option other than to say yes. she threatens him to meet her in half an hour, at the committee hall. She cancels the call. asad remembers tanveer’s threat and begins punching again, in anger and rage.

Scene 5:
Location: Committee hall.
Tanveer goes to the priest and confesses innocently, that she wasnt left with any other option, other than calling them. she says that a woman fears most her disrespect, and today she is forced top do so in public. The priest asks what happened to her, and promises her justice. she starts crying, presenting herself as the victim, of betrayal by Imran, who promised to marry, and was then rejected. she says that she was lured into marriage, and then left stranded when she conceived. She asks what would a helpless woman like her do now. The priest asks who is it, as they would see that justice is meted out to her. tanveer pretendingly is about to spell out the name, when she finds asad lurking in the hallway outside the office, and smiles evilly. She thinks that finally he came to marry him, as she knew this plan of hers would be a success. Asad leaves. tanveer begins to fumble, while the priest asks insistently. Asad comes and says that he would tell them. She is surprised and tensed too. The priest recognises asad and asks him to tell about that person. Asad points to a man, and tanveer is shocked to see Imran, coming in. Nazma too follows him, and is surprised to see asad. Asad tels the priest that the father of tanveer’s child, is his sister’s husband, imran. nazma is shocked and distraught to hear this, while tanveer is confused at this latest turn of events. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The priests reprimand tanveer, for being such a low level woman, who can stoop so low. they hurl accusations at her from all directions, and she is cornered and is distraught to hear accusations from all sides. Asad comes to ayan’s residence, and announces that he has come to take zoya away with him. As ayan looks on happily, while the entire family is shocked, and the reporters are covering the event.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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