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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil signs amidst much tension, and then excuses himself, surprising sanam. The lawyer asks sanam of her details, and she is about to tell of her father’s name, when tanveer butts in asking about the list of the properties listed under their name. the lawyer gets busy with her, while tanveer asks sanam to fill the form herself. she signs her father’s name as Asad ahmad Khan, not knowing what tanveer had done to her parents. tanveerr smiles, as sanam says that its all done. She asks the lawyer if any other formalities are left, and when he denies, she asks if they can leave then. tanveer begins to leave with the lawyer, asking sanam to take care of the house, and gives her the keys, saying that she has to handle everything very soon. Sanam

is shocked but still complies. As they all come out, the same peer baba again tells tanveer to give her evils to him. She gets tensed, while sanam is shocked. She asks the baba what does he want. He says to tanveer that her death is very near to her. tanveer is irritated, while he says that her past would very soon confront her for balancing of what she did and that noone can save her. He says that noone can save her, and that she has done wrong, and now its her time to be punished. She calls for security, and is seated in the car, and drives off with the lawyer, while he continues to rant that noone can save her. the guards try to throw him out. sanam is boggled and surprised. The baba turns around and comes to sanam. The same peer baba who had haunted tanveer about her fate, scares sanam too, as he tells her, despite being restrained by security guards, that he can see clearly in her eyes, that her life is going to go topsy turvy in the near future, and that she would get to know a shattering truth, that would change her life forever and shock her to the core. she is shocked to hear this. she rushes inside, while he is thrown out. she wonders who was this and why was she talking like this. she is very tensed.

Later in night, ahil is tensed, but composes himself, when he finds sanam coming in with an extra blanket. He makes space for her, and she sits, and then lies down draping her own blanket over herself. He pretends to ignore her, but actually has his eye on every move of hers, while she too is conscious of his gaze. they play this hide and seek for sometime, while she falls asleep, and then he doses off too. But it turns out that she was just pretending to be asleep, until they both finally dose off.

While asma and latif are working hard in the kitchen, azhar’s mother is stuffing herself with food, and ordering her to make even more food. latif laments at asma’s tough luck to have a mother-in-law like her. She asks her to be more cautious in her food habits. She pretends to have seen a big worm in azhar’s mother’s head and she goes berserk, and rushes out. latif asks asma to take some rest, but she says that she wants to finish the work, to be able to be a good daughter in law. Latif smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
haya comes out from the bathroom, after her bath, drying her hair, when rahat walks in, and is mesmerised to see her reflection in the mirror, while she is oblivious of his presence. Finally she sees him and gets conscious and drapes a dupatta around herself. He comes and asks if he bathed at this time. she tells him about the incident on the road with that brat. rahat talks about the surprise saying that the person, who means the world to him, his brother has finally come. He takes her to meet him. he hollers at faiz and when he turns around, both faiz and haya reognise each other, and remember their spat. He comes hastily to him, and then takes him away saying that this is the same girl, and she too adds that he is the same guy. rahat is sandwiched between the two, until finally he asks both of them to calm down. He asks whats the matter. faiz starts blaming haya, for not moving, sarcastically commenting on her sense of hearing. rahat tries to clarify that she is deaf and dumb, and faiz is shocked, and embarassed too. he sits resignedly on the sofa, and then understands his mistake. rahat turns it casual, and formally introduces them. they greet each other and nicely this time, after he apologises to haya and she too reciprocates. he extends his hand for friendship, and when she agrees, he withdraws at the last minute stylishly, just to irritate haya, and has that effect.

While rahat is working in the night on his laptop, he is amused at faiz’s enthusiasm for video games, but then just to irritate him, he switches off the game at the last minute. faiza asks why did he do so. rahat asks him to continue in his own room, as its been made. faiz turns into a drama queen,and says that he wont go anywhere, and starts taunting him for sending him away on the first night that he came here. he inncently asks if his place in the heart has been replaced by someone else. rahat gets amusedly angry at him, when faiz turns serious, saying that he actually is serious that he cant stay away from him. they both hug each other, while he says that he knows rahat loves him too much, and hence knows how to take advantage of it. rahat says that even his life would be for him. A brotherly camaraderie follows.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
In the middle of the might, ahil’s childhood memories of his father ruthlessly beating him, awaken and haunt him, and it turns nightmarish for him, as he starts screaming incoherently that he doesnt want to be beaten. this wakes up sanam, who is puzzled. she touches ahil and asks if he is okay. he immediately clasps on her, asking her to hold him, while he seeks solace in her grasp and lap, shocking and boggling sanam to the core. she comforts him that there’s noone, and asks him not to be scared, while he continues ranting that she shouldnt leave him, almost childishly. He falls asleep again, but doesnt let go of her hand’s clasp. she is boggled, as to what happened to him suddenly that caused him to be scared so much. she draps his blanket around him, and lies awake herself, so that he has a peaceful sleep. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Rehaan gets a gift and places it in Sanam’s room stealthily, thinking that he had thought that he would give this to her on their first eid together, when little did he know that she wouldnt be his, and would be someone else’s wife by then, still sionce he has bought the gift, he decides to keep it there for her. Sanam comes out and finding the gift, misconstrues it to be ahil or tanveer’s gift to her, and takes it to find bangles inside, which she happily dons. when she comes out, latif reprimands her for wearing such normal bangles from god knows where, reminding her that on this day, the newly wed wife only wears bangles, gifted to her by her husband only. Sanam is tensed. latif shows her an entire rack of bangles that ahil has arranged for her, to choose from and wear for herself. Ahil looks at her tensedly too. Rehaan looks on resignedly, disturbed and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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