Qubool Hai 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 31st January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid goes over to the cabinet, and razia sneaks out from his room. He looks at the file and thinks that he might be under observation and that he would have to be careful.

The next day, Shirin tries to pacify razia and asks her to talk to her. She says that she cares for razia while razia keeps saying that she’s unimportant for everyone. Shirin apologizes but razia’s eyes are fixed on rashid going out of the house with the file. as she tries to go behind rashid, she is stopped by shirin who is asking desperately for forgiveness and asks her to hug if she has truly forgiven shirin. she finally gives in to shirin’s whims and goes out in haste but loses rashid who just walked out of the house. she thinks to herself that she hopes he’s not in some kind of conspiracy against her.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya gives mariam food and goes out of the store room to get water. Asd sees her coming out and hides ayan into the store room. When zoya returns with the glass of water, she finds asad at the door. they both begin to go off in opposite directions. when asad leaves, zoya pretends to go but stays behind. in the store room, ayan finishes the food. Zoya enters and mariam asks where has the food disappeared. Zoya says that she knew mariam would finish off the food. Ayan sees all this from hiding. while zoya is busy with maraim, asad signals ayan to come out. He tries to tell asad that there were two girls inside but asad refuses to believe him saying that it was one only.

As asad tries to get ayan to move out the front door, dilshad spots him but he makes up an excuse that he was hungry, hence got up to eat, while hiding ayan beside the dining chair. When dilshad is gone, asad turns around to find zoya too in the kitchen, but he couldnt see mariam hiding under the chair.

While mariam is hiding behind the chair, zoya says that she had come to drink water when asad asks the reason for her being there at this time of the night. They both try to prevent each other from seeing the person who they have been hiding from the other. After asad finishes his glass, he leaves, while zoya takes away ayan who too is hiding from her, while mariam slides away accidentally while zoya is thinking that she’s taken mariam.

She throws away ayan into the store room again. Mariam too sneaks in behind the store room’s door and comes face to face with ayan, who mistakes her for zoya and says that he’s heard a lot about her from asad. Asad calls ayan outside and sends him off saying that he wouldnt want him to be seen by zoya, to which ayan replies that he has already seen zoya. Asad says thats impossible since she went the other way. Ayan says that then it must be the other girl. Ayan is warded out of the house by asad in haste. But ayan’s words set him to thinking and he connects the recent incidents also together, and zoya’s strange behaviour recently and is overcome with a terrible premonition. He finds it true when zoya and mariam come out of the house and find themselves face to face with asad, who is very angry seeing mariam there.

Asad tells zoya that mariam would have to leave the house, since this is the least safe place for her, and she cant put her family too in trouble. As zoya tries to talk him out of it, saying that she needs their help, asad says that he is adamant that mariam would have to leave and he has already found a place for her to live, till her brother comes. Asad tells zoya that tomorrow, he would instruct the driver to take mariam the place that she has to be left of, and in case when he returns home and finds that its not been done, then he wouldnt waste another minute in sending zoya out not only from his house but from bhopal too. as asad leaves, zoya thinks that she cant leave this city since he has to find her father and is placed in a dilemma as to what to do.

Mariam, seeing that zoya has tried so hard for safety, says that she first feels like somebody cares for her truly. Zoya apologizes that she cant help her anymore and has to leave her in this alone, since she herself is a guest and cant ask asad to keep her in the house. mariam says that she cant expect anything more from her, since she’s already seen what happened to zoya in mangalpur. Zoay says that she cares for her safety rather than her own, and asks her to leave before she is seen by asad. Mariam says that she might not know it yet, but asad does care for her. Zoya is surprised to hear it.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s office and residence
while asad is busy on a call in his office, he finds mariam’s father barging in, despite his employees telling him not to. Asad asks the reason for his coming there. He says that mariam has been seen around asad’s house and asks if he’s given her shelter in his home. Mariam’s father says that if he gets to know that mariam is in his house, then the consequences wouldnt be good. He says that he’s warning him for the last time to not talk like that again, he wont repeat his warning again. Asad says that what he did with zoya should land him in jail and warns him that if he ever tried to come in his house again, then he would inform the police. He then uses mariam’s father’s dialogue and says that he’s warning him for the last time to not talk like that again, he wont repeat his warning again. Mariam’s father goes in rage. After he’s gone, asad calls up zoya to ask if mariam’s gone. she says that as he had instructed, she has gone and would never come again. Asad says that he should never try to contact her ever again.

Meanwhile, at his residence, dilshad enters with a scared mariam behind her. As zoya turns around, she is shocked to find mariam back with dilshad. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: A masked man enters dilhad’s house and points a gun at mariam, point blank. He fires a shot. Mariam and dilshad are both thrown on the ground at the impact. Zoya is stunned to see this, while asad is horrified as he hears gunshots on the phone.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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