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Part 1

Mahira looks at the moon and turns to look thru the channi and is shocked to see Armaan instead of Azad standing in front of her. She slaps Armaan. Armaan pins her to the wall and says a manner-less girl like you whose husband isnt near her, is understandable. Coz its better he dies than living with you.

Right then Azad shown collapsing after being stabbed by Afreen. Sanam-2 is shocked and calls out to Azad. Mahira hears and rushes to check. Mahira tries to shake Azad to consciousness as well. Mahira asks Sanam-2 who did this. Armaan comes over and checks Azad’s pulse. Gazala-Latif-Kaynat come over as well. All are in shock and worried for Azad. Armaan suggests to rush Azad to hosp. Armaan and Mahira bring Azad to the car and put him inside. Armaan is about to enter the car

when Mahira tells him to leave saying she doesnt need his help. Armaan doesnt join them. Armaan recollects his rude words to Mahira.

Afreen sees Armaan and realizes he is Sanam-2’s son. She follows him & hits him by her car thinking if she din win,Sanam-2 wont win either. Armaan’s falls on road, his head bleeding. Passerby check on him. Sanam-2 senses something being wrong & spots Afreen who winks at her. She drives off. Mahira asks Sanam-2 to rush as Azad is sinking. Sanam-2 checks on an injured Armaan. Azad-Armaan both rushed to hosp. Mahira prays for her true love’s safety. She remembers Peer Baba telling her that she is a chosen one & Allah will test her the most. She begs for her true love’s safety. Sanam-2 tries to check on her son’s heath. Says their blood group is rare. They need blood. Sanam-2’s blood is given to both Azad-Armaan. Sanam-2 wonders how all this happened.

Part 2

A passerby gives Mahira Peer Baba’s dhaga for safety of the one she is praying for. Mahira is relieved. She goes inside and sits on Azad’s bed. She recollects all the moments with Azad. She thinks that this dhaga will surely save her true love. She assures Azad that he will be well soon. She places the dhaga by Azad’s side. Nurse asks Mahira to leave. After she leaves, a breeze blows and the dhaga falls by Armaan’s side.

Sanam-2 rues that she is an unfortunate mother. She couldnt even hug her first born. Rues that she thought he died. And when he came in front of her, both my son’s life is in danger. Why everytime time hurts me. Doctor tells Sanam-2 to come with him. He tells Sanam-2 that one of your son’s heart failed and others multiple organs failed. Sanam-2 begs for their lives to be saved. Doctor says can save one only. Sanam-2 is shocked. Doc says we can take out Azad’s heart and put in Armaan or Armaan’s organs in Azad’s body but either way can save only one. Please decide and tell me. Doc leaves from there.

Sanam-2 breaks down. She wonders how can she take such a decision of which of her child is more dear. The one whom i din raise, i care for him and the one whom i raised also needs me. Azad asks Sanam-2 to save her first born. Sanam-2 asks how she will look Mahira in the eye. Azad says Mahira wanted me to make a human and saving my brother is biggest act of humanity. Azad may die but his heart will live in Armaan. Darkness is destined to merge in darkness but Mahira wanted light, i wanna see her life filled with light. Please do this. Sanam-2 relents.

Part 3

Mahira asks Sanam-2 what Doc said. Azad will be safe right. Sanam-2 says all will be well. Dont worry. She walks away from Mahira and breaks down. Mahira is confused. Azad is on the operating table and thinks that his time is up. His story is over but his love will never end. He thinks .. I love you Mahira. I have always loved you and now my heart will love you always. Flashbacks of Azad-Mahira moments. Mahira thinks that Allah cant take her true love away from her. He has to return.

Precap — Azad’s bing wheeled out. Mahira screams. Armaan’s body being wheeled out as well.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Oh! Will miss azad a lot ! ? 🙁 can’t see him dying like this! ??

    1. Ya Shumi, I too miss azad

    2. Me too shumi

  2. will der b happy ending to love story?????????????

    1. Love story never ends Rachel…?

  3. will miss u azaad but excited to armaan and mahira

  4. He died n wat about armaan

  5. So up to now Sanam 2 ain’t realise her other son also dead? Steups something wrong with this series yes. And I was starting to enjoy azaad. Huh

  6. Miss u azad a lot………….

  7. Omg. I can’t see azad death.

  8. Amaad was right..no one cares for him..till now no one botherd about him..

  9. Will miss AZAD so much ?
    But waiting gor ArmaanMahira

  10. We muslims not celebrate karwachaut its hindus fesitival

  11. I got teary ?

  12. Naaz is right we won’t celebrate this festival but after asad and zoya i like the story of azad and mahira. Missing it

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