Qubool Hai 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Qubool Hai 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 30th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan tries to drink the water and vomit the poison out, while zoya supports him. Seeing his condition worsen, she asks him to let her call the doctor, but ayan continues to tell her that he’s better now. She gives him a bath, and notices that there’s blood on the towel with which she wiped his face. She asks him to let her call, as she wont be able to forgive herself, if something happened to him, due to her. But ayan says that he’s feeling better. Razia insistently takes shirin to ayan’s room, despite her protests, saying that they should check up on Ayan. Meanwhile, Razia takes humaira and shirin to ayan’s room, and not finding him there, they hear noises from the bathroom, and see inside and they are shocked at what they

see. they see that zoya has hugged ayan, under the shower. Humaira is distraught.

After they leave, shirin reprimands razia to look into a married couple’s private affiar. Shirin gives advise to razia that they shouldnt interfere like this, and she feels that zoya and ayan have started liking each other. razia says that it isnt like that. shirin asks about what they just witnessed. Razia is frustrated. she says tht both ayan and zoya had a past, but now it looks that they are getting closer, despite the way the mrriage happened, and that now there’s love between them. she is happy thinking that everything would be fine, and her doubts were baseless. Razia is frustrated. humaira hears them from a distance and is broken completely.

In her room, humaira is distraught thinking about her past with ayan, and his present with zoya and their moments together. She wonders if its a doubt, or the turth, or whether they have actually started liking each other. she shuns away her doubts and says that now it wont hapen, and she wont let it happen too. She finds that her locket with their pic is broken, and remembers how ayan had gifted it to her.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s office
Asad is shocked to hear tanveer, and says that only a low level woman like her can talk like this. tanveer says that she’s saying the truth. Asad warns her that she shouldnt get his family involved. She says that its too late now. he tries to throw her out, but tanveer tells him that she’s pregnant with a child, and asks him if he doesnt want to know the father of the child. As asad looks on, tanveer says that its imran’s child. Asad is shocked but doesnt believe it, saying that she has lost her sanity to detect between the truth and false. He again wants to throw her out. Tanveer protests and says that this is true, and that he can confirm this from imran. She says that she only loves him. She also sarcastically gives poetry to her romance. She says that she isnt just a lover but a mother too, and hence even if she wants she cant wait for him. she says that she has got another card made like this, and shows him that it says Asad’s name instead of imran’s as the groom. asad is tensed. Tanveer gives asad a time frame of 24 hours to decide, whether her palanquin would come to his house, as his wife, or to his sister’s house, as her Sautan. Asad is distraught. She says that the descision is his, and tries to get him to have sweets but he denies. She says that he has time til tomorrow, and if he doesnt, then she would confirm her marriage with imran. She leaves, while asad is worried, looking at her as she leaves. Asad remembers tanveer’s words.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
haseena excitedly calls his children and akss them to guess whats in her hand, and then reveals that its the tickets for their honeymoon. Nikhat remembers farhan’s words, and says that they wont go. haseena asks why. Farahn gives the same reason, and says that nikhat can go if she wants to. She thinks that its good for her only, if nikhat went alone. Nikhat protests that she cant go without him. He thinks that it wont serve his purpose then. He agrees to go too. Haseena gives the booking tickets, and says that they would have to leave tomorrow. Nazma asks when’ss the flight. haseena says that they dont need flight, and can go via car. They are confused. But haseena clears that she went to panchmarhi and thats where they are going too. They are all confused. imran says that they thought that they would go to london. Haseena asks them to dream on, and shows that its actually Hotel London, biggest hotel in Panchmarhi, and it has the same kind of environment, that London has. They are all shocked at her thievery. haseena smirks. Nazma is terribly disappointed.

Farhan finds nikhat tensed about the ghungroo. He tries to clarify, but she says that even though she doesnt understand things, but doesnt need clarifications, as she trusts him, and hopes that there would be a time when he would come clean in front of her, and she’s just waiting for that time. He says that it means a lot that she has said this. When she leaves, he thinks that its good that she doesnt ask questions as she wont be able to bear the answers, about his life.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is taken care by zoya, who still thinks that he should consult the doctor. He says that he would if need be. Zoya reprimands him for being so foolish to have actually taken the juice. He says that it was needed, as he knew about razia’s plan, and if he hadnt taken it, and she would have. She is all the more shocked, when she knows that he knew it was poison laced. He says that he couldnt let her take the blame for anything. She says that it doesnt matter, as she’s leaving the house. He says that she hasnt left yet, and that her repsect is his onus, and he owes this to her and asad atleast. She says that this is why he likes her, and would praise galore to humaira for him. They hug friendly. Humaira sees thisd and storms inside. Zoya says that they were just talking about her. Humaira says that she saw what was happening. Ayan says that she got the wrong notion. Humaira says that love may be blind, but not people who are in love, as she had eyes, and they shouldnt lie. zoya again tries to clarify, but hum aira reprimands her to keep shut. The screen freezes on his tensed face.


Precap: Tanveer goes to the priest and confesses innocently, presenting herself as the victim, of betrayal by Imran. she says that she was lured into marriage, and then left stranded when she conceived.The priest asks who is it. tanveer pretendingly spells out the name. Humaira asks ayan to tell zoya to leave the house, right now. But ayan says that she cant. Humaira and ayan get into an arguement by that, and zoya breaks it by saying that humaira is right. She says that she would leave the house rightaway. All are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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