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Scene 1:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny gives the dupatta to ehsaan’s mother, and asks her to drape it on begum. She is overwhelmed with happiness. Ehsaan’s mother thanks granny for having given her blessings to this relation. she leaves. granny thinks that she has to save her grandson’s happiness from the Daayan. granny comes from behind too, as ehsaan’s mother comes to drape the dupatta around her. begum is immediately tensed. his mother says that she shall help her drape it. begum complies, and nothing happens to her, as she touches the dupatta, which shocks granny totally. His mother says that she is looking supremely beautiful, while begum says that she shall always rever this dupatta. Granny is confused. After his mother leaves, begum grabs hold

of granny, from, her hiding, and turns her around to confront her. begum tells granny that she is old now, and if she actually thought, she would expose her in front of everyone. she opens a box, and shows the remnants of the real dupatta, which is completely burnt. she tells granny that this one, which she is wearing, is false. She asks granny to stop messing with her. Granny says that she knows she is a devil, and she has solid evidence that shows the dagger through her heart and that she shall expose her tonight at any cost. Granny tries to go, but begum gags and hlds her and drags her underneath the sofa, with tape across her mouth, and then loads her onto the food tray. She tells granny that she is atleast double her age. begum asks her not to dare cross roads with her. granny is apalled.

Meanwhile, begum comes with the tray of food, and shyly faces the guests, who help her sit across Ehsaan, in a sehra. Imtiaz asks about granny, and his mother says that she must be somewhere around. begum gets tensed, as he begins to search around for her and then spots the food, and goes to eat, while granny struggles to make a signal. she tries to make a noise with her movements. the priest asks if she accepts the marriage, and she responds in a yes three times, while granny tries hard to capture attention.

Scene 2:
Location: Begum’s residence
Latif and gazlla hover around armaan, and compliment him on his looks. He doesnt find mahira, and tells them that he shall go and get her. As he gets to searching for mahira, he finds a room open, and someone inside the totally dark room. He knocks from behind, and Mahira, who is inside is startled. She turns around and in the light of the torch, he finds her, and asks whats she doing here. They compose themselves, and she switches on the lights, to show her surprise, that she wanted him to enjoy, a fully decorated romantically set room. He likes it and is happy. he says that it isnt more beautiful than her. They both leave as the priest has arrived.

As armaan sits, all wait for mahira to come down. he asks gazalla where is she. she says that she shall get her. he is tensed. In her room, mahira is dressing, but thinks that there’s something wrong, and before things get wrong, she shall have to see this, and finds a video. But suddenly she seems something that shocks her. she shuts it, as gazalla comes immediately asking her to come. gazalla asks if she saw the video. Mahira says that she did. gazalla says that it was meant to be a surprise for her. She drapes the dupatta and then comes down with gazalla, as he eyes her mesmerised. As the marriage rituals begin, the priest asks for armaan’s consent. which he readily gives. The priest then turns to mahira and asks her too, while she eyes armaan tensedly, from the other side of the purdah. he repeats and asks again, as they all wait for the response. finally, she stands up and says no, much to armaan, the priest and every guest’s shock. He says that maybe there is a confusion. she says that all confusions have been cleared and that she wont accept him as a husband. All are shocked and boggled, as they eye each other irritably. She leaves and he goes after her, without hearing anyone calling out to them.

In the corridor of the balcony, mahira breaks into uncontrollable tears, as she cries apalled and distraught, when he comes from behind and wrenches her around, telling her that she cant do this at the last minute. he asks what happened. She says that everything is a joke, her, her marriage and her love, and that its her idiocy that she believed in a man like him, who can go to any lengths for his profit. he says that she cant go accusing him like this, and what happened at the last moment, when his heart loves her so much. She asks him to stop lying in the name of the heart. She asks if he hasnt had his share of lies, and that she believed he has changed, because he has azad’s heart. She says that she knows he called the crowd yesterday, as he saw his paid actor working today, and how he had paid him too. he says that its a co-incidence as how could he have known. she says that for heaven’s sake she shall trust him again and then goes in and brings the property papers. She tells him that she found these papers and how they landed up again, when she had torn them. He says that he accepts this, but it doesnt prove that he doesnt love her. She ask how much shall he lie more. She says that she is disgusted, and that she was an idiot to trust him, but she wont do that anymore as she knows that a person like him cant love anyone at all, and emotions cant arise in his heart and that she hates him. she remembers his romantic gestures. he says that its all a misunderstanding as his love is true and everything else fake. she is shocked at his audacity and asks if he needs more proof. She goes back in and then gets the laptop. It shows a video of him, professing his love for her, and he says that it was her surprise, but then is shocked into silence to see the camera still rolling, where he expressses his frustration at having to do this idiotic acting of being in love. he stands tensedly, while she eyes him with betrayal, and asks if she still wishes to remain on his stand, as what she had thought about him was right, that he is a ruthless emotionless man. She says that she can never love a man like this. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Armaan tells mahira that within 24 hours, she shall herself make him wear the sehra, and in front of everyone, accept his hand in marriage, with her total free will and if it doesnt happen, then he would do whatever is needed to prove, even change his name. An angry mahira says that the world may go topsy turvy but she wont marry him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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