Qubool Hai 30th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam is extremely tensed, and asks what nonsense is this, and starts hollering who is it. Ahil sees her tensed, and then takes the receiver, but finds that the person cut the phone. He places down the receiver, and then asks her if she is okay. she flinches away from him, and says that she is fine. He asks her not to answer the phone the next time, it rings. He leaves. she stands tensed. shaad passes by and sees her like this, and comes to her, asking what is she doing here,. as she should be resting. She tries to talk about the call, when the phone rings again. He picks it up, before she is able to clarify. she is tensed, as he calls for the pest control to come, and that he shall inform ahil. she is relieved and tensed still. He blames it on not

getting medicine, and goes to get it. She remembers the threat and asks him to stay close to her, but he says that he would just be back. She asks him to hurry up. After he leaves, the phone rings again. She picks it up tensedly this time, and the same person haunts her playing a guessing game, saying that the person who loves her immensely and for whom, she means the world, shall die. She is extremely scared and as she turns around, she accidentally throws the glass that shaad has brought for her. She vehemently tries to speak about the threatening call, while he trivialises it, saying that he has come to India for the first time, then why would a stranger want to kill him in an unknown land,. and asks her to relax and go to freshen up. She silently complies. she goes to the washroom and splashes her face with water. as she looks up, she finds a message written in lipstick on the mirror, saying, I AM COMING. She is scared, and it increases as the phone rings yet again.

meanwhile, shaad and ahil cross paths in the verandah, where shaad tells him, when ahil ignores him, that love teaches a person patience, and asks him not to be restless, as very soon sanam shall remember everything back. Ahil says that this is what gives him solace, but sometimes feels that what if it doesnt materialise, and that they have had lots of trials. Shaad asks him not to give up or lose hope, and asks him to believe in god, as he would get his sanam back. Ahil says that what he doesnt have is time, and that he may want to help him, and that their love is pure, and how they havent consummated their relationship, but the truth is that sanam is marrying him in the next two days, and if he doesnt stop her, then things would go wrong, and that he hasnt lost hope, but things seem very bleak right now.

Razia shows shashi, ahil, sanam, shaad and the enw bride’s pictures, while saif and shashi look at it boggled. she asks whats this. razia says that these are her enemies, that surround her. She asks whats to be done. razia asks her to hit the foundation, as after that all other enemies shall crumbling after. She asks shashi to cast her aim at that one person, the weakest link, killing whom, would land everyone else’s life in her hands. shashi takes a deep look at all of them and finally fires at nazia’s, and all pics come crumbling down. shashi praises her, saying that she can torture ahil completely, and that for her motive, she would have to win nazia’s trust, as that would hamper everyone. She asks shashi to control nazia completely, as her revenge shall help her succeed in her mission. Shashi swears that she shall do exactly what she says. Razia taunts asking her if she has any other option. razia says that she has moved ahead of petty familial strifes, as the world is waiting for Sir juda, to reintroduce terror. She leaves, leaving behind shashi and saif, boggled and tensed, as razia asks them to handle the forst here.

Scene 2:
Location: Fitness centre
The new bride gets gazalla and latif to a fitness centre, wherein they are shocked that they shall have to exercise. they try and start giving excuses to get out of it, much to her frustration, wherein she adds that this is their punishment for what they did. they said that they didnt do anything. She says that this is exactly what the problem is, that they are always inactive. She asks them to get back on their feet and do as told. They get to exercising with her.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
meanwhile, shaad gets a work, and has to go, but a skeptic sanam tells him that she swears not to go, and hugs him, saying that he wont go at all. He tries to talk, but she shuts him, hugging him tight. He is tensed and uncomfortable. He tries to make her understand that it might be a prank call. just then, the doorbell rings, and sanam is sure that its the same man, but shaad says that he shall show her that its nothing. Ahil opens the door, to find that its pest control. shaad and sanam come too. Shaad descends down the stairs, while sanam is tensed. Both the men watch, while sanam stealthily comes down, as the handyman gets to take out his gloves and his drill machine, having worn his mask. he sings the same taunting song, that sanam recognises from the person who threatened her. the screen freezes on her scared face.

Precap: while the handyman comes to fix and repair something, and then suddenly aims the pistol at shaad and ahil, who are shell shocked. Sanam sees them too, and is scared. he finally fires, before sanam can run and save the person.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. omg seriously!!!!!! can someone tell me what is really going on here because i think this show is going astray.

  2. meeeeeee I agree with you and when you make comments like this naf says that it is a negative comment but to tell the truth this serial is just going round and round with a whole lot of crap scripts from those writers this serial has tooooooo many unwanted scenes in it which we can do without because they do not make any sense at all like I said this serial need to end and the writers do not want to accept that they do not know what the hell to write again so they not ending it and just introducing any shit into the scene no dead people come back to life after being electrocuted and chandllier falling and stopping mid way months now and memory loss cannot come back even after having flashes what the heck end the damn serial

  3. you know what I do not understand is this qubool hai means I ACCEPT now in the serial all the scripts one after the other qubool hai does not fit in in the beginning this serial was good there was a purpose for every script and it flowed one after the other now it is just a CALALOO as we would call it a lot of mixed unwanted scripts that does not make any sense at all end the serial now this we will qubool hai

  4. Indians are stupid

  5. Frahia Mohamed

    Owwww not dis shit again…#dissapointed

  6. this show is a flop now

  7. how on earth could someone say Indians are stupid this is truly a hateful comment did you not see this NAF but you finding fault when others make good truthful comments BOO TO YOU

  8. fan when you find time satisfy your ego by researching the joharie window you could learn a thing or two

  9. Keen Observer ——Gloria Keiller stop this and act as an adult.

  10. Why are people trying to police other people’s comments/opinions (about the show). I may not agree with them, but ohgorm its their opinion of the showor episode…leave it be.

  11. by the way who the hell is Gloria Keillor you are mixing me up with someone else I am the keen observer so correct yourself please

  12. Why this show is still on air??????

  13. Indians arent stupid and i dont think your comment is correct but i think what you mean is the people who made this show arent doing a good job anymore

  14. I agree with you chad

    1. U getting Ridiculous Keen Obshitter…. Oh sorry I mean Keen Observer””’ like I said it’s just a show… Cut ur cable off stop watch

  15. seems like you have a problem with me well girl see if you can handle all the other negative comments keep reading

  16. sanam 2 possess so many powers imagine she she just utter the words statue and ahil was a statue he could not even move to help sanam please what nonsense now sanam 2 is so powerful why doesn’t she make ahil fall out of love with sanam come on writers you need to do better than that

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