Qubool Hai 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence and down the hilltop
As sanam addresses herself by her name, in front of the new bride, she is shocked. the flashback from falling down the cliff begins. Weirdly down the cliff, the sanam who had fallen, gets up with a headache due to her head injury and her entire past comes flashing back before her, right till the minute she got reunited back with ahil, everything now crystal clear to her, from thee moment she landed in pakistan. she is horrified at what happened after her memory loss, right till she was thrown down the cliff. Ahil’s screams screaming for her as sanam, keeps resoundding in her heart, as she is completely baffled, when she remembers ahil’s professing of love for her multiple times. She breaks out saying that she remembered

everything, that she is sanam, ahil’s sanam. she starts screaming for ahil, and finally finds him lying upside down, by his stomach. She goes to him, asking him to wake up, addressing herself as his sanam, and that she knows everything. she tries to stop the vehicles, but noo one stops. she begs ahil to open his eyes, and assures him that nothing would happen. she tries to hear a heart beat and then checks to find a pulse, but finds none. She gets tensed and keeps asking him to get up, as till she breathes, he cant die. She is shattered and collapses beside him. then the revamped sanam tells her that she took ahil away ffrom her, and she shall take her life from her, by killing her. the new bride lurges ahead, but sanam throws her, saying that she destroyed her life, and married ahil by betrayal, sold off her sister, made ahil believe that she is dead, and that her sister is dead too, tried and take shaad away frm her, and finally snatched ahil, her love from her. She asks the new bride what will she do now, as there’s no reason for her to be alive now, and when such a thing happens, death stops scaring a person, and that now she just wait and watch what she does to her and her companions, as the countdown begins for them now. the new bride says that she or for that matter, nothing can kill her, as she has evil powers. sanam says that she has godly powers, that defeats everything, and the true power of love, as it never dies, and that its power doesnt end too. Sanam says that everyday shall be a new death, and with every death, she shall see her end coming near. She swears that she wont spare the new bride. the new bride says that she shall kill her before that, and gags her. But sanam throws her away, unclasping her hand. She hits her head and when she turns back, she finds sanam gone. She gets bersekr, and starts tearing the curtains, and screams for latif and gazalla, who rushing come to her. She orders them to go and find sanam, while she is frustrated wondering where is she. Then her eyes suddenly fall on, the opposite corridor, wehere sanam stands, facing her tensedly. The lights go off, and sanam escapes. the new bride goes after her, and hits her leg on the vase which breaks. when the lights come back on, Sanam is on the first floor’s balcony, breaking all possible glass bottles she gets. Sanam breaks pots, glass vases, and other ceramic vases into small pieces and sprays them on the floor. The new bride sees this and rushes up ther stairs to get to her. her heel breaks and she starts walking barewfoot. she lunges ahead to grab sanam’s throat, but sanam ducks just in time, and the new bride loses her balance and falls naked feet on the broken pieces, and hurts the base of her leg terribly. sanam is amused and asks what happened, that she is whimpering at such a small pain, and that this is nothing compared to the pain that she shall give her. the new bride glaots about her evil powers, and asks her to think who is she talking and threatening. She says that it isnt easy to kill her. the new bride eyes the glass pieces, beside which sanam stands. She crosses the path, with bleedingd feet, as pieces of glass crush undferneath her feet, and grabs sanam’s throat. Sanam unclasps yet again. She pushes the new bride and once she is at a free fall, sanam clasps her hand, and holds her midway, saying that she wont be given an easy death, and that she would be tortured to die, as she would be scared always, and that her time would end when she wants. Sanam leaves. the new bride is shocked and scared too. latif and gazalla are shocked to see the whole scenario, with broken glass pieces. the new bride says that for the first time, she has seen such guts in her, and wonders how did this happen. Gazalla boasts that she would get sanam rightaway and present her to the new bride.

Sanam, under the shower, says that she accepted whatever the lord handed out to them, but she knows tjhat evil cant win over the good in this world. She swears that from this day forth, all of her concentration is directed towards avenging, the revenge for herself, her husband, her sister, and her mother and father, and her friend, towards the betrayers, and that shall be her true salvation. She says that till now she has accepted every decision of the lord, but now she would have to seethe lord accepts her decision. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Shashi says to saif that once nazia gets past the security check, they shall come back. shashi says that the convention shall start at 9:30, and thats when they shall trigger the bomb on nazia’s clothing. meanwhile, in the shed, shaad burns his ropes somehow and makes an escape. One of shashi’s men, finds that seat where shaad was tied empty. the men get on the search see shaad coming right in front of them, who claims that he is the lookalike, Murtaza. they are baffled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Tujme itni himmat dekhe bahut kushi ho rahi hai sanam lekhin ahil ke liye bahut bura bhi lag raha hai

  2. Sanam’s revence is nice.

  3. I hope finally truth wins over evil. Always this serial shows only evil winning . Actly this serial shld hv been named qubool nahi hai .frm the first itself all tat is qubool nahi hai for the main leads r only happening…

  4. is ahil dead??

  5. Very sad?at least u wud hv been united ahil and sanam b4 the leap .

  6. Sanam’s revenge is too good. But why she save new sanam’s life. Surbhi acting very nice…

  7. yeah I m happy…. I can see zoya’s guds in sanam face….. common sanam…. qubool hai is gng lively and I m sure aahil is not dead as true love never end easily … aahil vll b safe under sanam’s custody…. luv u shurbhi super actress u r…..

  8. I realy don’t khow that zee organizer what want they a show ruuning its original time but for an other show they shift the show other time and the new show start that time this is not good plz shift qabol h on its original tim at 9:30 not at 7:30 we can’t see this show.we wait for this shot but we can’t see this.plz qabol h shift this show on its original time and the new show shift on 7:30. If any one want this vote for this and faver me plz

  9. I think that Sanam and Shaad will team up together and kill Razia , Shashi Kapoor , Murtaza and Saif . Only the Witch Sanam 2 may escape. Shaad and Sanam may get together . I am glad. Because its too much pain in this season 3 . I am hoping season 4 will be happy and exciting. With the 2 new actors and Mahira . Which is Sanam / Jannat daughter. Make their love story better. Dont ruin it like what u did with Aahil and Sanam

  10. Ahil must be alive

  11. Is ahil dead?? Oh pls.. dont evr kill him. He deserves some happiness in life.. without getting sanam’s live he should not die. Just end tis serialwith sanam and ahil reuniting..

    And regardin tis leap.. harshad pls u deserve betr show.. dont get into this crap. Again they ll kill ur character after one yr and season 5,6,7 will continue..

  12. Wow enjoying sanam revenge it so cool now the show is on track again keep it up??

  13. I am so disappointed that Karanvir Bhora is leaving the show , now am not interested in Qubool Hai again.

  14. Its good to see sanam wanting to take revenge and its so sad that there will be no AAHIL!……

  15. I am so sad that Karanvir isn’t in the show anymore. They should at least end this part with Sanam and Aahil reunite. Hope everything goes well and good wins over evil!

  16. Surbhi didi I love u and yr show very much and now u r coming back with yr full confidence which I love too didi!!!!

  17. ahil can’t die
    I think he will come back

  18. ahil is dead, he resigned. so their bringing two new people to play her love interest, i heard they will be sanam 2 sons

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