Qubool Hai 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Ahil and nazia are boggled, as saif comes and then dons the ring on the new bride, and she hurriedly takes it off, and gives it back to saif. they are all tensed. She tries to say that saif is just tensed that his parents dont know, and hence he is hesitant. She then signals him to go and give nazia the ring. Hr complies, while the new bride assures that ahil shall talk to his parents.

Scene 2:
Location: Shaad’s residence
shaad returns home tensedly, and asks shashi whats the matter, oblivious of her identitiy, while jannat and others are kept captive at gun point. He asks where is everyone, and why are the lights all off. shashi tries to divert him, so thaat he doesnt see his family in captivity. After shaad leaves, still

uncertain though, she asks the man to get jannat and the family. once he gets them here, shashi fires the person himself, much to their scare and horror. They ask if she has gone mad. She says that they havent seen any of it. Before she can fire, shaad comes back and throws himself at shashi and the gun falls off from her hand. He says that he had told that doubting is his job, as he found it really easy to find the difference between truth and fake, pointing out the facts that gave her away. they enter into a fistfight, in which she finally gets her gun back. Shaad is shocked as shashi has her gun aimed at him, while all are shocked. She finally fires, much to everyone’s horror. Wahida comes in the way taking the bullet, while all are shocked. Shashi stands frustrated. Wahida collapses in shaad’s arms, and says that maybe by doing this, her crimes shall lessen, and asks shaad to kill her, as she killed misbah barbarously. Shaad eyes her venomously, while she stealthily tries to sneak out with the file. aftab goes after her, but she hits him on the head with a gun, and his head starts bleeding. shaad rushes to him, but he asks him to go after shashi, and not let her live, while shaad asks jannat to take care of him.

A chase ensues, and shaad calls up wazira to get to the location, with his team, as he has found shashi kapoor. After much running, shashi finally comes to a deadend. She eyes the huge height and then turns around to face shaad. Shaad remembers all the brutalities that shashi put his family through. She says thst he is the first ever to catch her, and that he wont be able to catch her, nor would she die by his bullet, as she has lived life on her terms and shall die too on those. Shaad asks shashi, atop the building rooftop, that her game is over now, and where shall she go, and that she should hand herself to the law. she says thar sge likes this chase of his, and loved every second. She says that in this game of life and death, she wont get him to catch her so easily. The screen freezes on shashi and shaad’s tensed face.

Precap: Shashi takes a leap and jumps off the rooftop. people surround her, as she falls flat on her face, blood gushing out, and dead. Shaad is shocked as he views from above. The doctor meanwhile tells shaad, as sanam sleeps, that she has been under tremendous trauma and stress, having seen so many deaths up close and personal, and that she wont be able to handle any other stress and suggests a change of place. Shaad gets two flights of tickets booked immediately for delhi. Sanam finally wakes up.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Awesome

  2. Oh!finally sahil is gng to meet.hope they ll unite.what about seher?no information about her…

  3. Pls for once close this episode. Dun repeat the same person villan acting and repeating the same role. Very much irritating and show some good ending. Please Please……. end the show with happy ending.

  4. Isn’t seher died in a car accident or something like dat

  5. now I hope that sanam I remembers ahil and deal with that long toe nail murdering sanam 2 before it is tooooooooooo late

  6. I miss soooooo much Zoya’s shairee and Asad’s irritation, their cute fights, actually the whole QH1 with pure Urdu language words. Also QH2 was good with SurVir chemistry and SeHan’s cute love story. But now it very violent and negative. I want everything back as QH1 again….

  7. So finaly tanveer’s drama is over.by the way shashi actualy died or was that sm1 else framed by shashi..nyways now sanam ll unite with ahil n fight with that witch n maybe found out sehr too..n thn might be seher n shaad ll unite n ahil sanam too n ll be hapy ending

  8. Hope shashi has actually died!!!!!!

  9. Vanithasundar

    I’ll think they will meet at airport. Hope so.

  10. Vanithasundar

    I mean ahil n sanam

  11. Just cannot wait to here junoon tere ishk ka in QH once again

  12. I actually like sanam and shaad better that sanam and ahil

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