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Scene 1:
Location: Khan’s residence
While saira and bano evilly pretend to be asleep, mahira wakes up with the smell of something burning, and itching in the back, due to heat. She turns around and is shocked to find her precious books burning away. she quickly rushes to salvage them, while the step sisters are amused. She manages to salvage half burnt notes. While salvaging, her eyes accidentally fall on an unburnt page containing a fugure of sleeping eight, which bothers her. Mahira hurriedly collects it all and then joins it piece by piece. She wonders why the fire was creating heat in her back, as she notices the itching going severe.

Scene 2:
Location: Graveyard
Khan begum overwhelmingly touches her hands and seeks blessings. then she raises her out, and

razia reprimands her for taking her precious time for her worship and disturbing her. Khan begum says that its a matter of life and death for her. she says that she needs powers to stay alive, and that requires blue kajnar flower, and now she got it from azad, she touched it by mistake, and it got reduced to ashes, and asks what to do now. Razia smiles and says that there’s still hopes for redemption, even if the blue kajnar flower has burnt to ashes. she asks khan begum to keep the ashes in a circular vase. Khan begum listens intently. She continues that by the time the ashes disappear, they shall leave behind a fugurine of eight, and then khan begum would have to search for the girl who bears a figure like that, to regain her powers. Khan begum is told by razia, that once she finds that girl, she would have to kill her, to be able to get back her powers. Razia says that the death of that girl is the only way of her sustenance. Khan begum is shocked. gazalla and latif ask what if the ashes disappear by this time, and razia replies that khan begum’s destiny too shall turn to ashes, and then they shall have to wait for another four years. Khan begum says that this cant happen at all. they hurriedly leave from there. Razia smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Meanwhile, khan begum rushes, with gazalla and latif in tow, to her room, and hurriedly saves the ashes from flowing away. She covers the tray with her dupatta, and then asks them both to cover all the windows. She then asks latif to go and get the container. Khan begum places the ashes, in a blue circle, made by the chalk on the floor, and they all start conjoining together and form the axial figure of eight. she is shocked. khan begum remembers razia’s words, and says that she was right, that to regain her powers, she has to find this girl with the figure and then kill her. Gazalla and latif are scared.

Meanwhile, mahira, irritated by the irritation in the back, eyes herself in the mirror, and finds that same figure in the back of her neck. She is boggled, wondering whats this, and then matches it with the same figure that was in the books. She keeps studying it, and wonders whats this figure and how it came on the neck. Saira and bano meanwhile think that she got an expensive tattoo done, and are enraged thinking that she got it done for amad. They decide to teach her a severe lesson. Mahira meanwhile thinks that there’s some other angle to this figure.

The next morning, akram’s parents come with the police at khan begum’s doorstep. and khan begum is shocked as she opens the door. She asks whats this audacity. His mother speaks up saying that azad decided to kill akram and since then he hasnt returned, and asks the police to question them. khan begum says that they shouldnt impose unnecessary accusations. The police says that they found akram’s car in the jungles last night. mahira hears this and remembers azad being there, and wonders if he actually killed akram, as he cant disappear all of a sudden. Khan begum asks them to go and check in the jungle then. The mother tells about amad punching akram and azad threatening to kill him. Amad asks her to also tell that her son tried to fool his sister, due to which he received the punch. The police asks amad where he was last night. he casually responds that he is at a party. Then they question her about her other son, Azad, as to where is he. she is tensed, and says that there’s no connection between this.
Anand kumar asks mahira to go to the room and call azad. Kainat wants to go, but mahira goes. Khan begum is scared that azad might comwe in front of mahira, in his true form.

Meanwhile, down in the attic, azad wakes up and gets up from his bondages very weak and tired, barely breathing, as he climbs up the stairs to get to his room. Mahira goes to the room, and says that its good he isnt in the room, otherwise he would have given her a tough time to appease him, and then asked her to get off. She turns to leave. She however doesnt realise that her feet are right next to the attoc’s opening under the carpet, which azad tries to open to come out. He barely survives being seen by her, as she goes out of the room, just in time, he pulls the carpet and comes out. Akram’s mother downstairs keeps getting impatient that she has deliberately hidden her son, and is lying right now. Khan begum thinks that in her bad time, she is facing much difficulty, as had she been powerful she would have taught akram’s mother a lesson, for talking like this. she decides to search the girl fast. Mahira comes and says that azad isnt in the room. akram’s parents tell that they must have hidden him somewhere. They decide to search. Khan begum gets scared and asks them to resist as this has nothing to do with azad, since he wasnt in the jungles. the police say that they want to hear it from azad. he comes down just then from the stairs, while mahira is shocked, and khan begum is relieved. Mahira is boggled. he asks the police to speak up. Azad says that he was in his room. the police says that mahira said he wasnt. Azad says that she didnt look properly. she wonders how is this possible, and wonders why is he lying. The police asks where was he last night. Azad says that he was here only. Mahira remembers that he was in the jungles with her last night, and wonders why is he on a lying spree, and wonders if he actually killed akram. She laments as to why always she is in a fix, in such a troublesome situation. Mahira wonders if she should tell the truth or be quiet but not saying the truth is also a crime. she decides to tell. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Mahira says that since he lied and she knew that he did, anyone would come to guessing that he might have had something to do with akram’s disappearance. azad says that he is least bothered with what she thinks about him. she is boggled. Khan begum asks azad where is akram, and he shows him stabbed right in the chest, lying dead in the back of the car. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    But intresting precap

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  3. quick… I just want to see azad and mahira story ; but it’s surprising to see the hero as a murderer!!!! episode was too slow azad is so blushing with his mystical powers

  4. Mahira you keep your stupid mouth shut and safe ur own self next is you, the monster’s mom is after you life

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  6. I am sorry if I am being rude……actually mam already a fav show of mine is being ended by starplus due to low trp….now I font want the same fate for qubool hain

  7. Please change the story line

    1. I miss aahil and sanam story…..will they show there past story…will mahira know abt it?
      What has happened to whole nawab family?
      Really miss saahil romance 🙁

  8. I miss aahil and sanam story…..will they show there past story…will mahira know abt it?
    What has happened to whole nawab family?
    Really miss saahil romance 🙁
    Anyone kmowing the answers?

  9. This is nonsense razia is like cat who have nine life’s she suppose to done dead long time ago she is saying that the still time for redemption like she know sanam was going to reborn or something’s

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  11. Nice… I miss aahil aur sanam’s love story well .. This one will be intersting
    the hero is the muderer

  12. Azaad killed Ackram and also killed Mahira’s father. This will be a kind of tough one. This romamce will be a very bumpy rocky one. much more worse than saahil .. Poor Mahira will be put through much more pressure.

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