Qubool Hai 2nd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 2nd October 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 2nd October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s and asad’s residence
Haseena asks all the couples to get their photos done. Nuzrat is excited and asks for a photo shoot of farhan and nikhat and nazma and imran. Haseena says that first they would have ayan’s and zoya’s. All are surprised. Zoya asks whats this nuisance now. ayan is awkward. Haseena gets them together and asks them to pose. While ayan and zoya both are awkward, haseena teases them saying that they shouldnt be at discomfort as they are after all, husband and wife. Humaira is distraught, while ayan and zoya both are tensed. Humaira leaves from there, while ayan is tensed and razia is angry. While haseena is chattering about icecream, razia takes one from the butler and takes it to haseena. she accidentally drops it on zoya, and apologises

folr dirtying her dress. Zoya leaves to freshen up. Razia accomplishes the task of seperating zoya from ayan. Haseena leaves in disgust. Razia thinks that the week should end soon, and zoya leaves, and humaira is happy now. She says hat she would have to keep zoya and ayan seperate at any cost.

While rinsing the stain off her dress, zoya remembers haseena’s comments and their marriage, and tanveer’s relation with imran, and is tensed. She thinks that imran started it off, and hid the truth, and her life got messed up. She says that she would have to talk to imran. She asks imran how long would he run from his responsibilities. She shocks him by saying that she knows everything about him and tanveer. She explains the entire scene of events that happened that day, and blames him for everything that went wrong. imran fumbles, but zoya sternly reprimands him for lying to nazma, the person who loves him the most. Imran denies betrayal, and then says that he doesnt have any relation with tanveer, but its true that the child is his, and that tanveer trapped him. Zoya says that she knows, and asks what kind of a man is he, and how could he hide this from nazma and how long and that this is a betrayal and asks him to think that when this truth comes in front of nazma, what would happen to her.

Meanwhile, nazma is searching around for imran and is told by nuzrat that he went upstairs to the washroom. She proceeds up. imran says that nazma wont ever understand it and he doesnt want to lose her again. He says that sometimes, to protecxt the person you love, you have to lie. zoya says that she doesnt agree, as one lie leads to hundreds, and then in that web, life’s truth is lost. Zoya says that nazma leaving him is a possibility, after knowing the turth, but after hidng from her, he would definitely lose her. Zoya asks him to tell this to nazma. Nazma’s voice cals them from behind and they are shocked and surprised. Nazma is confused. They wonder if she’s heard anything. But is relieved when she says that he and zoya are called downstairs by their father. Imran leaves. Nazma asks if zoya isnt coming. She asks nazma to go, while she follows soon. Nazma leaves with imran. Zoya again gets asad’s calls repeatedly and cancels it.

Humaira is distraught but composes herself in the room, when she sees someone approcahing the door. she opens to find ayan standing there. she is in a rage and says that she doesnt want to talk to her, when he tries to talk. She shuts the dor on his face, while he keeps protesting for a chance to be given for him to explain. But humaira doesnt listen and goes to the bathroom.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s Residence
Seeing asad not being able to talk to zoya, and that her ignoring him, dilshad asks if he hasnt had a talk with zoya yet. He tells her. He says that he just wants to say to her that everything would be alright, and if his will was, she never would have left the house. Dilshad says that it isnt their fault, and the situation’s fault. She asks him to rectify but not lament on the past. She says that the asad he knows, is stronger than this and knows how to overcome situations, and asks who has stopped him. Asad says that zoya and her eyes stop him, which keep telling him that he’s guilty of betraying her. He says that he doesnt know what to do. dilshad asks what does he want, and if he wants this gap to widen by not talking all the more. Dilshad asks asad to go to zoya and make her believe that he would rectify and correct everything.

Scene 3:
Location: Imran’s residence
Imran remembers his converstaion with zoya, and is tensed. Nazma finds him lost, and goes on to cheer his mood. She asks him whats bothering him as he seems tensed, ever since they returned from ayan’s place. Imran tries to speak, and says that actually…but nazma asks if he’s upset at meeting nikhat, by putting her arms around him. But he denies, and is about to talk, when haseena comes in, and seeing them like this, she asks them to lock the dor, or next time onwards she onyl would kncok and come. Nazma apologises. Haseena asks her to come along and make food for imran. Nazma says that tasneem makes the food. Haseena says that she dismissed her, as now they would feed imran. Imran asks her to let be, if she’s tired. But nazma leaves with haseena to make food. But just then, haseena pretends to have a sprain in her waist, and blames it on her age, and asks her to do so herself only. Nazma agrees and asks her to go and rest.Nazma is tensed, while haseena smirks at her plan being a success.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is strolling in the garden, remembering asad’s last words to her, before she came in this house. A thorn pricks her, and she winces in pain, but before she can see and take it out, asad’s hand comes in and holds her leg. Zoya is shocked and distraught to see him, while asad looks on hoefully for redemption(SAD MITWA) He takes the thron away, while she looks away in anger.

Humaira finds her jar of water empty, and goes out, and still finds ayan waiting for her there. ayan tries to talk, but humaira asks him to go as she doesnt want to listen or see his face at all. She says that whatever was between them is over now. as ayan tries to compose huamira, She asks him not to touch, as all is finished. Ayan tries to talk, but she says that he has lost the right to talk to her. She pushes him away, and his hand gets stuck in the dressing, and as blood starts gushing out, she goes berserk and takes off her dupatta and makes a dressing, so that the bleeding stops. Ayan sees humaira’s concern. The screen freezes on ayan’s tensed face.

Precap: Ayan finally makes humaira listen, despite her protests, that its only a matter of seven days, and after that all would be okay. Zoya says that she cant live without him. he says that the wait is only for seven days and that everything would be right after that, like earlier. Asad and ayan, hug zoya and humaira respectively, to give them solace…

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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