Qubool Hai 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad, at the dining table, remembers about the caretaker’s condition of Zoya. He is very sad at the dining table, while others are eating in silence. In his room, He also does the same and lies down on the bed, remembering zoya lying on the bed too. Dilshad sees this through the window, and is sad. She turns away but then looks back in desperation. She comes inside the room and asks him what happened. He says nothing happened. He asks her to leave him alone. While tanveer is passing through, she too is tensed to see this.

Asad through the phone, sends a donation to the Orphanage for 10 lakhs, in the name of his mother. tanveer hears this, and remembering mamujaan’s words and asad’s concern, wonders if zoya’s back.

Asad comes and

confirms that they have received the cash.

He asks about zoya too and if she took the money. The caretaker says no, and also adds that she doesnt want to meet anyone, and not just him. Asad thanks him for the info. They go.

Scene 2:
Location: Orphanage
In the orphanage, while zoya is spreading clothes on the roof, she is strangled by a cloth by Tanveer. tanveer gaga her, and then lays her, and makes a brick wall around her, so that she suffocates and dies, before anyone can find her there. Then she leaves from there. The construction workers finish the wall oblivious that they are bricking up zoya too. Tanveer is very happy, that her plan worked, and now she would be asad’s wife.

Asad’s eyes fall on the ring that he had put on zoya’s finger

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamujaan and rashid are very tensed that humaira is in the hospital. Rashid says that when the accident happened, there was commotion and hence the victims weredisplaced

As the police inspector comes in and tells razia that humaira has been found, and she would be brought soon inside, they are excited.
Humaira comes back to the house along with the nurses, while the whole family is excited to have her back. mamu thanks the lord that she has returned. Shirin says that they should let her rest, as she’s very tired. razia asks to get some food for her. She asks nuzrat to give some juice. she drinks it. Nuzrat tells her how much they missed her, and they got scared thinking about her. mamu asks her to eat something. Humaira says that she should go now, and she’s had enough. this surprises and confuses them. Razia asks what she means, as this is her house only, addressing her as humaira. She asks who is humaira, stunning everyone into shock. Razia says that she is, and that she’s her daughter. As razia asks her where had she gone, she tells them that they all are mistaken. She says that she isnt Humaira but Rajni Shukla, shocking them completely. mamu asks what is she saying.

Later, Ayan talks to the doctor, and tells them that the doctor is on his way, and till then they should keep humaira here only, under their supervision. He says that the dcotor has told that they cant give stress to that girl, as if she’s rajni, then they should agree for her sake, and that this unusual behaviour could be due to her prolonged unconscious after the accident. Mamu says that she’s insisting to go home, and what should they do then. Shirin says that it might be a lookalike, but razia vehemently denies. The girls bring their Humaira? amongst them. She says that its late and she wants to be taken home. Razia askls her to rest some more. She says that her going is very important. The girl tells them that she should get going now, as Vikram would be waiting for her. when Razia expresses surprise at the name, Vikram, she shyly says that its her husband. They are shocked and stunned beyond belief. The screen freezes on Ayan’s shocked face.

Precap: When asad asks abolut zoya from the lady, she tells him that she has gone, and left a letter. As asad reads the letter, he is distraught and in tears. Ayan and the others are having breakfast, when they are shocked to find humaira coming down dressed as a Hindu mrried woman, and they are all the more shocked, when she flinches at the sight of non veg laid out on the table, exclaiming that she’s a pure veg, and that she cant eat such food. At home, seeing asad distraught, and dilshad tensed for him, Nazma asks him to go the Bulandshahar Dargah, and maybe he should consider this as a call from the almighty himself.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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