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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Latif rushes and comes to mahira and armaan, and warns them about what kainat did. She takes them to kainat’s room, and they find her unconscious, with white foam coming out of her mouth, and a poison bottle lying empty nearby. She is distraught and shocked, as she finds sameer’a wedding card with some other girl. she goes berserk. he checks her breath and pulse. He says that he would just come. latif and gazalla are apalled. he goes and gets sal water and they forcibly make her drink it, and then vimits it out, with the entire poison too. Mahira makes her lide back down, while she coughs. mahira asks how could she do it, and why. kainat shows them the card and then her ultrasound report showing thet kainat is pregnant. mahira and others

are shocked to see this. Kainat says that her life is ruined now. Mahira says whatever happens, it doesnt deem death, and if sameer
she says that she promises that sameer shall make her and her child, his own, and asks her to take care. she says that she would call sameer rightaway. kainat is apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Sameer’s residence
mahira tells sameer that what he did with kainat, is the gravest crime, and that he cant just get away as kainat tried to kill herself. He says that it isnt his responsibility, if kainat is alive or not. Mahira reprimands him thoroughly, and then says that she dopesnt expect morals from him, and asks him the price for which he shall marry her, but kainat shouldnt know this, and he shall marry today only, at whatever amount he speaks. she leaves. He thinks that this is merely the start of his sister’s revenge.

Scene 3:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Sameer comes to mahira and asks for an advance payment, after which he shall marry Kainat. she says that she would get so at the end of the wedding. He says that he dosnt trust her. Mahira says that to a betrayer the entire world looks betrayed. She shows him the bank transactions, that are pending just till the marriage, on her mobile. He asks about kainat. She says that he neednt meet her, and shall meet kainat now only after marriage.

Scene 4:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Ehsaan’s mother welcomes begum in the house, saying that she feels Tarana is back. Begum thinks that her destiny is smiling, and thinks that she owns half the property now. Granny comes and says that it wont be her house so soon, and that even if she is here now, but here she would enter with all the rituals. They agree, while begum is tensed. ehsaan and his mother comply. His mother is then asked by granny to go and get the pious book, so that begum can hold it and come inside the house, so that the lord’s blessings fall on her married life, and their family too. begum is distraught. His mother complies and goes in. granny thinks that the devil may be super powerful, but not more than the lord. His mother comes back with the book. Begum asks why is this needed, as its old traditions. Granny says that time have changed, but the rituals are the same, and as it is, she doesnt belong to the morden times, hinting at her age. Granny then takes the book, and presents it to begum. Begum thinks that she has to use her powers anyhow, and stop this, but then wonders how can she do this, as if she does, she would go blind for an hour. She is in a dilemma. They are tensed as to why is she hesitating. Granny asks begum if she is fine. begum agrees. granny asks her to hold it then. Begum does some black magic with her foot, and then rushes away from there, limping and boggling everyone. granny thinks that she must be shocked, and that now they shall see whats her condition. begum comes in the room and finds her legs decaying away, and thinks frustratedly that if ehsaan saw her like this, he would know her reality. She wonders what to do. granny enters with the rest and ask her what happened, and why was she walking like that, and asks ehsaan to check it out. he hurriedly complies. Granny says that no woman agrees just like this. begum is frustrated, and thinks that she has no option but to use her powers, and be very careful as granny would be around, and scrutinising her every move. Granny says that she feels sanam is hurt, and then gets ahead, while begum is tensed. They both eye each other tensedly. granny gets down and finds the feet alright and is tensed. begum is relieved at having used her magic. Ehsaan is relieved that begum is fine. Granny says that its okay and now time to move onto the next ritual. she and farida, ehsaan’s mother leaves.

Later, Begum comes out and asks what to do next. Granny tells her that she wants her to adorn tarana’s pic with the flowers, thinking that she got the flowers specially from the dargah, and mixed it with chilly and garlic, which shall definitely expose her. begum wonders where is the basket. Granny smiles, sensing her hesitation, thinking that now she shall be exposed. Begum hopes that her hand falls in the basket, and to her good luck, it does, and nothing happens, shocking granny, who wonders how is this possible, and why nothing happened. Meanwhile, Begum picks up the flowers and asks her to put the flowers on Tarana’s pic, on the wall. She is blind and then is asked to hurry up with it. begum thinks that she doesnt know where the pic is, and wonders how to find it out. She raises her hands and then sprays the petals all around. granny asks whats she doing. begum says that people may go, but their memories stay back in every nook and corner of the house, then why should only the pic be adorned, and she is sure that tarana blesses her and ehsaan, in this new phase of their life. Begum then turns to the pic and thanks Tarana for having allowed her to enter in the hearts and family that stays here. They all smile, while granny eyes her tensedly. begum then walks off. granny wonders why there wasnt any effect, and that she would have to find out.

Scene 5:
Location: Mahira’s residence
Later, mahira gets kainat dressed as a bride, and makes her sit at her place in the altar. Kainat asks her if sameer himself agreed for this. mahira tells her that sameer himself agreed and that it was just cold feet that men develop before marriage, but now he understands his responsibility towards her and their child. The priest ask for the groom to come in too. mahira asks latif to go and get him. Latif comes to sameer, who has his sehra on. she asks him to come down. He complies. He takes his place at the altar. Mahira shows kainat that sameer did come. kainat smiles, and then asks mahira if she is doing the right thing. Mahira says that she is. kainat asks why is she so scared then. Mahira says that this nervousness is normal and that everything shall be right. Seeing the groom with the sehra, mahira comes and tells him that the bank payment has been completed all the formalities, and he shall get the money once he marries. She begins to make the call, when he stops her, and takes off the sehra. She is shocked to find armaan in sameer’s place. latif and gazalla are shocked too. Mahira asks armaan whats he doing and where is sameer as he was to marry kainat, and the time is passing by, and that kainat is getting fidgety. Armaan tells her that he is safe. she asks him to get sameer here. he tells that he knows today is the wedding, and she should get ready too for their marriage, and reminds her that there are still 9 hours left for the marriage challenge. She gets angry and asks him t4o get off the high horse, and come to terms with the reality. She asks latif and gazalla to go and find sameer. He assures them that they wont find sameer. She asks what he did. he says that he bought sameer, and that the money with which she bought smaeer and got him to agree for the marriage, he gave him double the amount to refrain from doing so. She is shocked. He places the condition before her that if she wants to see kainat marrying sameer, then she would have to marry him first, as sameer would do what he asks him to do. She is outraged. The screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Armaan tells mahira that if she doesnt comply to marriage, then she would witness the deaths of two people, her precious kainat and her unborn child too and she shall bear the responsibility of it. All are shocked as latif points out that kainat stands there listening to it all. They are shocked and outraged. Armaan then comes to kainat and tells her that she neednt worry, as mahira would never let that happen to her, and she would definitely marry him. Kainat eyes her tensedly, while mahira is in a dilemma.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. tis show makes no sense now….im confused do armaan love mahira or not? and if he dont why he wants to marry her? anyone

  2. Precap is quit intresting. But in eshaan’s granny drama was boring…..

  3. By watching qubool hai we learn dat bad ppl always win, n gud ppl r killed by bad ppl,1st it ws zoya n asad den sanam,ahil,n nw azad !! Frustrated f dis show,kabhi to bure logon ko maaro

  4. What to say…Better finish it…
    Writers do u ever remember that sanam (khan begum) is mother of kainat…she killed a super star (her husband,father of azad,amaad,kainat) but yet no one knows…Kainat not worried of her father…Amaad was killed by that witch..still no one knows…what about mahira and khan begum want to treat kainat…Does khan begum ever think she has a daughter….What about mysterious vampire and so called were-wolf who was caught by azad and escaped…
    How do u writers just pull of track somewhere to some unknown track…

    Uffff….This Armaan ,haha,,,Arman Raza Sheikh(feel to slap him when he pronounce this)..
    U just need a Love-hate story Gul and u r spoiling it..Not to mention u killed AZMA

  5. Oh plz of she don’t want to marry him is not her fault it sameer fault

  6. U guys should make it that sameer harasses kainat on the wedding night and a guy saves her which is mahira’s brother sahil.Kainat faints and is rushed to the hospital but she learns that she got a miscarriage.She gets divorced with samer and marries sahil.She,Sahil and mahira partner up and take revenge against afreen and samer and later khan begum

  7. Kya mujge koi btayega ki aazzad ko kya hua h?

    1. Azaad you kabka mar gaya..!!

    2. Thanks… maine show dekhna or update padhna chod diya tha.. bus aachank s promo dekha to samjg nhi aaya …. writers ne show k band baja di hai…. tooo much….

  8. do the hell wid u qubool hai

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