Qubool Hai 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Mibsha is shocked to hear the person’s statements, and wonders what to do now. She desperately tries to unlock the door somehow. Finally, she is somehow trying to find an escape route to be able to get out while the clock ticking away is alarming her consistently. Seeing the countdown coming down to 30 seconds, she is petrified. She eyes the hells of her sandal, and then gets an idea, and starts to use it to break open the windshield, and is finally able to. she jumps out dishevelled and makes a mad dash. Misbah frustratedly gets down and then rushes ahead. Hearing a bang, misbah turns around and is surprised, and angered too that her plan failed completely, eyeing her blo*dy fingers. she says that shaad may have lived today due to jannat, but

next time, they both shall not be spared. she is frustrated.

Meanwhile, sanam retreats to her room, while the new bride comes from behind. She locks the door behind her, as she locks herself. Seeing wazira the new bride, hides the dart, and makes an excuse that she was searching for the bathroom. Waziora insistently takes her towards the bathroom, away from Sanam’s room. She gets inside, and is frustrated that she was this close to winning. She is irritated that she doesnt have much time, and if anyone gets a hint of it, she wont be spared. She wonders what to do now. She takes the bucket and intentionally throws it, screaming for help, wincing in pain. wazira comes in and says that she shall help. but the new bride says that she wont be able to help, as she is old, and she should instead send someone young. wazira goes, and in the meanwhile, the new bride takes the dart out again, and stealthily hides it under the palm of her fingers. Wazira meanwhile, goes to sanam’s room, and tells about the new bride’s accident, and asks her to help her out. Sanam complies hurriedly. They both rush out. Sanam finds the new bride and innocently trying to help, oblivious of her actual identity. She tries to lift the bride, but she says that she is too heavy for that. While the new bride lays flat on the bathroom floor, sanam asks for her hand, not recognising her, with the dart hidden easily concealed between the fingers of her opposite side of the palm. Sanam doesnt realise that she is this close to her death, as she extends her hand for help. But before the dart can prick her hand with the cobra’s poison, shaad comes in and screams out for jannat, and the new bride immediately retreats her hand, so as her plan isnt exposed. the dart falls from her hand and onto the flowing water, running from the bathroom tap, and in the sink. The dart too slips away in the sink, much to the new bride’s disapppointment. Sanam asks shaad to help the old lady. they both help her to get up on her feet. She asks them to move ahead, while she comes. shaad leaves with wazira and sanam, while the new bride fumes at her failure.

Outside, he asks sanam the reason of the alarm. she tells about her intuition, while he says that its okay, and just wants her to be safe. the new bride comes out, and sanam instantly asks if she is okay. the new bride asks whats her name, and sanam identifies herself as jannat and that she is shaad’s wife. She asks them the duration of their marriage, and sanam isnt able to respond. She tells about her memory loss, and says that she knows only what shaad told her. she asks her to pray for her memory gain, so that she remembers everything. the new bride is shocked to understand that sanam has lost her memory. Shaad comes with medicine. The new bride says that she shall go back now, and that she shall pray for them to be together always, and prays that jannat always stays in this house. She leaves. shaad and sanam eye her leaving.

Shaad eats sanam’s cooked food, and he compliments her for her professional quality prepared food. he finds her tensed, and asks whats the matter. She says that she wonders how difficult it is for him to be with her, and talks about how she didnt even remember how long they have been married. She says that she gets frustrated at her memory loss. To please her, he says that they got married on Valentine’s day. she again says her parents too got married on this day, and is drawn back to asad and zoya’s memory, and is boggled and surprised. She starts getting very tensed, thinking that she doesnt even know if these memories are true or fake, that she creates to make up for the hollow in her life. Sanam asks him to detail everything about their past and their love story, as if she doesnt get to know, she would go mad. She is berserk and gets incoherent. Shaad is extremely tensed. Just then, the servant comes in and says that wazira is asking for shaad. he leaves, while she wonders whats her story. Shaad comes down and signs the reports, and then after the police leaves, misbah gives an excuse of the car blowing up, when she got down to take a call from her friend. she says that she doesnt know who or what could have prompted the murder attempt. He says that it was for him and not her. His father asks him to stop chasing shashi kapoor now, but he says that he neither believes nor will he, as shashi is alive. misbah listens intently. his father asks him to prove. he says that he doesnt need to prove. wazira wonders how helpless she is, that she cant tell them, that the person they are searching for, is right in their house, as her daughter. His father asks why he left misbah alone. he tells about jannat’s scare. His father asks if he can ever care about anyone other than his own wife, and he wonders if he is his son after all. Shaad finally speaks and says that he is saying so, since he doesnt want to be like him. Shaad says that he cant stand his hypocrisy anymore, and is glad that he cares for his wife. He says that he is happy that he isnt like him, who cared for everyone except for his wife. Sanam listens to this from hiding and is tensed. he says that he shall continue caring for her, come what may. Shaad leaves angrily. His father is shocked by his statements. the screen freezes on jannat’s tensed face.

Precap: the new bride says that ahil’s life is about to change, once he wakes up. gazalla and razaak are surprised. She says that when ahil wakes up, he would have a new life, ruled by none other than she herself. Meanwhile, sanam dances with shaad, while he is taken aback, by her frivolity. Later as they sit by the poolside, he is in tears, while she too is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This show is not positive at all

  2. The preview shows that shaad has fallen love with jannat /sanam and guess, that ahil would forget everything of his sanam .so both sanam and ahils forget about each other and with each pair. So think , now it’s a turn of sanam love story with shaad and ahil to be with sanam2. Let’s see how sanam and ahil gets together finally remembering all their memories. Think shaad to turn villainous of getting sanam once she remembers all her memories. Want seher to come back as pair for shaad. Let’s see what happens.

  3. Surbhai can u please tell me what date will they bring back ahil and sanam together and when sanam’s memory will come back?

  4. Charu seher is dead!!

  5. heart healer karan

    on 4 march 2020
    or don’t know when

  6. Surbhai r u guys going to change ahil’s name?please don’t!!from then on nobody will watch qubool hai.why did haya and rahat leave?would be fun to watch if both were in

  7. Surbhai r u guys going to change ahil’s name?please don’t!!from then on nobody will watch qubool hai.why did haya and rahat leave?

  8. This show has become soooooooo boooooooring

  9. Please tell me ahil and sanam will unite soon,I want to watch a happy serial not a depressing serial.i like liana idea that she wrote on march 31

  10. Stopped watching. I taped it but everyday after reading the written update, I go home and delete the show, not interested in watching BS. I think Shaad is cute, he should be paired with Seher, if she is not dead and Ahil (original) should find Sanam and the show should end on a happy note!!

  11. Script writers should have wrote that to everybody it looked like seher died but actually some doctor found her,to her to a country and found out she was in coma,not dead

  12. And she wakes up goes to india.she meets shad.(shad comes to india for businesses)they both fall in love,months later sanam and seher meet and ahil and shad also meet.sanam and ahil have 2 daughters and seher and shad have 2 son.(want to see sanam pregnant with the first daughter and want to see seher pregnant with the second son)

  13. Maybe the only reason why seher is not seen in the serial is because maybe it was to much for surbhai.and anyway surbhai has played so many roles like

  14. I have realized that this show is going back to the days when Sanam was Zoya.They will introduce the characters one at a time.What is going on is a re-birth of all those dead people.If you writers do not have any thing to write ,just end the show.

  15. We need happy and love but we don’t need sad and scarey
    This qabol hai it becomes bored

  16. R aren’t u qubool hai cast and crew guys writing any spoilers.if we have spoliers we would now what to except.u guys haven’t written anything since u guys found out karanvir is leaving qubool hai.i agree with haera please don’t change ahil’ name!!!

  17. I agree too.would be sad to see both lovers getting apart from each other.one lost her memory and the other changed his name.please keep his name ahil.please!!

  18. this serial is a lot of shit take it off air

  19. Would be nice to see ahil and sanam together.and they both reveal to each other what new bride did to them.and the last thing sanam says about the conversation is I am going to be a mother.u have to help me take revenge.and what both plan to do is act infront of new bride that sanam lost her memory and ahil saw she was alone that’s way he brought sanam(jannat)to india.new bride will be frustrated because ahil puts his eyes only on jannat(sanam).when new bride is not around ahil and sanam share romantic moments together

    1. I like the idea

  20. When sanam sees ahil she gets her memory back.then in the comment I wrote above happens.once sanam(jannat) comes to india new bride gets jealous because she use to sleep with ahil in his room but when sanam(jannat) arrived ahil says she has to move as we can’t keep a woman with a memory loss sleeping alone in a room.

    1. I like the idea

      1. Me too

  21. I also liked waqriea idea

  22. I love this idea of acting.great job of thinking up this idea waqriea

  23. Dere did misbah get a shoe to wear after d blast..we al saw dat she wore heel which she used to break d window den how comes shes wearin flat shoe while running. Dis show is completely Crap ….pls end it

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