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Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Azad rushes out hurriedly, wondering where is mahira and tensed for her. amad comes and tells him that god is busy doing other stuff, and he would have to seek help on earth only now. Amad says that he is ready to help him, and he just has to ask. azad asks him to stay away from mahira, as he shall search her from anywhere. Amad says that he is complicated, as first he sent her away, and now he is frantic to get her back. he says that she shall be confused in these mixed signals. he eyes azad teasingly. he then tells that this habit of his, he tried out on afreen too. Azad asks him not to even compare mahira with afreen, as afreen was a two timing, betrayer. Amad says that its just an opinion, as for mahira, he too is betrayer and being

a cliche himself, he befits the title too. Azad gets angry and says that he didnnt betray mahira anyhow, as nothing happened with that girl. he teases him and teases that he had given him the chance, and if he missed the oppurtunity then only he is to be blamed. Azad asks him to shut up, saying that that was the only way to keep her safe. Amad asks why he sent him away as she should have been home, as to take care of her, he is right here. Azad says that he knows him, as if his company ruins mahira’s life, even amad’s mere shadow can ruin any girl. amad smiles and then asks him to find out about him, from the girls that he dates. Azad throws him with a push and he falls on the ground. he asks him not to speak about mahira, as he would regret it later on. Amad asks how could he raise his hand on him, his brother, for a mere servant. Azad says that she isnt a mere servant for him, and is much more than that. Amad asks him insistently whats his realtion with mahira. azad says that he loves her, and if he so much as casts an eye on her, he would hurt him so badly, that he would never forget. amad coems to azad and teases him if he is going after mahira, then its in vain. he promises azad that he shall make azad’s mahira, his own, right in front of his eyes. he says that mahira has no value to him, as he isnt in love with her, but just out of spite and hatred for his own brother, i.e. him, he shall marry mahira and make her his. azad angrily glares at him and raises his fist. The brothers are tight fisted at each other, as a scuffle ensues. Just then, a girl comes in who is not visible due to the shadows, and when she steps out, its mahira, in a changed royal avatar, dressed in superb clothes, with a fabulous makeover, with the braces and braids gone, and a perfect beauty in its place. Azad eyes her mesmerised. she remembers how she doesnt need this makeover, and had begged khan begum that she doesnt need this, and asks her to let her go to Shimla. but they didnt comply. Amad compliments as her gorgeous and says that she is welcome in the house. Mahira goes back in the flashback when her makeover was being done. Khan begum says that she is embarassed that she had to use force on her for this makeover, but she was left with no other option. she says that she knows that she is leaving the house, and also why. she says that mahira is very bful, and the world needs to see the beauty and she couldnt let her go defeated, and hence its her desire, that the world should see her beautiful face. Khan begum and razia walk in too. Azad is unable to take his eyes off mahira. Khan begum comes and asks if she is bful. Razia says that she was like a diamond, just needed to be carved out properly. She says that she saw people were misbehaving with mahira, and hence they decided for this makeover to mahira, as she was the butt of jokes, by latif, gazalla and even her sisters. Amad says that all people may hev disrespected her, but never him. khan begum says that he might not have done it, but she has seen how azad has behaved with her. They remember. She comes to azad and tells him to apologise with respect for what he did to mahira, and ask her to step inside gracefully. He thinks that its ironic, that they ask him to look at her beauty when he found her bful even with the braces and the braids. he thinks that he can apologise a hundred times, but he doesnt want to become good in hias eyes, and shall have to remain evil, for strengthening mahira to stay away from him. Mahira thinks that a guy thinks twice before even breaking a toy, but he didnt care at all about her heart, and wishes that she hadnt been betrayed so badly, as she too had started liking him, but only got hatred and humiliation in return. He thinks that he should ask for apology, but cant as he stands helpless. Khan begum says that everything buckles under pressure, and he didnt think twice before breaking her poor heart. she says that she wants everyone to apologise to mahira one by one. She hollers at all of them. gazalla and latif are shocked to see mahira. saira and bano fume too. she asks them to apologise for all the disrespect that they gave her. she orders them. Latif and gazalla, along with saira and bano apologise. she dismisses them off. then she looks upto azad for him to apologise, while he stands sternly. She tells him that apolgy doesnt make one belittle his status, and he has gravely wronged her, and asks him to undo it, and apologise. amad too asks him not to be silent, and apologise for hurting mahira so badly. Azad stays silent. amad then tells mahrioa that those who are arrogant cant see any humanity, innocence or simplicity and asks her to ignore him. she has her eyes fixated on azad. He says that he apologises on azad’s behalf, and begs her to stay, as since she came, he has always treated her as a friend, and even without a makeover, she would have always found him by her side, whenever she needed. she eyes azad distraught. Amad says that he knows azad has hurt her bad, and asks her to ignore him, and look at he himself instead. she keeps eyeing azad. Amad stands in the way and asks her to look at him. she then finally speaks up saying that she doesnt need anyone’s apology, and particularly not when it isnt heartfelt. she says that till now, she had heard the heart should be bful, not the face, but in this hypocritical world, noone goes for the heart, just for the face. she remembers how azad had insulted her. she says that whole life, she has been joking, but never thought she herself would become a joke. she says that she tried to salvage her respect till the last inch but in vain. She says that she can never forget the day, when even after begging, she got hatred, and in it too, she tried to seek love, but didnt get it. she says that she now understands, had she been pleasing to the eyes, she wouldnt have been insulted so bad. She says that she has seen own people becoming strangers but khan begum, being a stranger helped her in all this. She says that due to her, all respect her, but apologises that she wont be able to stay here, and shall go. Khan begum is shocked and asks why is she leaving when everyone has apologised. Mahira says that what happened wasnt needed. khan begum thinks about getting back her powers, and thinks that she cant let her go. mahira begins to go, but amad tells her that she shall have to be in the house, as he wants to be with her. He asks her if she shall marry him. All are shocked, while mahira is stunned, as he gets down on one knee to propose to her. azad stands stern. Khan begum and razia wonder what she shall say. Mahira rushes away from there. All eye her as she leaves outside. Amad comes and eyes azad evilly and then goes inside. azad is enraged.

In her room, Khan begum tells razia that she knows her sons well, and knows that azad would never step up to take mahira’s hand, and amad just had to be kegged in, and he would fall prey to their trap, as he couldnt take his eyes off mahira. Razia says that she saw something else too. Khan begum asks what. Khan begum is told by razia, that mahira was always looking at azad only and when the eyes hold someone, noone else can capture the heart. she asks what if mahira refuses to agree to marry amad. Khan begum asks razia not to be bothered, as she knows amad and once he is fixated on something, he would do anything to achieve it at any cost, and this is just a mere girl. Razia says that she is no ordinary girl. Khan begum says that she knwos too well, and hence she has played such a bet, that nothing shall stand between her and victory. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Razia tells khan begum that once all is sorted out, they should start playing their bet, as its an easy win for them from thereon, after the marriage. Khan begum thinks that they should start with the preparations soon, as she cant afford to wait any longer, as she starts getting impatient. they are both startled as they turn to look at the door, and find azad standing there, eyeing them sternly. Azad comes and asks khan begum how can she do this. Khan begum is tensed as she is cornered.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Nice episode

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    Do you all remember guy’s during zoyas part she was married to ayaan then they divorced again to asad
    These time also they may do that same track

  6. This is just to build suspense. The character of Azad will marry Mahira to save her from Amaad!
    The story cannot continue without that happening, as it is their TRP is so lw, they cannot afford to pair Mahira with Amaad. The chemistry is better with Azaad!!!!

  7. Arey yaar what’s this! Mahira’s look has changed ok she looks beautiful but if she marries amaad instead of azad definitely this season also gonna b bakwas! It’s not fare why always the couple’s r Been separating if this season also will continue the same thing then it will be horrible episodes :'( plz writers don’t break our heart by showing amad mahira marrying ! 🙁

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  9. She is tense because she want Mahira for power use only

  10. wat is this azaad should better marry mahira and data only when he can protect her better and I really want to know this a afreen part what happened

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    But previse episode in this show ayaan-zoya, haya-fiyas. Now i didn’t know what happen now.

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