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Scene 1:
Location: Begum’s residence
Mahira is tensed as armaan demands for a reply, as he says that he just wishes to ask if she is his, and if she wishes to be his for the rest of the life. He says that he cant wait for the rest of his life, and needs to know her answer, and then she finally hesitatingly fumbles, and then is about to speak, as gazalla comes in rushing telling them that some people have come to protest angrily. Armaan and mahira comes down and find people protesting in their houses and are concerned. He asks whats the matter. They show him the newspaper, which deals with a suspicious woman in his life. He is tensed to read this. they point out that a widow and a stranger cant live under the same roof, as its a carnal sin. Armaan says that mahira is the owner of

the house, with him. They say that this is sin, and isnt acceptable, and they cant hide in the garb of joint ownership, and tell him that he might be huge in stature, but not above their religion. She stands in front of everyone, as they have a problem with her, then why are they punishing him,. They taunt and ask whats her relation with this man, since she has come forward, and if she doesnt have a reply, then she should leave the town. She is speechless, as he comes ahead. he holds her hand in front of everyone, and says that he loves mahira, and very soon shall marry her too. the guys are taken aback as they are silenced. gazalla is surprised too. He then turns to her and asks if she accepts the marriage. she is stunned and speechless, and laves from there, without a word and with teary eyes. He tells them that they shall get the invitation for marriage and asks them to leave. they comply resignedly.

In her room, mahira is tensed, as she eyes herself in the mirror, remembering armaan standing up for her, and his proposal to her. she says that she cant understand anything and if this is right, and how can she act in haste towards this big step. he comes and stands behind her, and she is surprised to see him in the mirror. He says that it isnt in haste, but at the right time. he holds her, and then turns her around to face him, saying that her silence is killing him, and asks her to respond, or he has to act more to prove his life. She says yes. He asks what. she says that her reply is yes, and that she accepts his hand in marriage. he is shocked and stunned for a minute and then is overwhelmed that she has consented and hugs her, while she smiles. He asks when, and she responds that they can anytime. he asks fi they can marry tomorrow. She asks if it isnt too early. he says that tomorrow is lucky, as its the blue star’s night, and if she believes in stars, then he has to, and says that from this day forth, all of her troubles, pains are hers, and every happiness of his is hers. he then says that he has to excuse himself for wedding prepartions. he says that he shall leave himself. She is tensed as he leaves. He goes out and hollers for latif and gazalla, and asks them to hire the best wedding decorator in town, as the one he proposed, has consented and that mahira shall marry him, and that too tomorrow. They are shocked and ecstatic to hear this. mahira comes out smiling, while they tease her. Armaan is amused. begum comes in and hears this and is pleasantly surprised too. Mahira smiles. begum says that she is very happy, and informs of her and ehsaan’s marriage. They are both overjoyed and hug each other. Armaan watches tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: A peer baba’s residence
The priest sees begum’s medical file, that granny shows him. he is shocked and comments that she isnt normal, but a very powerful evil spirit. He says that she has hypnotised her grandson. granny begs him to give a way out, as she isnt able to understand anything. He says that there is a way, and asks her to have faith in the power of the lord, and then gives her a Dupatta, worth 5000, and when she wears it, her true colours shall be exposed. she is boggled. He says that this isnt normal cloth, as touching this pious cloth, her reality shall be exposed. She pays the money and takes it. She thinks that begum might have captivated ehsaan, but she knows how to deal with her, and expose her too.

Scene 3:
Location: Ehsaan’s residence
Granny comes back with the dupatta and finds begum from back, arranging clothes in the wardrobe, and hurriedly places the dupatta on the woman. A girl turns around asking whats she doing, and why is she giving this dupatta on her. Granny fumbles, when begum says, coming from behind, that she must have brought it for her. granny fumbles and stutters and then leaves. The girl arranges the dupatta and places it on the bed, and leaves too. Begum wonders why is granny so tensed, and what is she upto, and why did she get this dupatta. the girl leaves too. begum eyes the dupatta, and then touches it, and is taken aback, as she feels a huge jolt. Just then, granny comes in saying that she forgot the dupatta, takes it and leaves, but before that, she turns back and finds begum tensed, and then asks her what happened, and if she is okay. begum complies. granny leaves. begum eyes her hand, thinking that granny is upto her secret, and that she must have definitely brought this dupatta to expose her, and that she shall cut her down to size, as she shall get married to ehsaan, so that she can use him to attain her motive and she wont let granny succeed in hers.

Scene 4:
Location: Isolated building
Begum meanwhile is busy practising some black ritual with other allies in a dark corner. One of them tells that they are all witches. she says that tonight, is the moon night, that shines very bright in the sky, and that such a night is very powerful for them. Begum looks at the sky and says that it isnt visible. She says that the moon shall come out, but the fact that it hasnt means that today is eclipse, and that is much better news for them. begum thinks that this means, when she gets married tonight, she shall revive all her powers back. Marrying in a night like this, she says that she shall get her powers back, and she shall have to ensure her consummation with ehsaan, in this eclipsed night only. She is determined.

Scene 5:
Location: Begum’s residence
While gazalla and latif are busy preparing and decking the house for the marriage, they are amused as they find mahira coming down, dressed like a bride, for the haldi ritual. Just then, they find ehsaan, his mother and granny coming in and rush to greet them. they ask where is begum. granny is surprised to know she isnt here, as she wasnt at home too, and thought that she must have been here. Granny is concerned as to where she is. gazalla and latif ask her to call and find out. Granny says that she did but she isnt picking the phone. mahira comments tensedly, as to where can begum without telling anyone, on this special day. granny thinks that she too waits with anticipation for this day, so that she can expose her, but god knows where and why is she hiding.

The haldi ceremony begins with all of them putting haldi on her, as there’s merrriment all around. granny is tensed about begum though. Ehsaan tells armaan that they have shared everything, but cant have the same wedding, and then says that begum was feeling awkward. he says that he knows that this is the reason begum didnt come. armaan asks him not to let anyone interfere with their friendship and hug. they take leave saying that they need to prepare for the wedding celebrations too. kainat asks mahria to go and freshen up too. she complies. Mahira is walking in the corridor, when she collides into a person and apologises profusely. but when she sees the face of the person, she is boggled and confused. the person is flustered too and hurriedly grabs his stuff and descends down the stairs. Mahira finds that its the same person who was protesting against them yesterday, and is shocked as to how armaan can hire a person like this and wonders if anyone even knew that he is in the house, and wonders if he is conspiring. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: As the marriage rituals begin, the priest asks for armaan’s consent. which he readily gives. The priest then turns to mahira and asks her too, while she eyes armaan tensedly, from the other side of the purdah. he repeats and asks again, as they all wait for the response.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Kaaji Saheb then asks Mahira as she is ready to get married to Armaan but everyone get shocked when Mahira says “Qubool Nahi Hai”.

  7. I hate how these writers spoil everything. Let Mahira and Armaan get married . Let granny expose khan begum . khan begum deserves a life of HELL.. the amount of shit she did. she is not worthy of forgiveness and does not even deserve a pinch of happiness . And please kill Afreen . Afreen is pregnant with Azad’s child. and when she gives birth to the child. she will return back to the house and then start her cheap acting of snatching Mahira’s husband away and then make a baby again and then she will kill both Mahira and Armaan and skip it 25 years again and she and khan begum will have forever lasting youthful look and live life to the high and mighty. Oh gosh ,. in this serial . the good never lives happily . the evil ones always win and ends up with a LONG happy life.. This is not fair. Gul Khan I request you to please close this garbage show of yours. Since Aahil and Sanam , Seher and Rehaan died. this show turned into garbage . Zee tv needs to force Gul khan to close this stupid show and replace it with a new show which actually haves a damn good storyline which makes sense and let the good win over the evil. do not fall in this trap guys. it will keep looping around

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